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  • Today is the very last day companion Aphrodite is in Cleveland . Stop wasting time and check out if there's still anything left

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  • Cleveland GFE escort Aphrodite not too long ago arrived to Cleveland. Send in your meeting request to be her first visitor.

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  • Today is the last day independent escort Virginia is in Cleveland . Stop wasting time and check out if there's still date left

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  • Cleveland independent escort Baby's tour is now approved. You can request an appointment now

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John D. Rockefeller made his millions in this city bustling with energy. What did he do for a little fun and indulgence? That’s where we come in! Think of Cleveland City Girls as the “Millionaires Row” of female escorts in Cleveland prized for their sensual energy and devastating beauty. Our Cleveland female escorts are just as wild about pleasuring you as we are obsessed about satisfying all of your needs with our incredible customer service. If that isn’t enough to sufficiently wet your whistle, hold onto your knickers and take a peek at the mesmerizing imagery of our clev escorts. While you’re at it, check out their reasonable rates and erotic reviews of these heavenly creatures about to set foot in your lovely city. If you are still breathing, log in to The Erotic Review, Best GFE, GFEClub and Big Doggie where yummy stories await teasing your deepest desires.

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To get the screening process started, click on the Appointments tab at the top of this page to schedule your engagement with Cleveland area escorts through the online request form. All of your personal coordinates are highly secured and encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a protocol for transmitting private information via online. SSL uses a cryptographic system with two keys to encrypt the data: a public key and a private key which is exclusive to the receiver of the message. SSL protocol is frequently used by other websites to obtain confidential information like credit card numbers in the safest manner. Our customer service department will reply with confirmation by phone or email as soon as they receive your information.



Praise for Room Service 2000

With utmost respect for our friends at Cleveland RS2K, we feel that this escort verification service is one of the most reliable in the adult entertainment industry. When it comes to the hobbyist screening process, our ethics are quite similar to that of Room Service 2000. After happily using their services for quite a while, it became evident that it was time to branch out by developing our own hobbyist verification system. After a while, we learned that about one in 100 gentlemen were questionable to some degree, thereby creating a risk factor for safety. Striving to refine our screening system to come as close to perfection as humanly possible, we finally came to rely on employment verification exclusively. We have only good wishes for Room Service 2000.

The Peril of P411

If we are going to use a verification service, Cleveland City Girls wants to make sure that it is secure and reliable for all hobbyists and providers. The drawback that we discovered when working with Preferred 411 was that we could not rely 100% on their verification procedure. Case in point: a hobbyist approaches a provider by giving her his P411 ID and first name. She then verifies his ID by searching the P411 database from her computer. If she finds a match, she sets the date and a meeting location is determined. More careful escorts will further the verification process by sending a direct message via P411 PM system, to verify at least that he has access to the account he is claiming. The problem here is that because P411 only requires disclosure of a hobbyist’s first name (let’s say his name is Jim), a provider has no idea if he could be impersonating the profile of another ‘Jim’ on the P411 website. Even if she asks to see his photo identification upon meeting, there is no guarantee that he is the ‘Jim’ he calls himself. Such a fraudulent situation can endanger the life of an escort.

Silence at Date Check

Cleveland Date Check conducts their escort verification service in a manner similar to that of Preferred 411. When Cleveland City Girls applied for membership to Date Check, we encountered an error in the application to register an account. After numerous unsuccessful efforts reaching out to their support team over a three year period, we gave up. By that time, it didn’t really matter because we had implemented our own verification policy and had no need for Date Check

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As the title suggests, VIP membership comes with privileges. To be eligible, book your first date with Cleveland City Girls. Positive feedback from Cleveland independent escort you meet, builds trust with City Girls and that is the main pre-requisite for VIP membership. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Reflecting Upon Eros Guide

Granted, Cleveland section on is a mainstay for local gentlemen who partake in the hobby. While that may be true, there is no denying that City Girls in Cleveland is known as the Rolls Royce of authentically beautiful independent Cleveland escorts that shimmer with pleasure. It was the year 2012 when Eros Guide dropped us. Like a relationship that is hit blindsided by a breakup, we didn’t see it coming. In fact, they accused us of competing with them which really raised our brow. Subsequently, we analyzed our stats and sure enough, Cleveland City Girls was doing surprisingly well! Well enough to be a threat to Eros Ohio as it were. We had no intention of approaching to take us back. With the growth of City Girls on the rise boasting some of the most splendid independent escorts in Ohio, we set sail for a successful future.

Dissolution of The Erotic Review

While we certainly weren’t the first to get the ax, the ever-popular TER determined that City Girls was not a friend but a foe. Literally overnight, The Erotic Review completely obliterated every last erotic reviews associated with our name. Chatter amongst our VIP members suggested that it was because we maintained our own exclusive escort reviews page , implying that maybe if we took it down, TER would take us back. But we were not about to bow down to the competition as that is exactly what they considered us to be. That’s not playing nice, now is it? Someone then tapped us on the shoulder and invited us to join their forum. That forum is Best GFE and boy do we love them. The Erotic Review is simply no longer the swaggering brute that they once were. In fact, Cleveland Best GFE operates in a similar fashion to TER but holds their standards to a much higher level. If any of our readers have encountered a similar experience with, feel free to reach out. We are more than happy to share our experience and even offer advice. Below is an entertaining satire that we produced shortly after the matter occurred.

Best GFE is Our Favorite

A true winner when it comes to adult forums, Cleveland Best GFE is poised to take the area by storm. Some time ago, bounced back from an unsuccessful sales transaction to GFE Club. Cleveland City Girls is behind Best GFE all the way. They have our full support and we also highly recommend to all of our VIP members that they post their escort reviews on BestGFE forum.

We’ll Pass on GFE Club

Not long ago, GFE Club prohibited City Girls from posting or advertising on their website. We are not the only ones whom has banned. But we were quite surprised to hear that it was due to escort advertising noncompliance when we are sticklers for compliance. Rather than question this anomaly, we snuggled up with Best GFE and are just giddy about the relationship. We beckon all of our VIP members to post their escort reviews on Cleveland Best GFE.

Finicky About ECCIE

While ECCIE features a nicely functional website, the superfluous banners and excessive pop ups are over the top. No matter. We chose to advertise anyway. The results were tepid in that restricted us to advertising and posting in a maximum of five areas which answered only to a fraction of our needs. City Girls attempted to negotiate a special arrangement but they were non responsive. On the other hand, Best GFE yielded to our requests to adapt a special marketing campaign about which we could not be happier. We like all of our VIP members to post reviews of escorts on Cleveland Best GFE.

High Risk Backpage

When frequenting the pages of Cleveland Backpage escorts section, buyer beware. If you are a hobbyist with a flare for reckless adventure, then is definitely up your alley. But if you are a chap who seeks a guaranteed good time with an assuringly gorgeous muse, chances are excellent that you will fall in love with Cleveland City Girls.

Activities for You and Your Date in Cleveland

In the city that was built on rock and roll, why not sex it up at the Hard Rock Live? Picture your Cleveland independent escort in painted-on jeans, 5-inch stilettos and a blouse that worships her curves. For a mouthwatering engagement, saunter arm-in-arm into the elegant Blue Pointe Grille where you can wet your whistles on beverages, dinner and each other. Don’t forget who sent you there!

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Ladies, do you feel that you’ve got what it takes to become a City Girls’ escort in Cleveland? Are you a sensuous, sultry and gorgeous creature who loves to travel and have fun while making good money? If so, call us!

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In case you haven’t heard, you will learn that City Girls is your ally as an independent provider. Because City Girls is a not a Cleveland escort agency, you can set your own schedule while enjoying generous support as a Cleveland independent escort. Membership includes benefits such as free marketing and customer support from Highly Security Call Center who will manage all of your scheduling. Joining City Girls comes with a heightened level of safety that is unparalleled! We live by golden standards that require all hobbyists to be fully screened before even considering booking your engagement. City Girls provides a foundation of safety for you.
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