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Straddling Plymouth and Whitemarsh townships is Plymouth Meeting, crossroads to some of Pennsylvania’s most incredible independent escorts. Of course, City Girls is the nucleus from which all of these delightful companions originate. Want to see what’s happening behind the scenes? Tune in to any of our vast photo galleries chock-full of mouth-watering eye candy in the form of perfect babes. Whatever flavor you fancy we are sure to oblige whether she is blonde, brunette or redhead. For insight about the girls of your dreams (you are sure to find many), get the insider scoop by reading our tantalizing reviews. Just when you’re all bothered, cursor on over to for more reviews coupled with hot, juicy details about our Plymouth Meeting escorts.

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Chances are excellent that if you are reading this paragraph you are in need of some tender loving care from a gorgeous escort. Access to our informative emails is but a keystroke away to receive delicious morsels of information about our Plymouth Meeting touring escorts. To sweeten the deal, rest assured that Highly Secured Call Center is huge on safety allowing you to book your date in peace. Keep these details in mind: If you wait, it’s too late! Schedule an engagement with your favorite muse asap Heard about our Loyalty Program? It’s loaded with perks! Be sure to whitelist our email address so that you never miss an announcement Ready to play? Click that mailing list button up top and let’s get the show on the road! And while you’re at it don’t miss our ‘Specials’ section brimming with even more tempting tidbits.

Safety is the Name of the Game at City Girls

We are almost obsessive about your safety. The last thing we need are security issues that get in the way of your intimacy. We secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Now that we’ve built up your confidence in City Girls, mosey on up to the top of this page and click the ‘Appointments’ button to start the dating process. Once your request is received, we’ll get back to you rather quickly via an automated return phone call announcing details of your rendezvous. How exciting is that?

Verification Simplified

Plymouth Meeting City Girls is also about efficiency and setting the stage for pure, unadulterated romance. No need for frills when it comes to screening. We do not work with third party verification services. Rather, City Girls relies exclusively on good old-fashioned employment verification. Once you’re in the circle of trust, you are free to party like you mean it! Just a few pointers: Employment verification is a one-time process Screening is mandatory at City Girls A successful approval gets you a personal ID allowing interaction with our Plymouth Meeting escorts

Only Fond Remembrances of Our Pals at RS2K

The folks are Room Service 2000 are tops in their field. Our experience working with RS2K was nothing but pleasant and drama free. Eventually, we got the feeling that it was time to launch our own internal screening system. The trigger was the occasional member that for whatever reason turned problematic. Striving for 100% trust, we turned to employment verification completed by the professionals inside City Girls and have never looked back. Plymouth Meeting RS2K is the best as far as we are concerned.

The Shortcomings of Preferred 411

Prior to establishing our own verification system, we worked with Plymouth Meeting P411. Life was a bowl of cherries until we discovered a snag in their verification method. The P411 process leaves the door open for risk. Within the P411 platform, a hobbyist will approach a provider by giving her his P411 ID and first name only. The escort in turn will cross check his data in the P411 system. If she finds a match, the date is a go. A more cautious companion will take matters a step further by sending a private message to the hobbyist requesting his last name and photo ID upon meeting. Now, she must confirm his identity in person for how else is she to be certain that he is not an imposter or worse, law enforcement? If the first and last name he provided do not match his photo identification, she’s in trouble. Suddenly, a torrent of perilous possibilities surround her and anything can happen, including physical harm and getting arrested. The P411 method does not hold up to our ironclad safety standards.

The Very Peculiar Date Check

Here at Plymouth Meeting City Girls, we do not believe in creating problems where there are none. During the time period when we worked with outside third party screening services, we applied to Date Check. Their computer system left us somewhat bewildered when our online application did not go through. Inexplicably, we never heard back from Date Check after numerous attempts to reach them over a three-year period. Never really fond of their website platform anyway, the association was clearly not meant to be. Finally, we established an internal screening system and had no need for Date Check.

VIP Membership is Must-have

Only tactful gentlemen with good character qualify for the Plymouth Meeting City Girls VIP membership. However hoity-toity that may sound, it’s all about trust and safety. City Girls Club is akin to a family of members who get along. All you shady bad boys can move along. To be eligible for VIP membership, a gent must first complete a successful date with an independent escort. When she reports back to us with a glowing review, VIP membership is granted. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of VIP Membership at all times.

Eros is Alive and Kicking in Montgomery County

But Plymouth Meeting City Girls definitely wins the popularity contest. Eros is perfectly fine for those gents who seek unguaranteed pleasure. But City Girls removes any doubt surrounding legendary engagements. After all, aren’t you entitled to the time of your life? We think so. We used to feature our independent escorts on the pages of Eros. But then Eros pulled the plug for reasons allegedly related to competition. Wait. Was City Girls considered a threat by Eros? By all means. Fact checking our statistics confirmed the suspicion. In a way, the accusation was complimentary. Perhaps we are accustomed to feminine perfection in our independent escorts. And so the story about Plymouth Meeting Eros and City Girls came to an end.

Shenanigans with TER

Some believe that if you play with fire eventually you will get burned. Although The Erotic Review resounds among hobbyists in Plymouth Meeting, there is a dark side to TER that is worth mentioning. Plymouth Meeting City Girls learned the hard way how nasty TER can be. The rude awakening arrived when one morning we could not log on to our account. A sense of dread set in as we realized that TER had eradicated our account including every last escort profile. Rumors indicated that The Erotic Review disapproved of our internal review system, calling it a conflict of interest. Unwilling to succumb to TER’s bullying tactics, we bid farewell. But everything happens for a reason as we soon discovered that TER never was a lifeline anyway. Now, life is much sweeter without TER as our stature has grown tenfold. Down below is a short video that we produced, illustrating the incident. As we became poised for new growth, Best GFE came along with nothing but support and good ethics. Of course, we ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE rather than TER.

Best GFE Wins the Prize

When you find the best, why settle for less? Of all forums, Plymouth Meeting Best GFE really is a winner. They are the only third party with whom City Girls associates. GFE Club almost bought the business but the transaction turned out to be a scam so Best GFE bailed. Naturally, we implore all of our VIP members to post their reviews exclusively on Best GFE.

Not Impressed with GFE Club

To say that our advertising experience was great would be an overstatement. Things went smoothly until the day that GFE Club cut off our membership claiming that we had violated their terms and conditions. That’s a tough one, considering that Plymouth Meeting City Girls likes to follow the rules. Nonetheless, we reached out to rectify the situation but GFE Club wouldn’t have it. Suddenly, Best GFE came along and was thankful to receive our business. The feeling is mutual which is why was ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

ECCIE and Their Limitations

Our VIP members know that Plymouth Meeting City Girls supports a robust touring schedule that stretches across the nation. At any given time, our independent escorts travel to more than ten cities combined. So when ECCIE limited our advertising presence to five cities we requested a customized advertising plan that would expand our exposure. Even though we were willing to pay extra, ECCIE was not interested. Apparently, Best GFE picked up on our vibe and was happy to accommodate all of our marketing needs. Now, we request all of our VIP members to post their reviews exclusively on Best GFE.

Backpage - Where Danger Lives

Nothing against Plymouth Meeting Backpage in general, but a dating platform void of screening requirements or references means taking your life into your own hands. Instant intimacy at the risk of your personal safety does not add up. Who knows if you’re dating a psychopath or a serial killer? At Plymouth Meeting City Girls, not only are our independent escorts the real deal, our solid reputation for customer service and safety are golden. Smart gentlemen choose City Girls all day long.

Adventurous Activities in Plymouth Meeting

Set the romance with an evening of intimate dining at Redstone American Grille where delicious cuisine and your dazzling escort will seduce your senses. How about some naughty entertainment? Just a hop and a skip from Plymouth Meeting is The Penthouse Club in Philadelphia where exotic models abound. Be careful because you smokin’ hot date might become the main attraction among those naughty dancers!

Are you an Independent Escort in Plymouth Meeting?

City Girls attracts independent escorts with killer bodies and sugar sweet personalities. Immaculate hygiene, beautiful facial features and lush, healthy hair are qualities that fit our model profile. Sound like you? If you are an independent escort who loves to travel, meet new friends and make loads of money, give us a call. Our only additional requirement is that all escorts must come backed by a club member referral or reference from a reputable provider whom we know. We can’t wait to hear from you!

City Girls is a Trust Resource Among Independent Escorts

You are a sensual rock star with a dynamic personality looking for a club that is worthy of your membership as an independent escort. City Girls is a household name among beauties seeking a sanctuary of safety and discretion. What’s more, Highly Secured Call Center will manage your engagements so that you can focus on what you do best - entertain! No other Plymouth Meeting escort agency compares.