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Welcome to Princeton escorts guide!

Thanks to City Girls, Princeton enjoys an influx of exquisite escorts that generously contribute to private entertainment sought after by hobbyists from all backgrounds. From the first sessions of the Continental Congress right up to the modern day world, Princeton gents have longed for the company of gorgeous companions. City Girls plays a significant role in satisfying their needs by providing an abundance of Princeton independent escorts that are in a class all by themselves. Want some food for thought? Relax for awhile and peruse our photo galleries plush with delectable escorts just waiting to shroud you with affection. If you cannot decide because the options are many, turn to our incredible reviews of talented companions whose services are off the charts. And to further indulge your imagination, be sure to tune in to where we have even more reviews and luscious details about the girl of your dreams.

Our Princeton Mailing List Keeps You Ahead of the Dating Curve

Take full advantage of our touring Princeton independent escorts when they are coming to your area. Our mailing list keeps you informed by sending periodic emails whenever delicious beings of lust are coming to your town. You can be assured that Highly Secured Call Center is always a fortress of safety so that you have nothing to worry about. Remember to: Schedule a date as soon as you see your favorite escort touring your city Sign up for our Loyalty Program for extra perks Ask for a recommendation if you cannot decide on which escort to rock your world Check your email now and then to stay up to speed with happenings about our Princeton escorts Now it’s time to take the plunge! Click the mailing list button at the top of this page and get your party started. Don’t forget to take a peek at the ‘Specials’ section for more yummy opportunities.

At City Girls, Safety is Critical

Discretion plays a big role in scheduling your engagements. Do we have a fortress of safety for you! We secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Get the ball rolling by clicking on the ‘Appointments’ tab at the top of the page. Once your request is received, we will process and follow up with an automated return call and details of your appointment. Ready, set, go!

Fast and Easy Verification

Why complicate things with screening options? Entering the realm of trust is at your fingertips with employment verification. That is the only method that we use for screening. A few things to keep in mind: Screening only occurs once Screening is essential to be a part of City Girls

RS2K is Near and Dear to Our Hearts

When we think of efficiency and professionalism, RS2K pops into mind. We believe in their ethics and verification systems and even worked with them for quite a while. Every now and then, we received a member that caused some sort of difficulty. In search of a verification system that ensured 100% accuracy, we finally decided to establish our own internal screening process. We have only accolades for RS2K and always refer our White Plains VIP members to RS2K for the RS2K special.

Walking Away from Preferred 411

We have only respect for all friends in the adult world, including P411. We worked with them for a period of time prior to establishing our own verification service. Eventually, we detected a loophole in the P411 method that risked the safety of our VIP members and independent escorts. The P411 process begins when a hobbyist makes contact with a provider by giving her his P411 ID. She then verifies his identity by comparing his ID to that in the P411 database. Since P411 only requires disclosure of a hobbyist’s first name, she approves him based upon his number of ‘okays’. At this point, she may continue on with a direct message to the hobbyist to further confirm his identity. Finally, they establish a meeting location. Should she ask to view his photo identification, how is she to know who he really is with only knowledge of his first name? ‘John’ could be anyone for all she knows or even a fraud who stole the identity of another P411 hobbyist with the same first name. Suddenly, the provider has entered into a precarious situation that could get her arrested or even endanger her life. Unfortunately, the P411 standard did not meet with ours.

The Anomaly That is Date Check

Though we are not ones to complain, we were left scratching our heads when attempting to register an account with Date Check. After experiencing a snag in their computer system, our efforts to submit an application were unsuccessful. Over a three-year period, we attempted repeatedly to reach customer service but never got in touch with anyone. Eventually, we had no need for Date Check, having established our own internal screening system and moved along.

Get the Esteemed VIP Membership

Our VIP membership is granted based upon moral character. Because we only want to attract gentlemen who respect our independent escorts, the success of your first date will determine your eligibility. Your date will let us know how everything went. If she has only nice things to say, you’re in! Gaining VIP status truly is a privilege which is why Princeton City Girls enjoys such a solid reputation. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

The Presence of Eros in Mercer County

Yes, Eros is anywhere and every where. Then there is Princeton City Girls that serves as an incubator of flawless independent escorts that quietly contribute to the peace and happiness of all Princeton hobbyists. No wonder the city is such a joyful place! We’re ones to get along with others but apparently Eros didn’t agree when they kicked us off their website back in 2012. We are ambitious about the success of our club and strive to keep our members satisfied. But when Eros accused us of being competitors, we had no idea. While we feel that there’s enough to go around for everyone, turns out our statistics were pretty impressive and clearly posed a threat to the folks at Eros. Come to think of it, Princeton City Girls features only top shelf independent escorts because nothing less will do for our VIP members. Princeton Eros is hit and miss. Undoubtedly, all other Princeton escorts pale in comparison to our lovely gems!

Breaking Up with TER Was Hard to Do

Not. The Erotic Review in Princeton gives new meaning to the word popularity. Take a look behind the scenes and you might think differently about TER. Princeton City Girls, on the other hand, is pure excellence, through and through, right down to our unspeakably beautiful independent escorts. Some might think of TER as wickedly corrupt, at least those that have fallen victim to their ways of bribery and gossip. We remain indifferent, even after TER cast us from their website without so much as an explanation. We heard through the grapevine that it was because of our own internal review system that TER didn’t like. Did we pose a threat? Apparently so. Well, their extreme action did teach us a lesson in resilience and we even made a little video about it. Watch it below. We discovered the silver lining in the breakup and soon rebound far beyond any success that we ever experienced with TER. Best GFE came our way and proved that TER is no longer the elephant in the room. That’s why we encourage all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE, not TER. We invite those who have endured the wrath of TER to reach out to us for some sound advice. You’ll be happy you did.

Best GFE is the Best in Princeton

Squeaky clean is how we think of Best GFE in terms of stellar customer service, and a user-friendly website with tons of features. For City Girls, Princeton Best GFE is the leader of the pack ahead of all other forums. That is why they are the only third party with whom we associate. Best GFE almost made the mistake of selling out to GFE Club which would have been a pity. The deal fell through and Best GFE went on to become the winners that they are. Best GFE is the only place to post your reviews above and beyond TER.

We’ll Pass on GFE Club

Sometimes you just know when a situation is not meant to be especially if you have to try too hard. GFE Club was case in point. For quite some time Princeton City Girls advertised on GFE Club. Then, one day we got the boot for reasons related to violation of their terms and conditions. For those who know us, we at City Girls like to come as close to perfection as humanly possible. The accusation just didn’t fit and so we reached out for resolution. It is safe to say that GFE Club ignored us and so we got the message loud and clear. As fate would have it the stage was set for Best GFE to come along and GFE Club faded into the past. Of course, we invite all of our VIP members to post their reviews only on Best GFE.

Misgivings About ECCIE

We loved the folks at ECCIE but didn’t feel quite the same about the website. We are not into glitzy banners and crazy popups that pollute the user experience. Our advertising results were less than satisfactory given ECCIE’s lack of geocity presence. Princeton City Girls is a tour de force of scathing hot beauties that we like to feature in cities all across the nation. Unfortunately, ECCIE did not measure up to our robust marketing requirements. We approached the management team about customizing a marketing strategy for which we would have happily paid. Nothing ever materialized and ECCIE became a thing of the past. Obviously, the universe had other ideas when suddenly Princeton Best GFE appeared and the world made sense again. With Best GFE, our stars and moon became aligned as they were more than happy to accommodate all of our needs. It comes as no surprise that we ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

The Shadows of Shady Backpage

Dishonest? You bet. Straightforward? Hardly. In fact, one of the only benefits of Princeton Backpage is instant gratification, at least at face value. To be quite honest, you never know what you’re getting into when booking an instant date on Backpage. The stakes are high with your safety, wallet and future on the line. Will you get arrested? That is always a possibility when trolling Backpage. Enter Princeton City Girls, heavy sigh, the promise land of sensual independent escorts that have guaranteed pleasure written all over them. Unless you are a masochist, why would you go to Backpage when City Girls is available at your fingertips? We rest our case.

Impress Your Escort with Some Fine Princeton Entertainment

Princeton is pulsating with art and culture and so will your date when you dazzle her with some fabulous entertainment. Round out the evening with some sensuous indulgence at Mediterra Restaurant with a bottle of your favorite beverage and cuisine as luscious as the trophy sitting next to you. How about attending Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express at the McCarter Theatre? Think of your escort’s gentle yet arousing touch as her hand explores your thigh during the performance. No doubt, the two of you will make a mad dash to your hotel suite following the performance!

Calling all Escorts in Princeton

If you are a drop dead gorgeous young lady dripping with sensuality and a natural tendency to please, City Girls in Princeton is a perfect fit for you. Nowhere will you find a private club that cares as much about their models as we do. Safety is number one which is why you can count on Highly Secured Call Center to look out for you. Traveling is a huge perk while meeting new friends along the way. Not to mention, your bank account is going to expand so be ready for some mega cash! If you fit this profile, all you have to do is contact us with a referral from one of our Club members or a reference from a reputable provider whom we know.

Princeton City Girls is the Golden Name Among Independent Escorts

Ask around and companions will tell you without a doubt how trustworthy, reliable and in demand City Girls is around the nation. With such a stellar reputation, why trust your safety to any other Princeton escort agency? As a private club, we cater to our models with customized marketing and complete backing by Highly Secured Call Center. Joining City Girls is a wise move!