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The Athens of the South is gushing with the most breathtaking independent escorts in the industry. The genius behind these splendid beauties is Nashville City Girls. The brainchild of incredible adult entertainment, City Girls never disappoints with exquisite escorts that bring hobbyists to their knees. If your mouth is watering, have a look inside our hotspot photo galleries bursting with delicious companions. Our rates are something to celebrate and our riveting escort reviews speak of your future engagement. Want more? Check out for more naughty details about our independent escorts.

Join Our Wildly Popular Nashville Mailing List

There are few things better than erotic enlightenment starting with the Nashville City Girls mailing list. Your heart will skip a beat everytime our emails pop into your inbox containing details about the latest sexy morsels traveling to Nashville. Pictures of our independent escorts will practically jump off the page and into your lap. Just imagine the excitement! And you can let it all hang out because with Highly Secured Call Center maximum discretion is guaranteed. Here are a few tips: Our independent escorts are famous for their earth shattering entertainment. Better book your date fast before someone else does! Ask about the CG Loyalty Program even more indulgence Can’t decide which luscious gem to float your boat? Ask us for a recommendation Be sure to check your inbox frequently for details about escort tours in Nashville
If ever there was a mailing list that keeps you in the know, this is it. Sign up right away and take a peek at our ‘Specials’ section while you’re at it.

At City Girls, Our Security is Your Safety

The last thing you want to question when booking a date with any of our Nashville independent escorts is discretion. Here at City Girls, we are the pioneers of safety so that you can focus on all the fun. We secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.
Now that we’ve got all the important details out of the way, it’s time to book your engagement. As soon as we receive your request, our system will coordinate your engagement and follow up with an automated call back outlining the evening. Go ahead. Click the ‘Appointments’ button at the top of this page!

Getting Verified Has Never Been Easier

Here at Nashville City Girls, we like to keep things on the up-and-up. Our Club tends to attract respectable gentlemen who have no problem with our employment verification process. We’re not into smoke and mirrors which is why we don’t deal with third party screening services. At the end of the day, everyone is happy and safe, just the way we like it. Keep in mind that:
Verification is a one-time process. Awesome!
If you want to join City Girls Club, then employment verification is essential

Looking Back on RS2K

Room Service 2000 of Nashville is a phenomenal forum where quality, honesty and ethics prevail. However, the time came for us to establish our own verification system. Every now and then we would receive a verified member that created problems for us. Since the City Girls’ mantra is about near-perfection at all times, the situation did not sit well with us. Ruling out third party services and sticking exclusively to employment verification has worked like a charm. We enjoyed our association with RS2K right up until the moment that we branched out on our own.

The Loopholes of P411

For those who aren’t yet totally familiar with Nashville City Girls, our Club is synonymous with ironclad safety. Anything less just won’t do. Such was the dilemma that we discovered in working with Preferred 411. The P411 process begins when a hobbyist contacts a provider to book a date by giving her his ID and first name. After she confirms his information within the P411 database, she schedules a date and reveals a location. But what proof does she have that his identity is real? He could be a fraud impersonating another P411 hobbyist which implies danger. Another independent escort may send a private message to the hobbyist requesting his last name and proof of identity when they meet. This is still a risky proposition in that she must meet this man in person to complete the verification. So what is the point of the whole P411 process? Nashville City Girls does not like surprises, especially when the safety of our models is at risk. Thus, we parted ways with Preferred 411.

Date Check is a Slippery Slope

We sensed monkey business when our attempts to submit an online application to Nashville Date Check failed. A fairly simple process didn’t work and we had no luck reaching customer service over a three-year period. One day we turned around and there stood Nashville Best GFE with an invitation to work together. All matters of Best GFE are refreshingly smooth, as they should be. Needless to say, Date Check faded in comparison.

Get the Gold With Our VIP Membership

Feel like the king that you are with our VIP status. Revel in the lush sensuality that characterizes all of our Nashville independent escorts. To acquire your VIP membership, start by completing your first, successful engagement. After your date reports back to us with words of praise about your respectful behavior, we’ll be thrilled to upgrade your membership status. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Shines in Nashville

But the real brightness comes from Nashville City Girls with magnificent escorts that radiate sensuality. We had no problem advertising on Eros for quite some time; that is, until the day that they banned us from the site in 2012. Not that we did anything wrong, but Eros labeled us as competition. Yes, it is true that City Girls’ popularity had gained new heights. Maybe it has something to do with our independent escorts of stunning perfection coupled with our impeccable customer service that Eros of Nashville found unacceptable.

The Backlash of TER

Within the adult world is a thriving community of hobbyists and independent escorts that frequent the pages of The Erotic Review in Nashville. Play at your own risk, as the story goes, for one never knows when TER will strike out at any of its members. It has happened to others and it happened to Nashville City Girls. With the proverbial snap of a finger, TER cancelled our account along with removing every trace of our independent escorts. City Girls’ presence on TER was gone as though it never existed. We wrote an article about it our Escort City Blog and even produced a satirical movie that can be viewed down below. Perhaps the brutal action stemmed from TER’s annoyance with our own internal escort review system. Whatever the reason, we were not about to comply with any implication of taking down our reviews. City Girls of Nashville has a policy of standing up to intimidation tactics and TER was no exception to the rule. Life went on in a most refreshing way and our Club has since achieved newfound success, no thanks to TER. Eventually, we opened our eyes to Best GFE, a forum that far exceeds The Erotic Review in ethics, functionality and customer support. All of our members now post their reviews on Best GFE.

The Leading Forum, Best GFE

Leaders rise to the top and Best GFE of Nashville is taking off across the nation. This forum is the only third party with which Nashville City Girls associates. The folks at Best GFE almost made the mistake of selling off to GFE Club, a business error that would have proven to be a scam. Not only did Best GFE rebound, but they are rapidly gaining in popularity in the adult industry. We ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

GFE Club Looks a Little Shifty

For a moment in time, City Girls of Nashville associated with GFE Club without any problems. Out of the blue, they cancelled our membership, attributing the action to a violation of terms and conditions. Perfectionists that we are, such an unusual accusation left us in a state of bewilderment. We attempted to settle the situation but GFE Club wouldn’t have it. Then, Nashville Best GFE came onto the scene and we quickly forgot about GFE Club. Naturally, all of our VIP members now post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Unimpressed by ECCIE

With a galaxy of popups and blinking banners, one gets a headache just looking at the ECCIE website. On the other hand, the folks behind ECCIE were nice enough and so we gave a shot at advertising. Nashville City Girls is a muscle machine of advertising so we felt quite restricted with ECCIE’s limited marketing scope. At any given time, City Girls commands a presence in up to fifteen cities. ECCIE only permits advertising in up to five cities, a fraction of what we needed. It goes without saying that our advertising results were tepid at best. In an effort to make the relationship a win win situation, we approached ECCIE about customizing a marketing plan for which we would have happily paid. But ECCIE wouldn’t exercise the flexibility and so we parted ways. Best GFE knocked at our door and practically rolled out the red carpet in terms of accommodating all of our needs. Just imagine how thrilled we were. Of course, all of our VIP members now post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

The Terrors of Backpage

Associating with Backpage of Nashville is plain old risky business. Daredevils who enjoy taking their life, health and wallet into their own hands love Backpage. The stories are endless of hobbyists and independent escorts who have either been arrested, assaulted or robbed or all three. Why play such foolish games for the sake of an erotic quick fix when there is City Girls of Nashville? Our VIP members are shrouded in a veil of trust while they bask in the unspeakable beauty that characterizes our independent escorts. With Backpage, it is best to run away as fast as you can, all the way to City Girls.

Nashville Escorts - We Want You!

If you are a ten with a raging hot body that puts other escorts to shame, chances are excellent that you are City Girls’ quality. Your pretty facial features and luxurious hair coupled with your charismatic personality qualify you for our Club membership. Our independent escorts love to travel, meet new friends and bank loads of cash. We do require a referral from either a club member or reputable provider whom we know.

Why City Girls is So Popular Among Nashville Escorts

Here at City Girls of Nashville, we love our independent escorts! We have a solid reputation of standing behind our models with the full backing of Highly Secured Call Center that takes care of all the details. With so much professional support, our companions are free to focus on entertainment and having fun. Why go anywhere else?