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In White Plains, New York, City Girls independent escorts are anything but plain! That’s only one reason why our gentlemen friends admire us so much. Even the Weckqueskeck Indians would have been wowed by our curvaceous bombshells wearing little more than the customary tunics of the era. Fast forward to the present and the birthplace of New York is bustling with delicious gems of desire just waiting to romance you during an evening of epic passion. Picture your date in a tight dress begging to slide down her legs to reveal all. Oh, you’re curious what she’ll be wearing underneath? Our luscious White Plains escorts get very sweet after dark. Let your imagination run amuck by viewing our incredible photo galleries, rates and of course, our mind bending feedback. For more of a tease, login to and revel in more outstanding reviews and juicy details that will have you in a quandary even before your first engagement.

Stay in the Know with Our White Plains Mailing List

Our mailing list members never miss a beat by receiving regular updates about what our desirable companions are up to and where they’re touring. You might grow addicted to your inbox always anticipating when the next announcement will popup with details about which White Plains independent escorts are landing in your city. As an important sidebar, know that Highly Secured Call Center always has your back with ironclad safety. Keep these pointers in mind:

You snooze, you lose! Book your rendezvous with your favorite White Plains escort before someone else does
- Take advantage of our Loyalty Program and we’ll spoil you rotten
- Remember to check your email frequently for updates about our White Plains escorts

Well, what are you waiting for? Click that mailing list and let the fun begin! Be sure to have a gander at our ‘Specials’ section to further indulge your fantasies.

Security at City Girls is Synonymous with Safety

This is the part where we get really serious because nothing is more important than your safety. We secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.
Clicking the ‘Appointments’ tab at the top of this page opens the doors to your next engagement. We’ll process your request then promptly follow up with an automated call back outlining the details of your appointment. How cool is that?

Verification Made Simple

We like to keep things straightforward which is why you won’t find any third party options for screening. Employment verification is our prefered method and it works like a charm. In the name of efficiency, you only have to screen once. Awesome! Just a few pointers:

- Screening is a one-time deal - Screening is mandatory in order to schedule a date

We Admire Our Friends at Room Service 2000

When we think of efficiency and professionalism, RS2K pops into mind. We believe in their ethics and verification systems and even worked with them for quite a while. Every now and then, we received a member that caused some sort of difficulty. In search of a verification system that ensured 100% accuracy, we finally decided to establish our own internal screening process. We have only accolades for RS2K and always refer our White Plains VIP members to RS2K for the RS2K special.

We Were Reluctant About Preferred 411

We have only respect for all friends in the adult world, including P411. We worked with them for a period of time prior to establishing our own verification service. Eventually, we detected a loophole in the P411 method that risked the safety of our VIP members and independent escorts. The P411 process begins when a hobbyist makes contact with a provider by giving her his P411 ID. She then verifies his identity by comparing his ID to that in the P411 database. Since P411 only requires disclosure of a hobbyist’s first name, she approves him based upon the number of ‘okays’. At this point, she may continue on with a direct message to the hobbyist to further confirm his identity. Finally, they establish a meeting location. Should she ask to view his photo identification, how is she to know who he really is with only knowledge of his first name? ‘John’ could be anyone for all she knows or even a fraud who stole the identity of another P411 hobbyist named ‘John’. Suddenly, the provider has entered into a precarious situation that could get her arrested or endanger her life. Unfortunately, the P411 standard did not meet with ours.

What’s Up with Date Check?

Though we are not ones to complain, we were left scratching our heads when attempting to register an account with Date Check. After experiencing a snag in their computer system, our efforts to submit an application were unsuccessful. Over a three-year period, we attempted repeatedly to reach customer service but never got in touch with anyone. Eventually, we had no need for Date Check, having established our own internal screening system and moved along.

VIP Membership is the Holy Grail

And nobody wants you to have it more than us! VIP membership is the segway into your first encounter. Following your amazing evening, we like to hear back from your date that you were the consummate gentleman. Only then will your VIP status be granted and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. White Plains City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros is Known in Westchester County

Even though White Plains Eros has an undeniable presence, City Girls has been dubbed as the heavy hitter of incomparably gorgeous independent escorts. We had no problem advertising on Eros until 2012 when they kicked us off the site accusing us of being competitors. Needless to say, we were somewhat shocked until our analytics confirmed the charge. The news was sort of bittersweet knowing that White Plains City Girls had caused such a stir at Eros. Who can argue with the fact that our succulent companions are very difficult to top and in high demand around the nation? For us, there is no other standard than consistency in beauty and aptitude. Apparently, White Plains Eros does not subscribe to our model of excellence.

When Our Association with The Erotic Review Came to an End

White Plains is a metropolis of exotic muses and TER is a popular player amongst independent escorts and hobbyists, alike. That’s fine if you are into bribery and gossip spread against you for noncompliance. In the not-too-distant past, out of nowhere TER scrubbed White Plains City Girls from their database, escort profiles, reviews and all. Though the extreme action came as a shock, rumors pointed to our own internal review system as the culprit that TER found unacceptable. Maybe bowing down to TER and removing our internal reviews was an option but not one we were willing to entertain. We simply do not associate with such corruption and chose to hold our heads up high and move on. Quite refreshingly, Best GFE came along and we discovered a new fate. The White Plains Best GFE website operates in a similar format to that of TER but with ethics, flexibility and fairness to all. No, TER is not the giant that is used to be though we do empathize with those who fall victim to their wrath. If you are such a provider, feel free to reach out to us for some friendly advice. For a bit of satirical humor, take a peek at our video production below.

Best GFE is Near and Dear to Our Hearts

Hats off to White Plains Best GFE for being the leading forum for best user experience and customer service. We have worked with many third party forums in the past but Best GFE takes the cake. Best GFE almost sold out to GFE Club some time ago. However, the transaction went South, thanks to GFE Club. However, Best GFE rebounded like the winners that they are. We encourage all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE instead of TER.

The Shady Side of GFE Club

Here at White Plains City Girls, we get a vibe when something’s not quite right. During the era when we advertised on White Plains GFE Club, we were accused of violating their terms and conditions for reasons which remain vague. There was no further communication with GFE Club for they were non responsive to our requests to reconcile. Well, Best GFE appeared and suddenly life got easy. They were happy to have us and we obliged. Just one more reason why we like all of our members to post their reviews on Best GFE rather than GFE Club.

ECCIE as Usual

It was with mixed feelings that we parted ways with White Plains ECCIE. As much as we liked the functionality of the website, we were not in love with the overdose of popups and bling bling banners. To take matters further, the ECCIE advertising policy left little to be desired. White Plains City Girls flexes a lot of muscle when it comes to touring and our required exposure. ECCIE only offered a fraction of the geocities that we needed. Accustomed to working with our associates, we requested a customized marketing plan that included more than 10 geocities for which we would have gladly paid. However, ECCIE was closed to the idea and so we moved on. Lo and behold, Best GFE came along with open arms and a sky’s-the-limit attitude, accommodating our every last need. Yet, another reason that we request all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Backpage is Hazardous to Your Health

And your safety, well being and pocketbook. Sure, you can get an insta-date faster than you can say White Plains Backpage. But why would anyone toss their livelihood and future out the window for the sake of a quickie date that’s about as blind as it gets? Combing the pages of Backpage is a cocktail for personal disaster that could easily get legal and ugly. On a refreshing note, there is always White Plains City Girls, home to flawless gems of intimacy safeguarded in a haven of discretion. The time of your life is practically guaranteed and you’ll go home with your wallet in tact and memories of a lifetime. Isn’t the choice obvious?

Rock Your Date with Some White Plains Entertainment

Be sure to request a booth when you and your White Plains independent escort saunter into Mulino’s of Westchester for some sensuous Italian dining. The plush mood will make for some subtle hanky panky beneath that crisp, white tablecloth. Theater more you thing? Why not grab a matinee at the White Plains Performing Arts Center? We’re sure the two of your will bring new meaning to intermezzo as you quickly beat the crowds and duck into the bathroom together to create your own performance.

White Plains Escorts? We Want You!

City Girls is a heavy hitter when it comes to attracting angels of perfection who surpass all other White Plains independent escorts with outrageously perfect bodies, heavenly facial features and magnetic personalities. Sound like you? Add to that adventurous travels, meeting new friends and a fat bank account. Yes, run, don’t walk to the phone and do be in touch. Membership does require a referral from one of our Club members or reputable provider whom we know so please be ready with those details.

White Plains Escorts Look to City Girls with Total Confidence

Built on a solid foundation of trust, safety and discretion, independent White Plains companions look no further than City Girls to experience their new profession in the most enjoyable of ways. Since we are a club, we lack that agency feel. You are free to schedule your own agenda and travel during times that are most convenient to you. As a White Plains independent escort, you will gain all the benefits of our very own customized marketing program while receiving total support from Highly Secured Call Center. There is no other White Plains escort agency that tops City Girls!