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Poised amid a potpourri of Indian and Asian cultures sits Edison City Girls as popular as ever. The town is peppered with cosmopolitan escorts that add flair to this up-and-coming city. Sleepy evenings are transformed into midnight escapades thanks to City Girls who has metamorphosed the area with spectacular independent escorts. For all you gents in Little India, it’s time to cook up some passion starting with our lavish photo galleries brimming with blonde, brunette and readheaded companions. Our attractive rates and sizzling reviews are enough to stop any New Jerseyan hobbyist dead in his tracks. Feeling a little naughty? Book on over to for forbidden reviews and sinful stories that will have you jumping through our phone lines.

The CG Mailing List will Transform Your Love Life

Inside the Bollywood of New Jersey flows a vivacious undercurrent of hobbyists and Edison independent escorts that regularly turn the town upside down. Want to join the fun? The only way to stay in the know is via our mailing list crackling with curvy gems touring your neighborhood. When it’s time to book your rendezvous, rely on Highly Secured Call Center that looks out for your safety and security. Bear in mind these tidbits: Edison escorts book fast! Act quickly to avoid disappointment We love extra goodies and so will you by joining our VIP Loyalty Program With all that voluptuous beauty, it’s no wonder you can’t decide! Feel free to ask for a recommendation Run don’t walk to your inbox. Our Edison independent escorts are celebrities in their own right Are you ready to rock and roll? The time of your life starts at the top of this page when you join our mailing list. Oh, and treat yourself to the ‘Specials’ page where you will find extraordinary deals.

City Girls Stands for a Citadel of Security

How can so much romantic fun remain so invisible? That’s how we like it here at Edison City Girls. Think of our team as the sage of all things technical. Passionate dating was never so safe! We start by securing your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Go ahead, my friend. Click that ‘Appointments’ button at the top of this page like there’s no tomorrow. Hold on to your heartbeat because soon after we receive your date request, you will receive an automated call back outlining all the details of your engagement. Now that’s service!

Verification, the Stepping Stone to Wild Intimacy

At Edison City Girls, unequivocal ecstasy is all we want you to think about. When our luscious independent escorts feel safe, that’s exactly what you get. What better way to establish trust than through employment verification? That way, we’re all on the up-and-up leaving erotic fun as your only focus. Because City Girls is the leader in safe adult dating, feel free to check your anxiety at the door. A few reminders: Complete the employment verification process only once Successfully pass the screening process and you are in the Club! As a Club member, enjoy your very own private ID allowing you to engage with our Edison independent escorts

Reflections of Our Time with RS2K

Chances are really good that Edison RS2K is one of the best forums of all time. Though it was inevitable that ultimately we establish our own internal verification system, working with Room Service 2000 was delightful. After approving scores of members through various screening methods, a pattern emerged wherein one out of ten memberships backfired. This trend finally gave us the incentive to establish an in-house employment verification service. For Edison City Girls, it was the best decision though we retain fond memories of RS2K.

The Cons of Preferred 411

Though well-known among independent escorts and hobbyists in the adult community, our experience with P411 left a lot to be desired. Safety relies tremendously on any verification process. With Edison City Girls, that security is not to be taken lightly. Often, risk doesn’t matter until it is realized. But we saw the big picture. Within P411, a hobbyist approaches a companion by providing her with his first name and private ID. The escort in turn verifies the information against that of the P411 database. Once confirmed, she schedules a date. A more cautious provider might send him a direct message requesting his last name and verification of his photo identification. However, if anything goes wrong and his identity is false, the provider has now placed herself in the hands of grave danger. He could be a serial killer, thief or law enforcement. For City Girls, P411 hit a dead end with regard to reliable verification.

Unusual Activity at Date Check

Rather curious was the Date Check website. Or so we thought we our online membership application encountered a technical error and never submitted. We were tenacious in our attempts to resolve the issue through customer service but got no response over a three-year period. Then, Edison Best GFE came onto the scene and befriended City Girls and Date Check was of no importance.

VIP Members Get Five Golden Stars

Get the VIP status that really matters. With Edison City Girls’ VIP membership, you can date angelic escorts who will worship you like a god. All you have to do is first get verified; second, complete your first successful engagement. Then, when your independent escort informs us of your gentlemanly conduct, we will be thrilled to grant your VIP status. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Reigns in Middlesex County

Eros of Edison has spearheaded the tri-state area with an adult presence seemingly larger than life. Beyond your everyday dating, New Jerseyans seeking luxury encounters decidedly prefer City Girls for luscious escorts of unparalleled beauty and aptitude. Reportedly, City Girls had been labeled by Eros as a competitor back in 2012. Could it have been our platinum standards of excellence that caused Eros to ban us from their website? Statistically, we were neck-and-neck popularity-wise so we decided to take Eros’ decision and run with it. Business without Eros has been explosively successful and continues to expand.

The Final Hour with TER

The Erotic Review of Edison undoubtedly ranks at the top of all adult forums in the United States. But TER is preceded by a shady reputation for not playing nice with its members. Sure, we heard the horror stories but then it was our turn. From one day to the next, TER not only canceled the City Girls’ membership but obliterated every last independent escort profile and review. Such domineering tactics did not sit well with us, especially when we heard that the move was triggered by TER’s unacceptance of our own in-house review system. Their action inspired us to produce a short, satirical movie that depicted the event. It can be viewed below. Our new positioning opened the doors to other opportunities brought on by the amazing Best GFE. As TER faded away, into the limelight stepped Best GFE where all of our VIP members now post their reviews.

Welcome Best GFE, Life of the Party

And what a pleasure it is to associate with Edison Best GFE! Trailblazers that we are, Edison City Girls does not associate with any outside forums save Best GFE. At one point, GFE Club almost bought Best GFE as we stood by holding our breath. However, the transaction smelled like a scam and so Best GFE bailed. Way to go! Now, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Edison Best GFE.

GFE Club Not at the Top of Our List

Edison City Girls maintained a presence on GFE Club for a while, minding our own business. Without warning, GFE Club banned us from the site claiming that we had violated their terms and conditions. They were non responsive when we inquired about the dilemma. The whole matter seemed suspicious since City Girls is a stickler for following guidelines. Enter Best GFE who treated us with total respect in welcoming us to their online community. As a result, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

Ending it with ECCIE

Though gaudy bling bling is really not a style reflective of City Girls, we decided to give it a go at Edison ECCIE. Though our independent escorts tour between ten to fifteen cities on any given day, ECCIE limited us to five regions. Clearly, such a restrained presence did not yield anywhere near the advertising results we had hoped for. However, ECCIE was closed to customizing an ad campaign on our behalf although we would have paid extra. Hitting a wall, we walked away only to discover Best GFE who was thrilled to accommodate our needs. Obviously, all of our VIP members now post their reviews on Best GFE.

Don’t Get Deceived by Backpage

Just because you can book a date on Edison Backpage in less than an hour is no reason to jeopardize your safety. Besides, there are no guarantees that either independent escort or hobbyist are safe since Backpage is void of any kind of verification requirements. Dating on the grey market is fine for those who don’t mind risking it all. For hobbyists and independent escorts that want to keep their personal safety and pocketbooks in tact, there is Edison City Girls. Practically every aspect of the dating experience is guaranteed top notch with sensual beauty that ranks off the charts. At City Girls, you get way more than you pay for.

What to Do with Your Date in Edison

Settle into a warm, sensuous mood at Moghul Fine Indian Cuisine where the plush ambience sets the pace for romance. With a signature escort of stark, raving beauty at your side, all passers by will turn blue with envy. That luscious figure and glossy lips are sure to arouse the man in you as you take full advantage of a private, corner booth. Perhaps catch the latest Bollywood release at the local cinema where the two of you can have at it like high school students.

Edison Independent Escorts Wanted by City Girls

Are you a goddess among women? A heavenly angel of erotic perfection bestowed upon mankind for pure pleasure? If so, then get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! City Girls offers more perks in a trusted environment than any other Edison escort agency. To qualify for entrance into our Club, all independent escorts must come backed by a referral from either a Club member or reputable provider whom we know.

City Girls is Home to the Top Harrisburg Independent Escorts

Revel in being the main attraction wherever you go! Revered by your gentlemen friends, touring as an independent escort through City Girls definitely has its advantages. We have built a solid reputation as the leader among private clubs for independent escorts. Benefit from Highly Secured Call Center that handles all of your dates and tours so that you can enjoy entertaining without having to worry about the details. Ready? Call us now!