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The Island is hopping with vivacious, fun loving independent Long Island escorts laced with sensual stardust and you’ve got LI City Girls to thank. Outrageously attractive, our ambassadors of passion really know how to take care of their men. Long Island independent escorts were never more desirable than these majestic creatures. Before you start planning your intimate escapade, indulge in some breathtaking imagery of our highly sought after models and their acclaimed escort reviews. Then, navigate to TheEroticReview, GFEClub and for more of a good thing with juicy stories and rave reviews.

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Scheduling a Date is Easy with Long Island City Girls

Our emphasis is on securitizing your personal data using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Click ‘Appointments’ on the tab at the top of this page to get the ball rolling. After your request has been received and processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your appointment.

Confidential Verification for appointment with LI escort is at Your Fingertips

We use the reliable method of employment verification as our only source of screening. Keep in mind the following:
- Screening is a one-time process
- Verification is a mandatory precursor to scheduling your date with Long Island NY escort

RS2K is a Fond Friend

It’s nice to have friends in the industry and Room Service 2000 is one of ours. City Girls used the services of RS2K for a period of time until we decided to execute our own verification system. Eventually, we noticed a pattern that suggested about one in 100 gentlemen was problematic. After careful consideration, we did away with all forms of screening except for employment verification. It was one of the best decisions we ever made because now our system is foolproof.

Preferred 411 is Almost Reliable

P411 worked well for a while until we detected a fault in their hobbyist verification process. As it turned out, what works for many did not work for us. Here is the P411 process in a nutshell: a hobbyist connects with an escort by giving her his first name and P411 ID. She in turn confirms his coordinates from her computer by comparing it against the information in the Preferred 411 database. If the details are a match a date is set and a location determined. More discerning independent escorts will send a private message to the hobbyist asking for his last name and a request to view his photo identification when they meet in person. The risk begins here in that she has no way of knowing if he truly is ‘John Doe’ or if he obtained login info for P411 user and is impersonating another ‘John Doe’. She will not discover if his identity is fraudulent until in person at which point she has placed herself in a precarious situation. Anything can happen, violence or worse. Such a predicament is one that City Girls chooses to avoid which is another reason why we implemented our own verification process.

Declined by Date Check

No response is the same as a negative response which was the case with Here at City Girls, we like to think of ourselves as slightly computer savvy. So when our online application did not go through we chalked it up as a computer error in the Date Check system. Fast forward a few years later and still no reply after tenacious attempts to reach customer service. We structured our own hobbyist and escorts verification system anyway.

How to Get Your VIP Membership

After you have completed your first encounter with LI Call Girl from City Girls, we will hear from your date what an incredible gentleman you were. When she raves about your good etiquette and immaculate hygiene, we will be more than happy to grant VIP membership. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Long Island Boasts Prominence

Most notable among Long Islander hobbyists is The city packs a punch and Long Island City Girls is here to deliver. We used to advertise on Eros Guide until early 2012 when that association ended. We were a bit bewildered when closed our account, claiming that Long Island City Girls was competition. As it turned out, we were gaining in the ranks with an ever-increasing presence nationwide that continues to rise. When you consider our stellar customer service backed by a solid sense of trust and consistency in the highest quality of beauty and adult entertainment, it’s no wonder Eros NY marked us as competitors.

TER Wins the Popularity Prize

Neck and neck with in prevalence is The Erotic Review. A close runner up is Long Island City Girls with daunting babes the likes of which there is no comparison. Perhaps this important detail is what inspired theeroticreview to totally eliminate City Girls from their site. Not long ago, they took down all of our escort reviews and posts eluding to our own escort review page as the culprit. We were not about to succumb to TER’s implication that if we took down our escort reviews we might regain status. Instead, we marched forward, as we always do and shortly after made the acquaintance of Long Island Best GFE. Many of our piers in the industry have experienced similar nightmares of being bullied by TER. If you are one such provider, we are more than happy to share some advice. We had a little fun with the situation by producing a short satirical film as seen below. Now, we behoove all of our VIP members to post their feedback to Best GFE escorts forum.

Long Islanders Love Best GFE

These folks totally get it when it comes to forums that deliver. Long Island City Girls is like-minded because Best GFE is the only third party with whom we associate. Best GFE almost sold out to GFE Club but the stars and moon weren’t aligned and the deal went South. This was a blessing in disguise because since then Long Island Best GFE has taken the path to adult stardom. We implore all of our VIP members to post their escort reviews on

The Future Looks Gloomy for GFE Club

All that glitters is not gold and GFE Club is a prime example. While it may be cherries and roses for GFEClub in the Long Island area, we question what the future holds for this escort forum. We used to associate with GFE Club but discontinued after we were accused of violating their terms and conditions for escort ads. After inquiring about what is was that we did and expressing an interest in rectifying the situation, we were ignored for whatever reason. Nonetheless, Best GFE came along and we’ve been happy ever since. Long Island City Girls asks all of our friends to post erotic reviews on Best GFE.

Your Ordinary ECCIE

Long Island City Girls loves to cater to our friends and club members on every level. The experience begins from the moment a viewer enters our website. With ECCIE, we didn’t quite share the same experience, from excessive popups to a myriad of banners. Regardless, we advertised for a while despite the limitations and mediocre results. After approaching Long Island ECCIE about expanding our escort advertising options, we received no response. When Best GFE came along, our needs were met with total ease and flexibility. We encourage all of our VIP members to post their erotic reviews on Long Island Best GFE.

Backpage is the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Not even. Sure, Long Island Backpage is easily accessible but the risk factor is a gamble with odds stacked against you. If you are a hobbyist who doesn’t mind jeopardizing your health, wallet, valuables and getting the ol’ bait and switch (does she really look like her photos?), Backpage is for you! But if you are a more prudent gentleman who seeks peace of mind knowing that your date is going to be hands down gorgeous in an encounter that is guaranteed discreet and out of this world, then you might consider Long Island City Girls.

Long Island Independent Escorts - We Want You!

Do you boast a body that calls the attention of everyone? Are your facial features undeniably beautiful with a personality to match? Do you love to travel, make new friends and lots of money? If so, then City Girls is a match for you!

City Girls is Your New Best Friend

We are the go to source for independent Long Island escorts who seek a trustworthy and reliable ally. We are all about safety and have your best interest in mind. Retain your independence while benefiting from Highly Secured Call Center who takes care of all of your appointments according to your schedule, like regular local escort agency in Long Island does. What’s more, all of your marketing is free! Call us today.

Entertaining Your Date in Long Island

Build your sensual anticipation slowly by starting the night at Treme, Long Island’s premier blues and jazz club. Sultry and romantic amidst dim lights, a few of your favorite beverages and small plates will create the perfect environment to get cozy and comfortable together. Your Long Island escort will be the envy of all around you as the two of you laugh, chat and get to know one another while the arousal increases to an irresistible level. You know what comes next...