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Here at Dayton City Girls, we are masters in the art of romance. In a bustling city nestled in the center of the United States, we are positively thrilled to present exquisite, Dayton Ohio escorts. Based upon their beauty alone, these shimmering goddesses would qualify for the Sensual Museum of Art, if there is one! But don’t take our word for it. Check out images of these richly, feminine creatures while your body shivers with lustful anticipation. As your breath quickens and the world around you fades, view their surprisingly reasonable donations and scorching escort erotic reviews of our visiting escorts in Dayton. Our signature customer service is simply the icing on the cake. Before you grab the phone to book a date, why not read a few of our escort reviews to wet your whistle? Find them on TheEroticReview, Best GFE and GFEClub. Soon, you will understand why City Girls is the master of seduction.

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Invite all the sensual energy that the universe has to offer right into your boudoir. How so, you may ask? By joining female escorts Dayton Ohio mailing list! You will receive our newsletter featuring delicious bites of information about our call girls in Dayton Ohio. You may find your eyes glued to photos soaked in sexiness while forbidden thoughts camp out in your imagination. Remember, these dazzling Dayton OH escorts are going to be in your neighborhood! We would like to taunt you with a few more yummy details about our newsletter:
- Stay up-to-date with our schedule notifying you when escorts in Dayton Ohio will be in your neighborhood
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At City Girls, we believe in surrounding our VIP members with total luxury. It all begins by clicking on the “Mailing List” tab at the top of this page and subscribing to our GFE Dayton escorts newsletter. You will thank us.

Could Scheduling a Date with Dayton escorts be Any Easier?

Screening is actually a painless process but necessary. Get the party started by clicking on the Appointments tab at the top of this page and filling out the online request form. Discretion is our middle name at City Girls. Your data are highly secured through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol for online transmission of private data. SSL utilizes a cryptographic system with two keys to encrypt the data: a public key and a private key which is exclusive to the receiver of the message. This protocol is widely used by websites to gather private information (such as credit card numbers) in the safest way possible. Soon, our phenomenal folks in the customer service department will contact you by phone or email before you barely have time to get another cup of coffee.



We Salute Room Service 2000

Few dating verification services are as professional and efficient as RS2K. Their screening process is one of the most dependable in the industry and we share their sentiments when it comes to ethics. We used their services for a while and were quite pleased. But then we got growing pains and it was time to establish our own verification system. After a while, we made a remarkable discovery. Approximately one in every 100 gentlemen was a bad apple in some way. Further analyzing our revelation, we decided to strip down our verification system to the bare bones naming employment verification as our sole method. Now, our system is 99.99% foolproof, just the way we like it. Hats off to RS2K!

Hesitation About P411

Our friends know that Columbus City Girls lives and breathes security, safety and excellence in beauty. For a while, we were okay working with Preferred 411 that is, until we learned the ins and outs of their hobbyist verification system. What we found was a risky loophole. With P411, a hobbyist approaches an independent escort or escort agency for a date by sending his P411 ID and first name. From her computer, she searches P411 database for a match. Then, she schedules the engagement and a location is determined. More careful independent escorts or escort bookers will take additional measures for safety by sending a private message to the gentleman to make sure he has access to the account he is cliaming his (negative side is that P411 does not require that gents disclose their last names to providers). The unknown is that she will never really know who this man is because he could have obtained P411 account info and assumed the identity of another hobbyist. When they meet in person and she asks to see his photo identification. Since she doesn't know his full legal name, she can not be 100% sure he is the owner of that account, therefore she’s might be in big trouble. Such a precarious situation puts her life in danger.

Ditched by Date Check

Approaching Date Check to utilize their services was like walking into a busy restaurant and never getting served. When we applied to register on their website(, an error occurred and the submission never went through. Over a three year period, City Girls attempted to reach out on several occasions but no one at Date Check ever replied. As fate had it we eventually implemented our own verification system and had no further need for Date Check.

VIP Membership isn’t for Everyone

Respect is key at City Girls. Eligibility for VIP membership occurs only after your first booking with Dayton City Girls. When your escorts in Dayton OH vouches for you (she tells us that all went well on your date), you will receive VIP status. City Girls reserves the right to deny, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership.

The Lowdown on Eros Guide

Though Ohio Eros Guide has a presence in Dayton, to what extent they are known is questionable. What we know for sure is that when it comes to consistency in raving beauties, Dayton City Girls exceeds Dayton EROS in a landslide. Some years back, quit on us. We heard it was because they viewed us as competitors. Maybe it was a bullying tactic, a behavior to which City Girls does not subscribe. But statistics did prove our popularity and so we decided that it was time to dance to our own tune. Our Dayton independent escorts are smoking hot with a genuine fondness for their gentlemen friends. Where else other than City Girls can you find a guaranteed amazing time?

Parting with The Erotic Review

They say that you should never put all of your eggs in one basket and we’re glad we didn’t. theeroticreview was effective for a while until they turned their backs on us. They actually removed all escort reviews that we had ever posted on The Erotic Review. Hearsay suggested that it was because we maintained our own escorts reviews system on the City Girls website. We were not about to change our operations and so we moved on. Much to our delight, we discovered BestGFE escort forum. Simply put, they are wonderful. With a business model similar to TER, excels in customer service and professionalism. It might be hard for the folks at The Erotic Review to believe that there are actually alternatives that are far more honorable and trustworthy. We discovered the silver lining to getting dumped by and are so glad that they did. If you have had a like experience, do reach out. We are happy to share some advice in the matter. We encourage all of our VIP members to post escort reviews on

Showers of Compliments for Best GFE

Here at City Girls, we get so excited when we meet a winner whom we can call our team mate. Best GFE is just that; a stable partner who is there for us just as a team player should be. A while back, Best GFE almost sold the business to GFE Club but couldn’t reach a meeting of the minds. After the transaction dissolved, pulled up their socks and went on to become the rising star that they are. We encourage all of our VIP members to post escort reviews on Best GFE.

Disregard for GFE Club

There was a time when City Girls advertised with GFE Club escort forum. That is, until we got the boot. We heard something about breaking escort advertising rules which made no sense to us. As sticklers for detail it sounded more like an excuse. Well, no time to waste! Life goes on and so did we. We reflect fondly upon our alliance with Best GFE escort site and ask that all of our VIP members post reviews on their site.

Reservations About ECCIE

ECCIE has an interesting site and we definitely like the vibe. But a plethora of popups and a bounty of banners are just not our style. Turns out, we did advertise with ECCIE for a while but the results did not rock our boat. Further, ECCIE’s escort advertising policy was rather limited in that we were only permitted to post in a maximum of five regions. As we all know, City Girls stretches far and wide and so we were left short. We wanted to customize an advertising campaign but ECCIE was nonresponsive. Then our attention was diverted to Best GFE who practically rolled out the red carpet for us. Folks, we ask that you all post escort reviews on Best GFE..

Heed the Perils of Backpage

Frequenting Dayton Backpage is like strolling through the burbs of Trotwood at night with a pocket full of cash: a little unpredictable and tremendously unsafe. For the daredevil who gets his socks off on such a thrill, we totally get it. But for those gents of sound mind and utmost concern for discretion, we think Dayton City Girls is the answer. With City Girls, you will never get robbed, nor will your valuables be stolen. Your gorgeous Dayton escort will greet you looking ten times better than her pictures (is that even possible?) and she won’t ditch in the middle of your date. Aaah, that’s we call reliability.

What to do in Dayton with Your Date

Before your date flies you to the moon with her sensual aptitude, why not take your tastebuds for a ride at the Rue Dumaine? If you think she looks spectacular in a lacey satin ensemble, wait until you court her in a silken cocktail dress. Or perhaps you two lovebirds prefer to get a little ritzy in The Oregon District, building the tension over dinner in a small cafe until the you can hold out no longer...

We are Looking for a Few Amazing Independent Dayton Escorts

As a lady, you love to look gorgeous, take care of your incredible figure, entertain new friends, travel and make good money. What more is there in life? Dayton City Girls will help you to get there! If this description sounds like you, we are waiting for your call.

Escorts Dayton Can Count on City Girls!

Having a good support system is golden. That’s where we come in. As your consierge, we will always be there showering you with the support that you need. Because City Girls is a not a Dayton escort agency, being a call girl in Dayton is sort of like running your own business. You get to set your own hours while Highly Security Call Center will actually schedule your dates for you. We are crazy for safety which means that you get to work, play and make a fabulous living!
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