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Trenton City Girls has made history alongside George Washington with revolutionary escorts that would have stopped the British dead in their tracks. Destination Trenton has reported that City Girls is the master of sensual therapy brought about by scrumptious independent escorts the likes of which the capital of New Jersey has never seen. Feast your eyes upon our incredible photo galleries that boast busty, leggy companions who specialize in pleasure. Get the real story behind luscious Trenton escorts spelled out in our detailed escort reviews along with rates that won’t break your pocketbook. Want to know more? Login to where more tempting reviews await that will drive you mad with desire.

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City Girls Represents a Fortress of Safety

We have taken historical measures to safeguard your discretion so that all you have to worry about is which curvaceous bombshell to select for your date. We secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.

It all begins by clicking on the ‘Appointments’ tab atop this page to get started with a legendary engagement. Right after your request is processed you will receive an automated call back detailing your appointment. Ready to go?

Verification is Key to Endless Pleasure

Trenton City Girls is super simple about screening. We don’t complicate matters with third party affiliates. Our sole method of screening is employment verification, tried and true. And the best part is that once it’s done, no need to repeat. Keep in mind that: - Verification occurs only once - It is mandatory prior to booking a date

Only Pleasant Memories of RS2K

Room Service 2000 is one of those forums that shines above the rest. We were quite pleased with their verification system during the time that we worked with them. But then we noticed a pattern emerge in which an occasional member went sideways. Eventually, we took the plunge and established our own internal verification system and parted ways with RS2K. We still refer our VIP members to Room Service 2000 for the RS2K special.

Uncertainty About P411

Prior to establishing our internal verification system, we referred our VIP members to Trenton Preferred 411 for screening. At first, everything was fine until we noticed a flaw in their system that jeopardized the safety of our VIP members and independent escorts. The P411 system begins when a hobbyist reaches out to a provider with his first name and P411 ID. She confirms his identity by cross-checking his ID in the P411 database. The process is simple in that all she has to do is verify his status based upon the number of ‘okays’ in his profile and then proceed to set the date. However, a more prudent escort will take matters a step further by sending his a direct message requesting his last name and verification against his identity when they meet. Here is where the risk begins in that she must come face-to-face to confirm his information. But what if this man is impersonating another P411 member or simply does not produce a photo identification? Since she must meet him in person to find out, her safety is at risk of physical harm, law enforcement or worse. Regrettably, we had to part ways with Preferred 411 in the name of ethics.

Date Check Was Dormant

As sticklers for customer service, we were perplexed with the lack of it at Trenton Date Check. We know a thing or two about computers so when our initial application did not go through we tried to contact Date Check. Three years later, we still hadn’t heard from anyone, a total enigma for a site that seems active. Finally, we forgot about the dilemma after setting up our own screening system and the rest is history.

VIP Membership is a Delicious Privilege Waiting for You

Do we spoil our VIP members? You bet! But first, you must jump through a hoop or two. After your first engagement, your date will reveal what a well-mannered gentleman that you were. After she has only nice things to say about you, we will be thrilled to grant you VIP status fit for a king. Remember that Trenton City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Trenton Eros Rocks the Town

Renowned for our daringly gorgeous babes of pleasure, City Girls in Trenton rides the skirtails of Eros with independent escorts that are all the rave. We were friends with Eros until the year 2012 when it all ended. Yes, it’s true that Eros deleted our account claiming that our membership was a conflict of interest. Really? Then we checked our statistics and sure enough we were jamming with business. Our awe-inspiring escorts are all that and more in the areas of jaw dropping beauty and carnal abilities that will blow your mind. It’s no wonder Eros pushed us away.

The Saga That was TER

The Erotic Review in Trenton serves an everlasting presence in this monumental metropolis right next to Trenton City Girls. A popular player in many ways, TER has a dark side that can afflict misery on its members at any given time. Underground politics resound at The Erotic Review and if you don’t want to play their dirty games you will pay. Such was the situation when TER up and kicked us off the site without a trace - like we never existed - literally overnight. We heard that the covert action was attributed to our own internal reviews system that seemingly posed a threat to TER. Well, that wasn’t very nice of them and not an action that we were willing to entertain. So we took a deep breath and when we turned around, there stood Trenton Best GFE with open arms. Suddenly, our days got brighter as TER faded into the past and we looked forward. Do not fear TER for they are not the giant that they once were. If you are a provider that has been victimized by The Erotic Review, feel free to connect with us for some sound advice. Before you reach out, watch our video below that depicts the truth about TER.

Best GFE - a Breath of Fresh Air

Trenton Best GFE is an icon among forums. They really get it right in the areas of customer service and user-friendly website navigation. Having worked with a few third party forums in our day, Best GFE is a leader where others have fallen short. They almost consummated a business transaction with GFE Club but that deal bombed. Nonetheless, Best GFE bounced back because winners always do. Trenton City Girls happily refers all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE rather than TER.

The Questionable GFE Club

Street smarts have taught us well here at Trenton City Girls, enabling us to sniff out the bad boys. Things were fine when we advertised with GFE Club until the day they threw the book at us. Supposedly, we had broken the rules but never received an explanation beyond the accusation. Though we tried to reason, communication stopped and that was the end of it. When one door closes another opens and Best GFE entered the picture. It goes without saying that we now send all of our VIP members to Best GFE to post their reviews as opposed to GFE Club. ECCIE as Usual It was with mixed feelings that we parted ways with White Plains ECCIE. As much as we liked the functionality of the website, we were not in love with the overdose of popups and bling bling banners. To take matters further, the ECCIE advertising policy left little to be desired. White Plains City Girls flexes a lot of muscle when it comes to touring and our required exposure. ECCIE only offered a fraction of the geocities that we needed. Accustomed to working with our associates, we requested a customized marketing plan that included more than 10 geocities for which we would have gladly paid. However, ECCIE was closed to the idea and so we moved on. Lo and behold, Best GFE came along with open arms and a sky’s-the-limit attitude, accommodating our every last need. Yet, another reason that we request all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Backpage - Proceed with Caution

Trenton Backpage is a landmine of dangerous possibilities that taunt your desire with immediate gratification. It’s true that a gentleman can book a date within the hour without so much as a single email. What dangers lurk behind an independent escort who is unverified with no one to vouch for her in a world where law enforcement is waiting to move in for the kill? Why venture into the bowels of professional dating where your security is at stake when you can fly to heaven with an elegant escort in a sanctuary of bliss? Simply put, Trenton City Girls is the answer to sensual dating backed by a solid reputation for safety. Need we say more?

Where to Play with Your Date in Trenton

Indulge your inner gourmand at Settimo Cielo in Trenton’s historic downtown. Taste the flavors of old Italy on the lips of your date as the two of you feed each other between sips of vintage Chianti. Up for a romantic, weekend getaway? Ocean Place Resort and Spa is one of New Jersey’s finest resorts where you and your date can bask in lustful decadence.

We are Looking for Trenton Independent Escorts!

Trenton City Girls is home to unbelievably attractive independent escorts that are in a class by themselves. Are you an escort with a body that defies logic and a glowing personality to match? If you have an adventurous attitude, love to travel and meet new friends then City Girls might be a good fit for you and we’d love to hear from you! Keep in mind that in order to be eligible for Club membership, a referral from a Club member or reputable provider whom we know is required.

Trenton Escorts Trust City Girls

Trenton City Girls is a household name among escorts that want the benefit of reliable support while retaining their independence. We truly care about our models and want them to succeed! Enjoy the comradery of a club in an environment where you are free to set your own schedule and tour when it is convenient for you. Our Trenton escorts take advantage of in-house marketing perks backed by the support of Highly Secured Call Center while creating memories that will last a lifetime.