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Howdy, cowboy! Welcome to the sensual mainstay of Dallas hobbyists where our independent escorts will greet you with their sweet, sexy drawl. City Girls is a magnet for exotic babes with bodies that put any Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in her place. You have discovered a smorgasbord of spectacular escorts that even the Steve Miller Band would wrap about. The proof is in our luxurious photo galleries where you will find a melting pot of feminine types to suit all of your naughty cravings. While you’re at it, check out our attractive rates and earth shattering reviews. Then, head on over to where more elaborate reviews will really get the best of you.

Our Mailing List is Where the Fun Begins

Our VIP members are rolling in ecstasy thanks to the CG mailing list. You can get the fun started by signing up for receive juicy notifications whenever our Dallas independent escorts are coming to your area. Highly Secured Call Center goes the extra mile with security other agencies can’t shake a stick at. Keep these details in the back of your mind:

- Our Dallas independent escorts book faster than you can imagine so it’s best to book right away
- Our VIP Loyalty Program will indulge you in pleasure like you can’t believe
- With so many stunning beauties, who can decide? Go to reviews page
Check your inbox frequently because our Dallas independent escorts are always on the go

Ready to go, big fella? Click that mailing list button now for pleasure like you’ve never known. And don’t forget to check out our ‘Specials’ page for deals of the century.

Security is the Name of the Game

Your safety is our focus which is why Dallas City Girls has an entire team of technical junkies working behind the scenes. We are always thinking about discretion so that you can live it up in utmost privacy. For starters, your data is secured using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.
Answer to those cravings by clicking the ‘Appointments’ button and place your date request. You will receive an automated call back in no time outlining the details of your engagement.

Successful Verification Equals CG Membership

Our patrons are chomping at the bit to get verified so that they can partake in action with the finest independent escorts that Dallas has to offer. At City Girls, employment verification is the only method of screening because it means that our members are on the up and up. Remember these details:

- After verification, you are good to go
- Admittance into City Girls happens after your employment is verified

RS2K in Retrospect

One of our favorite forums is Room Service 2000. As Dallas City Girls became more and more popular, we received a problematic member every now and then. Ultimately, we decided to implement our own employment verification service to ensure certainty of new members. In doing so, we said goodbye to RS2K with only pleasant memories.

A Bit Sceptical About P411

Though nothing is perfect (except for our Dallas independent escorts), we happened upon a defect in the Preferred 411 screening process that ultimately proved unacceptable. In the Preferred 411 system, a hobbyist establishes contact with a provider by giving her his first name and ID. After she cross checks his information within the P411 database, she schedules a date. Wanting more certainty about this man’s identity, another companion will send a direct message to the hobbyist asking for last name and a request to view his photo ID when they meet. Suddenly the P411 system is unreliable since the escort must now meet the hobbyist in person to confirm his identity. Only then will she discover if he is a fraud or undercover law enforcement, exposing her to a torrent of risks. Dallas City Girls looks for a full proof verification system and P411 did not qualify.

Disregarded by Date Check

Okay so folks get busy and maybe it was just an oversight. But numerous attempts to submit our online application to Date Check failed. Perhaps their website was down but after three years of reaching out to customer service Dallas City Girls got no response. When Best GFE came onto the scene, the need for Date Check was eliminated. Our VIP members now place all of their escort reviews on Best GFE.

VIP Membership, Your Portal to World Class Dating

VIP status is like achieving stardom with Dallas City Girls. Our award-winning independent escorts can think of nothing more enjoyable to do than pleasure you with their affection. Initiation into VIP membership begins with completion of employment verification. After your first encounter, your date will tell us all about what an amazing gentleman you were. Only then will your VIP status be granted. Dallas City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros is as Big as Dallas

But Dallas City Girls is the epicenter of pleasure. Once upon a time, Eros decided that City Girls should no longer frequent the pages of its website and canceled our membership. Apparently, we had turned into a competitor. Our statistics proved Eros correct. After all, Bonnie and Clyde couldn’t hold a candle to the trouble hobbyists get intro with our independent escorts. We adjusted fine to life without Eros and have grown our Club to new heights of success unseen during the Eros era.

When TER Reversed Our Membership

It’s been known to happen in the world of TER. Though The Erotic Review prevails in the Dallas area, we heard many stories about independent escorts and other members being blacklisted, with businesses ruined as a result. A similar experience happened to City Girls when one morning we could not log onto the TER website. In fact, every last one of our escort profiles and reviews had been removed from The Erotic Review. Without any notification whatsoever, TER had canceled our membership. Astounded by such a brutal deed, we notified all of our Club members that we were no longer associating with TER. In fact, we even produced a sardonic video about the drama. We heard through the grapevine that TER did not like our internal review system and even considered it to be a threat. But we were not about to bow down to TER. Instead, we marched forward only to build an empire of a club that is revered in the adult industry. Later, we joined forces with Best GFE of Dallas where all of our VIP members now post their reviews.

Best GFE, Champion of all Forums

The best online community for escorts, agencies and hobbyists, Best GFE takes the prize above all other forums. Best GFE almost consummated a sale with GFE Club but the transaction fell through much to our relief. Since then, Dallas City Girls aligned with Best GFE and we have been tight ever since. All of our members now post their reviews on Best GFE.

Discontinuing GFE Club

Without any advance notice, GFE Club closed our membership for reasons allegedly related to a violation of terms and conditions. Curious about such vague reasoning, we approached GFE Club customer service but never got a response. With the uprise of Best GFE, we no longer needed GFE Club. Since then, all of our VIP members have been posting their reviews on Best GFE.

The Culmination of ECCIE

The world of ECCIE glitters with winking banners and flickering popups, leaving the user wondering where to click next. However, we overlooked the cluttered website and decided to experiment with a bit of advertising. Though Dallas City Girls is accustomed to advertising in up to fifteen cities at a time, ECCIE only accommodated exposure in five cities. It goes without saying that our presence in five cities was not nearly strong enough yielding mediocre results. ECCIE was nonresponsive to our requests to customize a marketing program for which we would have paid extra. Having hit an apparent dead end, we looked to other advertising resources just as Best GFE popped into our world with a host of opportunities. Thrilled beyond belief, we have been working with Best GFE ever since. All of our VIP members post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Tread Lightly on Backpage

Careful on Backpage, less you get arrested, damage your health or get ripped off. While Dallas Backpage has a following of independent escorts and hobbyists fond of instant dating, the risk of danger is simply too great. On the other hand, Dallas City Girls comes with a virtual insurance policy that hobbyists and independent escorts alike will enjoy the times of their lives in a risk-free environment. Which is the better avenue to fun? You decide.

Top Shelf Entertainment in Dallas

Just as everything is bigger in Dallas, everything is better at City Girls. In honor of your monumental engagement, why not kick off the evening with some dazzling dining at The Mansion Restaurant at Rosewood Creek? Your escort will look spectacular with that legendary figure displayed in a cocktail dress that puts all Dallas dames to shame.

Stunning Dallas Escorts Belong at City Girls

You are a Dallas independent escort with looks that kill and a personality that melts. Your demeanor drips with sex appeal and your figure belongs on the cover of Sports Illustrated. If this description fits the ticket, we have a special membership waiting for you! All you need is a referral from one of our Club members or reference from a reputable provider whom we know.

City Girls is the Benchmark for all Gorgeous Independent Escorts

At Dallas City Girls, only the most memorable of careers wait for independent escorts who’ve got it goin’ on! We ride on a solid reputation of trust among top Dallas companions in the industry who love to meet quality friends and bank lots of cash. Traveling is a huge plus and you get to do it all backed by Highly Secured Call Center who will never let you down. Getting excited? Great! Give us a call.