become a VIP

  • Gaining VIP status at City Girls is easy and free. VIP Members are the 'heavy hitters' of City Girls, the bigwigs, if you will, who take on a sort of celebrity status with our Club Members. That's because members who desire to become VIP have made a concerted effort within the Club environment to ensure that their reputation and trustworthiness are equal to the stature.

    Now, don't get me wrong. We are not trying to sound stuck up my friends. Here at City Girls we strive to maintain an elevated standard, a sort of code of ethics that in the end makes the Club a safer, happier and more luxurious place for us all.

    Let's talk about how easy it is to gain VIP status and enjoy all of the elevated perks associated with your new standing as a VIP Member. You'll be asking yourself why you didn't join us sooner!

  • How to become a VIP?

    Gaining VIP status is achieved through qualifying for application. Here's how it works:

    • 1
    • Complete a positive and successful date with one of our Club Members
    • 2
    • Fill out VIP status request form on the right
    • 3
    • Your date (our Club Member) provides positive feedback to City Girls by vouching for your qualification for VIP status - good hygiene, respectful attitude, gentlemanliness, timeliness, etc. She can also deny the application.
    • 4
    • If everything looks good, you receive VIP status and instructions how to access VIP area.
    • Your application was submitted. Please allow up to 72 hours to process it and you will receive an answer if it was approved or denied.
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  • What you get as a VIP Member

    What don't you get is more the question!

    • 1. Your requests are processed with Highest Priority;
    • 2. CG Loyalty Program participators have special donations for VIPs;
    • 3. Gain access to uncensored photos of City Girls' members who will dazzle you with their unveiled beauty;
    • 4. Choose your Favorites and Vote for a Particular Model to visit your city;
    • 5. Get customized updates;
    • 6. Book your date in a matter of seconds with safety, security and ease

    (Feature is available only to few members who are always very careful with their cancellations and who already gained our trust)

  • How to lose your VIP status

    Of course, you must maintain your VIP status. While we are confident that every City Girls' club member is qualified (not to mention earth shatteringly beautiful) to indulge you with a ground breaking experience and leave you with heart-stopping memories, we realize that not every single match is made in heaven. That's why variety is the spice of life! However, this does not preclude you from minding your p's and q's or otherwise misbehaving. A gentleman does not find reason to act out of line and that's what you have to be to maintain your VIP status, a gentleman. You don't want your date informing City Girls that you were rude, unfashionably late, inconsiderate, ill-kept,. Inebriated or worse, abusive.

    VIP status is awesome but it's not mandatory

    Perhaps you are sitting back, idly twiddling your thumbs as you read this article thinking, "Is that it??" Well, yes. That's it. VIP Membership is not for everyone, we realize. That's why you can still date City Girls' club members as a regular, non VIP member. But that's like eating plain vanilla ice cream without the chocolate syrup. Why would you? Once you complete the screening process, you don't have to do it again. However, VIP Members' booking requests receive top priority! And non VIP Members don't have access to uncensored photos. Different strokes for different folks. The choice is yours.