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Greensboro City Girls will go down in history as the Boro’s only adult dating club that guarantees indescribably gorgeous escorts. With more charm than local hobbyists know what to do with, our companions put the ‘friendly’ into this bustling Southern city. The proof is in our immense photo galleries filled with incredible eye candy waiting to be yours for the night. Our sensible rates and arousing reviews will bring you that much closer to your first encounter. When desire gets the best of you, take a virtual stroll over to for delectable reviews and a sneak peak into the fun that awaits.

Our Greensboro Mailing List is Ahead of the Times

Greensborians jump in their seats every time an email from City Girls pops into their inboxes. Quite simply, gents dig our mailing list because they know that a flock of splendid companions are about to land in their city. Hobbyist that you are, take comfort knowing that Highly Secured Call Center handles all of the details related to safety and coordination of your date, thereby clearing the way for pure, unadulterated fun on your part. Keep these details in mind:

- Our lovely, Greensboro independent escorts book quickly so don’t wait to schedule your date
- Get loads of fringe benefits through our VIP Loyalty Program
- When you cannot decide which escort to select, feel free to check feedback
- Never forget to troll your inbox for our emails about our touring Greensboro escorts

Ready to go? Point your cursor to our mailing list at the top of this page and check out our ‘Specials’ while you’re at it where you will find amazing deals.

Security Measures are Top Priority at City Girls

At Greensboro City Girls, you never have to look over your shoulder because we take care of every safety element imaginable. Our computer techs are always tinkering with the website looking for ways to armor the system to make your experience one of total discretion. We start with by securing your data using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.

Now, you can click the ‘Appointments’ button at the top of this page with total confidence. Soon after you submit your date request, expect to receive an automated response reciting all necessary details of your engagement. How high tech is that?

Verification Equals Initiation into City Girls

Why is screening required? Because Greensboro City Girls maintains a high standard of ethics that translates into quality dating. This means that Club membership is not for everyone and we understand that. Trust is a two-way street starting with employment verification completed in the most discrete manner. For your information:

- Once your employment is verified, there is no need to repeat the process
- Employment verification is mandatory

Our Buddies at RS2K

We were lucky to make the acquaintance of the folks at Room Service 2000 and worked with them for quite some time. Honest and ethical goes the story with RS2K. After a while, Greensboro City Girls encountered occasional members that were not worthy of Club membership. These troubling occurrences gave us the incentive to start our own internal screening system. Eventually, we parted ways with RS2K and now use employment verification exclusively.

The Flaws of Preferred 411

Establishing and maintaining a screening service is not an easy job. While the process does not come without risks, we wanted something more than what P411 was able to give. Greensboro City Girls sought a system that left no margin for error. With Preferred 411’s screening method, errors were exactly what we experienced. The process begins when a hobbyist connects with an independent escort by providing her with his first name and P411 ID. The escort then cross checks his information within the P411 database. If she finds a match she schedules a date and reveals a location. Since she only knows his first name, what proof does she have that this hobbyist did not pirate the identity of another P411 hobbyist with the same name? He could be an imposter. Another companion will take matters a step further by sending a direct message asking for his last name and proof of identity when they meet. Now, she must come face-to-face with this man thereby risking her safety if he does not produce identification. Suddenly, a host of problems arise including a confrontation with law enforcement, assault, theft and more. To Greensboro City Girls, such was not a verification system that met with our standards.

No Transparency at Date Check

Completely unsure if these folks even existed, we attempted to submit an online application through the Date Check website. Mind you, Greensboro City Girls is no stranger to technology. But for whatever reason, our application got stuck on a technical glitch and would not send. Bewildered, we made many attempts to reach Date Check customer service (if there was such a thing) over a three-year period, to no avail. After Greensboro Best GFE stepped into the picture, we no longer needed Date Check. As a result, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

Get the Exclusive VIP Membership

Greensboro City Girls’ VIP membership is granted to those gentlemen in whom we have total confidence. Decency and respect are the qualifying factors. Here’s how it works: after you are successfully verified, complete your first date with one of our amazing independent escorts. After she confirms your good conduct, we will grant your VIP status. Greensboro City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros, Known by all Greensborian Gents

Greensboro Eros has it going on among hobbyists and independent escorts, alike. The same followers turn to Greensboro City Girls as the most trusted source of adult dating. Without question, hobbyists rely on our Club to consistently provide quintessential companionship incomparable to any other agency. Perhaps that is why Eros discontinued our advertising membership in 2012. Surprised by the action, our analytics did indeed confirm that business was jamming. Subsequently, we were thrilled to make the break with Eros as City Girls went on to become a major player in the adult arena.

Our Dissolution with TER

Greensboro City Girls believes that one should always be positioned to take on potential surprises in life. The Erotic Review is famous for a national presence in the adult world. By the same token, TER is infamous for monopolizing its members and even bullying them at will. With that knowledge in mind, it was our turn to experience the fury of TER when our account was deleted overnight, lock, stock and barrel. Every last independent escort profile on TER was removed including all reviews. Like a breakup that leaves you hanging, we at City Girls pulled up our socks and got moving. Bullies always get what’s coming to them; it’s just a question of time. Check out down below the dramatic, satirical video that we produced about the matter. In retrospect, breaking away from The Erotic Review was one of the best things that ever happened to City Girls. However, we do empathize with those independent escorts that have experienced similar fate and are happy to share some advice. Best GFE came along and took the place of TER, a blessing in disguise. All of our VIP members prefer to post their reviews on Best GFE rather than TER.

Best GFE, Star of all Forums

Here is an intelligent forum that really gets it right. Maybe that is why Greensboro Best GFE has snowballed in popularity throughout the nation. City Girls is honored to be associated with Best GFE. We were all too happy when a sales transaction with GFE Club fell through for unethical reasons. However, Best GFE is a leader and leaders don’t quit. Our VIP members love Best GFE and post all their reviews in this forum

Hasta la Vista, GFE Club

Sometimes you can’t tell what’s going on behind the scenes. Such was the case at Greensboro GFE Club when they up and canceled our membership. Greensboro City Girls is not in the habit of breaking the rules so the accusation that we violated their terms and conditions seemed suspicious. After that, communication ceased completely, like our account never existed. Looking forward, Best GFE greeted us with welcoming arms in stark contrast to GFE Club. All of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE over any other forum.

The Mediocre ECCIE

Greensboro City Girls boasts a dynamic presence nationwide, thanks to a robust marketing strategy. At any given time, our independent escorts are touring in ten to fifteen cities. Though forums cluttered with blinking banners and flickering popups are not our style, we gave ECCIE a try anyway. From the start, we were limited to advertising in five cities, a far cry from what we were used to. Unimpressive results led us to ask ECCIE if they would like to customize an ad campaign for which we would have happily paid. ECCIE showed no interest. We soon discovered Best GFE in all their enthusiasm to work with us and haven’t looked back at ECCIE. Best GFE is the only forum where our VIP members post their reviews.

The Menacing Backpage

You will pay when you play on Backpage. It might be with your wallet, health, livelihood or worse but Backpage is filled with inherent risk. On Backpage, hobbyists and independent escorts forego safety for the sake of a quickie date void of any type of verification. Rather than settling for a grab bag of dangerous possibilities, smart hobbyists turn to Greensboro City Girls where credible dating is assured. Why get ripped off on Backpage when you can get more than you bargained for at City Girls?

Romantic Options with your Greensboro Escort

Tournament Town is bustling with fun things to do for passionate couples. Start with a day trip to Blue Ridge Parkway for some intimate wine tasting with your lovely escort. Picture this brunette bombshell adorned in a skimpy dress and high heels leaving just the right amount of sex appeal to your imagination. Following an afternoon matinee in your hotel suite, head out to Boston’s House of Jazz and Blues for some cultural frolic. Your delicious muse will be all over you as the excitement builds. Ravishing Greensboro Escorts Love City Girls Are you an independent escort that has it all? From stunning facial features right down to your exceptional figure, the only thing better than your 10 body is your sunny personality. You have a penchant for travel and a knack for making new friends because sexy entertaining is what you do best. Sound like a match? If so, call us with a Club member referral or reference from another reputable escort whom we know.

City Girls is a Household Name Among Greensboro Escorts

Freedom to become your own boss backed by a Club that cares about your well being only happens at Greensboro City Girls. Trust that Highly Secure Call Center takes care of all the details while you travel, entertain new friends and make lots of cash. Sound like an adventure? We’d love to hear from you.