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Madison escorts Guide to escort services in Wisconsin

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Hobbyists deserve a little, lusty attention after a hard day’s work! City Girls takes the fun indoors to shower you with sweet, succulent love from our Madison escorts. Our ladies are sinfully sensual and have one thing on their minds: your happiness! With all of the glittering qualities of our Madison independent escorts who could want more? Let your imagination run wild with wicked ideas of flaming fun as you view the photos of our Madison escorts. Their reasonable rates and VIP reviews will cause you to run to the phone and book a date immediately. That’s when our incredible customer service sets in allowing you to schedule through the most convenience process ever. After that, settle back down, catch your breath and tune in to your computer for some hot fantasy stories on TER, Best GFE and Big Doggie. You are going to love City Girls!

Madison Escorts Mailing List is the Place to Be!

It’s the little things that count and City Girls is all over making you feel like a King even before your date has begun! We’ve got something called Highly Secured Call Center which makes booking your date about as safe as it will ever get. Making you feel good is what we do best. Stay on top of your game by signing up for our Madison WI escorts service mailing list. We have to caution you that photos and updates of call girls in Madison may cause you to froth at the mouth. Let the fantasy continue while you pick up the phone and schedule your date with confidence. Below is a glimpse of what’s included in the newsletter:
- Book some time with a Madison independent escort coming to your city
- Benefit from discounts through the City Girls Loyalty Program!
- Learn about getting recommendations through the City Girls
- Learn about what’s going on with City Girls’ Madison escorts

At the top of this page is a tab called “Mailing List”. Click on it to subscribe to our Madison escort service newsletter.

Scheduling a Date with a Madison Independent Escort is Super Easy

The first step is to complete the screening process. Click on the Appointments tab at the top of this page to begin the process of booking your engagement using our online request form. Safety is our middle name at City Girls! All of your details are highly secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a protocol for transmitting private information via online. SSL implements a cryptographic system with two keys to encrypt the data: a public key and a private key (exclusive to the receiver of the message). This protocol is frequently used by many websites to gather private information such as credit card numbers in only the safest manner. Our customer service department will confirm with you by phone or email as soon as they receive your details.



RS2K Has Our Support

Room Service 2000 is one of those hobbyist verification services that cares about its members and associates. City Girls shares a similar work ethic and was pleased to associate with RS2K for quite some time. Eventually, it was time to establish our own verification process independent of RS2K. In doing so, we detected a pattern that called into question our screening methods. We hit a snag in about one of every 100 gentlemen. It was time to do away with all forms of screening except for employment verification. Today, that is the only form of verification that we accept. We are thankful to have RS2K as our friend.

The Unpredictability of P411

We worked long enough with Preferred 411 to identify a flaw in their verification system. When a hobbyist contacts an escort through the P411 website, he provides his first name and identification number. She confirms his coordinates through the Preferred 411 database. If successful, she schedules and date and discloses a meeting place. Some independent escorts take the process a step further by sending the hobbyist a private message requesting his last name and informing him that she requires to compare it to his photo ID when they meet. The issue here is that a provider has no certainty in knowing if ‘Bob’ is really ‘Bob Smith’ or if he stole the identity of ‘Bob Smith’. Once in person, she is susceptible to danger if the hobbyist is in fact a fraud. This is scary situation which City Girls prefers to avoid.

Date Check Neglected Us

It all began when City Girls submitted an online application to Date Check. After clicking the submit button nothing happened. After three years of numerous attempts to reach the admin team, we gave up. We stopped questioning this anomaly since we instilled our own verification system for new hobbyists and discovered Best GFE along the way for posting escorts ads.

VIP Membership is Waiting for You!

You are a hobbyist who deserves privileges that are a breath away. To be eligible, book your first date with Madison City Girls. Hearing good things from your date builds trust with City Girls and you will be ready for VIP membership. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Hello….Eros Guide?

We know you’re there. Or, maybe not. Madison City Girls has cornered the market of adult dating in Madison. Something about us rings true in the ears of local hobbyists. Perhaps it’s our irrepressibly charming independent Madison escorts to which our VIP members are addicted. Speaking of Eros Wisconsin, we parted ways in 2012. They hit the delete button on our account accusing us of being competitors. Indeed, our VIP member base had increased and our Madison escorts were in high demand (and still are). Of equal importance was our solid reputation for quality and discretion, the combination of which propelled us to the top as the best resource in Madison for world class dating.

TER Takes a Back Seat

With Madison City Girls in the driver’s seat, a VIP member is in for the ride of his life when it comes to erotic dating. There is nothing average about our independent escorts who regularly show their gentlemen friends what true ecstasy is all about. Apparently, TER didn’t agree when they pulled the plug on our membership, removing every last erotic review and all of our posts. Our internal escort review system was cited as the reason. We were not interested in taking it down and in fact were incentivized to move on to better escort forum. That’s when we discovered Best GFE and knew it was meant to be. We produced a little video viewable just below that depicts the situation from a satirical perspective. We offer advice to any of our friends out there who have experienced the same situation with The Erotic Review. We now request that all of our VIP members post their erotic reviews on Best GFE.

Best GFE Wins the Popularity Prize

Leaders rise to the top and that’s exactly the case with Madison Best GFE. This ever-popular escort review board is gaining in stature and we are tickled pink. Best GFE almost sold the business to GFE Club but things didn’t work out. That did not stop them and now they have taken Madison by the horns. Best GFE is the only third party that City Girls deal with and we are fine with that. We beckon all of our VIP members to post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

You Can Hear a Pin Drop at GFE Club

It seems that not too many Madison hobbyists frequent GFE Club. We at City Girls were banned from the site due to claims that we had violated their terms of use. The news came as quite a surprise since we always adhere to rules. Yet, when we inquired about correcting the situation, GFE Club was nonresponsive. Now, we ask that all of our VIP members post their feedback to Best GFE escort forum.

We are Nonchalant About ECCIE

City Girls advertised on ECCIE but didn’t experience prolific results. We were rather limited in that ECCIE capped our escort advertising to a maximum of five cities when in fact we needed four times that exposure. Had our efforts yielded positive results, we wouldn’t have minded the noise of excessive popups and banners. After appealing to ECCIE to customize an escort advertising campaign, we received no response. Now, we like all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Proceed with Caution on Backpage Escort section

Though invisible to some, Backpage has danger written all over it. Unless, that is, you are a hobbyist or escort who gets off on risk and the thrill of the unknown. It might be safer to jump out of an airplane. At least you’d have a parachute to land and some guidance in the event that something went wrong. Not the case with Backpage. Why not leave risk for the stock market when you can get a trust guarantee at Madison City Girls? Classy dating at its finest, discretion and excellence are at the pinnacle of City Girls.

Entertaining Your Date in Madison

Begin the evening of your life shrouded in intimacy at Cento Ristorante with your lovely Madison escort nestled in your arms. Just when romance gets the best of you, head over to Silk Exotic Madison Gentlemen’s Club to really spice up the chemistry with a passionately explosive evening!

Madison GFE Escorts: We Want You!

You are a beautiful, sensual lady hungry for fun, travel and good income. You’ve got what it takes to become a City Girls’ Madison independent escort. If you match this description, call us!

Madison Independent Escorts are Special at City Girls

City Girls is your friend and business support system as an independent MSN escort. Since City Girls is not a Madison escort agency, you get to determine your own schedule with the support of City Girls behind you. You will also enjoy free marketing and customer support from Highly Security Call Center who will arrange all of your bookings. City Girls is all about safety allowing you to relax and have fun!
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