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City Girls wears the crown for being the best provider of Harrisburg independent escorts in all of Pennsylvania. When you look at the hot, hard facts, our curvaceous beauties are blessed with sensual appetites and erotic abilities unparalleled in the adult industry. Fuel your cravings by viewing our incredible photo galleries full of luscious muses waiting to please you. Fan your fire with our reasonable rates and impressive reviews. Pay a visit to for more reviews that will bring out the naughty in you. No other Harrisburg escort agency tops City Girls!

Our Harrisburg Mailing List is Cause for Celebration

Soon you will be thanking Harrisburg City Girls for all of the delectable escorts that are coming your way. Supreme enchantresses with vivacious personalities are always touring the Harrisburg area and our mailing list will definitely keep you informed. With Highly Secured Call Center, there’s nothing to worry about because safety is the name of the game. Plan ahead with these pointers:

- With our independent escorts in such high demand, book your engagement right away
- Get all the perks by signing up for our VIP Loyalty Program
- Too much of a good thing? Ask for an escort recommendation when you can’t decide
Don’t forget to check your email often. Our Harrisburg independent escorts are always on the go

Time to get your groove on! Join our mailing list at the top of this page now. While you’re at it, check out our ‘Specials’ page where groundbreaking deals await.

City Girls Represents a Fortress of Safety

Security is a non issue with Harrisburg City Girls. Our technical gurus work ‘round the clock to ensure your discretion at every turn. Find solace knowing that we secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.

Clicking that ‘Appointments’ button up top has never been more secure. Go ahead and book that engagement you’ve been longing for. Once we receive your request, we’ll send an automated response with every last detail of your engagement. How exciting!

Verification - That Necessary Detail

Screening methods come and go but the best one is employment verification. Why? Because Harrisburg City Girls believes in transparency. Once we know that we can trust you, you’re in the Club for good. And with ironclad safety, you have nothing to worry about. Keep these details in mind:

- Employment verification is a one-time deal
- Your Club membership depends upon a successful screening process

Fond of RS2K

Once in a blue moon a forum comes along that knocks your socks off. Room Service 2000 of Harrisburg is one such outfit and we loved working with them. The only reason we left RS2K was to establish our own in-house verification system. A flaw in other forms of verification triggered the move. Here at Harrisburg City Girls, we noticed that every now and then a problematic member would arise. That was not okay with us since our independent escorts risked danger. Employment verification answered our dilemma and things have been great since then. Many thanks to RS2K!

Preferred 411 Did Not Make the Grade

We folks at Harrisburg City Girls wanted a faultless verification system which is why we ultimately stopped working with P411. Like so many others, we really did like Preferred 411 until we discovered a defect in the system. Here’s how it works: an approved hobbyist reaches out to a provider by giving her his first name and P411 identification number. She in turn compares his information to that of the P411 database. If she finds a match she schedules an encounter. Another independent escort with more prudent values will send a direct message to the hobbyist requesting his last name and a requirement to view his driver’s license upon meeting. Here is where the risk begins. This companion will not discover if the hobbyist is a fraud until she meets him. She has no idea if in fact he hacked into the P411 computer system to steal the identity of another hobbyist. If he cannot produce a photo ID when they meet then she is in trouble. Anything goes with Preferred 411 and City Girls was not willing to rely exclusively upon the luck of the draw.

Date Check, the Obscure Forum

With Date Check, we just didn’t get it. Submitting an online application should be a no brainer, right? After made several attempts, Harrisburg City Girls gave up. Over the course of three years, we tried to reach customer service but never heard back from anyone. Eventually, Best GFE came along and we forgot all about Date Check. Since then, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Harrisburg Best GFE.

VIP Membership is High in Demand

For our very important members, there is VIP membership. We look for good ethics as the main qualifying factor. VIP membership is attained after your first date reports back to us with a glowing commentary. After we are convinced of your gentlemanly conduct, VIP status will be granted. Harrisburg City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

The Revolutionary Eros Resides in Harrisburg

Among Harrisburg escort agencies, greatness can be measured in elegant independent escorts of the highest caliber. All companions considered, City Girls rules the market, hands down. Maybe that’s what triggered Eros to cancel our advertising membership and delete all model profiles back in 2012. Our statistics were impressively competitive as business was booming (and still is). In a way, Eros of Harrisburg did us a huge favor. Praise be to Eros of Harrisburg!

Fired by TER

Yes, The Erotic Review of Harrisburg enjoys a presence throughout Pennsylvania. But when good times call for perfection in beauty, sexiness and talent, hobbyists flock to City Girls for guaranteed pleasure. Because TER considered our own internal review system as a threat, our membership was cancelled with all model profiles removed. Though this extreme action surprised us, we were not about to comply with any implications by TER to take down our reviews in order to reinstate our membership. In fact, we got our kicks producing a satirical movie about the incident that can be viewed below. Sure enough, good luck came our way in the form of Best GFE as TER became a thing of the past. Now, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Harrisburg Best GFE.

Run, Don’t Walk to Best GFE

Wherever excellence resides, expect to find Harrisburg City Girls. Such is the case with Best GFE, our all time favorite forum and the only third party with which we associate. GFE Club almost bought them out but the deal turned out to be suspicious and fell through. Our VIP members post all of their reviews on Best GFE.

Farewell, GFE Club

Some relationships are not meant to be such as the one we had with GFE Club. For a while, it was business as usual, until the day that GFE Club shut its doors on Harrisburg City Girls. Supposedly, we had violated their terms and conditions which seemed a bit of a stretch. Though we attempted to reconcile, GFE Club remained silent so we moved on. To our delight, Best GFE stepped into the picture where all of our VIP members now post their reviews.

Getting Over ECCIE

If a business situation looks promising, we’ll give it a try. In the case of Harrisburg ECCIE, we chose to look the other way with regard to their flashy website blinking with excessive banners and popups. But their marketing program fell short of our robust requirements. What Harrisburg City Girls needed was a presence in about fifteen cities. ECCIE only provided access to advertising in up to five cities, a fail for City Girls. Though we would have gladly paid for a customized advertising program, ECCIE was not interested. After Best GFE came along, we had no need for ECCIE. All of our VIP reviews are now posted on Best GFE.

The Pitfalls of Backpage

Every independent escort and hobbyist should recognize the red flags that surround Harrisburg Backpage. City Girls could not be more divided on ethics. We believe in safety in a secure environment for all of our Club members. When scheduling engagements, Backpage throws caution to the wind without a single condition toward the security of its users. We do not believe in such careless dating which is why the majority of Harrisburg hobbyists trust City Girls for all of their romantic escapades.

Dating Ideas with your Harrisburg Escort

A romantic wine tasting rendezvous at Spring Gate Farms and Vineyard will warm your bones for the intimate evening that lies ahead. For some spicy fun, take an adventure with your independent escort to Adult World where you can stock up on all the erotic toys that will turn your date into an wild evening to remember!

Harrisburg Escorts are in Demand at City Girls

If you are an extravagant beauty with immense talent and a body to match, Harrisburg City Girls is the Club for you. If you love entertaining gentlemen friends, traveling and making lots of money, City Girls offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Qualification requires a Club member referral or a reference from a reputable provider known to City Girls.

City Girls is Home to the Top Harrisburg Independent Escorts

Enjoy your freedom and live it up in confidence knowing that City Girls stands behind your best interests. There are no other Harrisburg escort agencies that compare to City Girls since we are a private club of independent escorts. Shine in the presence of clients that will praise you while Highly Secured Call Center takes care of all the details so you don’t have to. Interested? Give us a call!