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  • Nov 18
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  • St Louis GFE escort Baby a short while ago arrived to St Louis. Send in your meeting request now to be able to get her first date.

  • Oct 04
  • St Louis independent escort Baby's tour's status is changed to: Approved. You can submit request for date now

  • Oct 04
  • St Louis escort Baby preparing to visit St Louis on Nov 17 - Nov 18 This trip is waiting for approval, before appointment can be scheduled. Return for future updates, or follow us on twitter.

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  • St Louis call girl Daphne just recently arrived to St Louis. Send your scheduled visit request now to be able to get her first date.

  • Nov 14
  • St Louis escort Zara's tour is now approved. You may request a visit now

  • Nov 14
  • St Louis call girl Zara preparing to visit St Louis on Dec 01 - Dec 02 Journey isn't yet approved. After it will be approved, you'll be able to move ahead and schedule a meeting. Come back for upcoming updates, or follow us on twitter.

St Louis escorts Guide to escort services in Missouri

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It’s time to get your groove on during a delightfully sinful evening with a succulent escorts in St Louis. Feel free to get a little decadent in the Rome of the West with a luscious lady who knows how to make the most of your pleasure. Whether you only have a two-hour window of playtime or wish to pull an all-nighter, choose from a gala of sensual stunners at your beck and call. Indulge in a little eye candy with scathing hot images of escorts St Louis MO and their perfect escort reviews. Get yourself all worked up by logging in to TheEroticReview,, GFEClub for escort reviews and ratings sure to shake your world.

St Louis escorts Mailing List is Your 411 of Pleasure

Like a kid in a candy shop, your mouth will water for these dazzling stlouisescorts coming to your neck of the woods. We understand that your cravings may get the best of you which is why you need to sign up for our St Louis MO escorts mailing list and book your date before someone else does. Privacy is the word when it comes to scheduling your rendezvous and that’s where Highly Secured Call Center comes into the picture. We’ve got you covered with a few more details:
- Plan ahead with a St Louis call girl
- Our Loyalty Program treats you like the king that you are
- Recommendation? Sure! Just ask
- Get arousing updates dropped into your email about St Louis Missouri escorts
Ready? Click the button up top ‘Mailing List’ and you’re good to go!
Don’t forget to check out our ‘Specials’! Click the yellow button top right.

Scheduling an Engagement with escorts Saint Louis MO is Easy as Pie

Our emphasis is on securitizing your personal data using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Click ‘Appointments’ on the tab at the top of this page to get the ball rolling. After your request has been received and processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your appointment with call girls in St Louis.

Verification for escort service in St Louis is Seamless

We stay pretty basic with this easy process and don’t work with third party escort verification services. Employment verification proves to be the quickest and most reliable method that will have you moving on to your first date in no time. A few morsels of information:
- Screening is a one-time process
- Employment verification is essential

Our Pals, RS2K

Prior to establishing our own internal screening service, we worked with Room Service 2000. St. Luis City Girls favored RS2K for their utmost professionalism, outstanding customer service and screening efficiency. We referred many of our new club members to RS2K during that time. Eventually, a pattern emerged in our screening system in which about one in every 100 gentlemen was doubtful. Not willing to continue this risk of uncertainty, we chose to eliminate all methods of screening except employment verification. It was a smart decision. We will always have fond memories of Room Service 2000.

P411 Wins the Popularity Prize

Here at St. Louis City Girls, we are always happy when an adult forum finds success. Though Preferred 411 is well known in the St. Louis area our experience did not measure up to our cardinal rule of absolute safety. In the P411 system, when a hobbyist contacts a provider, he furnishes only his first name and identification handle. After finding a match in the P411 database, the provider proceeds to schedule a date and reveal a meeting location. Another provider more concerned about her safety will send a private message to the hobbyist requesting his last name and to view his photo identification upon meeting in person. The peril here is that the provider must meet the hobbyist in person to confirm his authenticity. At that point, she has no way of knowing if he is an imposter, having assumed the identity of another hobbyist with the same first name. If his identification is inconsistent with the name that he gave her, she’s in trouble, facing possible violence, theft or law enforcement. City Girls prefers a verification process that is confirmed before hobbyist and provider meet in person.

Understanding the Elusive Date Check

With most forums it is fairly easy to determine geographic prevalence. Date Check is no such forum with a website riddled by perpetual technical glitches. Our encounter with Date Check was short lived, beginning with an online application submission error followed by three years of unsuccessful attempts to reach customer service. Eventually, we met St. Louis Best GFE and forgot about Date Check. Of course, we like all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Go for the Gusto with VIP Membership

The mack daddy of membership, VIP status is a privilege. After your amazing encounter, we are pretty sure that your date will rave about your gentlemanly conduct. And when she does, trust is established and the doors to VIP membership are opened. reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your City Girls VIP Membership at all times.

Eros, Reference to the God of Love

At least, that’s what folks from St. Louis will tell you when asked what is Eros. Beyond Greek mythology, St. Louis Eros Guide is in the closet when compared to St. Louis City Girls. We are a household name among fellow hobbyists, hands down. It was the year 2012 when Eros Guide blasted us from their website, asserting rivalry as the reason. An analysis of our statistics proved Eros’ point, a compliment in disguise. Rather than making amends of any sort, we closed the Eros chapter and ascended to newfound fame. Who knew that we didn’t need Eros? The silver lining of our closure revealed higher planes of success about which we could not complain. A steadfast commitment to quality, value and dedication to our VIP members has branded us as the prevailing erotic refuge for St. Louis hobbyists.

TER Shall Remain Nameless

The Erotic Review never got around to paying its respects to St. Louis escorts and hobbyists. We picked up the slack quite some time ago in establishing a strong presence in the Gateway City. St. Louis City Girls and TER go way back. However, that relationship came to an abrupt end when The Erotic Review decided that they didn’t like us anymore, declaring that our internal review system was to blame. Seriously? Well, we folks at City Girls are not ones to cry over spilled milk. We are more inclined to turn a negative into a positive. Life post TER has actually been a blessing and one filled with prosperity and achievements. The Erotic Review is no longer the giant that they’d have us all believe. If you are a provider (or hobbyist) who has fallen victim to the intimidation tactics of TER, hit us up for some comforting advice. And while you’re here, take a peek below at the satirical video we produced about the matter. Now, we solicit all of our VIP members to post their reviews on St. Louis Best GFE.

Best GFE is a Leader in the Making

If ever there was a forum with the capability to surpass all forums, St. Louis Best GFE is the crown jewel. City Girls had the good fortune of discovering Best GFE at a time when we were at a crossroads. In fact, Best GFE almost sold out to GFE Club but the transaction hit a dead end. Now, Best GFE keeps getting better and better and St. Louis City Girls is pleased to partner with them. Consequently, we advise all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

The Incredible Shrinking GFE Club

It comes as no surprise that St. Louis hobbyists and independent escorts are not familiar with GFE Club. We used to advertise in this forum until the day they cast us out. St. Louis City Girls was a bit taken aback by accusations of violating the rules when we are generally fanatical about following guidelines. Always eager to find resolution in any discrepancy, we approached GFE Club but were turned down. Later, St. Louis Best GFE came along, putting GFE Club to shame with impeccable service. Of course, we ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

ECCIE Wins the Popularity Prize

The acclaimed St. Louis ECCIE basks in reverence among local hobbyists and providers. As a forum, success is sweet when you are well-liked. St. Louis City Girls had fun advertising on ECCIE until we realized that our efforts made no impact on business. ECCIE limited us to exposure in five cities when what we really needed was a presence in more than ten geographic areas. Though we approached ECCIE to tailor an advertising campaign based on our needs, they were unresponsive. After making the acquaintance of St. Louis Best GFE, we forgot about ECCIE. Subsequently, we implore all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Backpage is Hazardous to Your Health

Backpage is perfect for those who get a thrill sailing close to the wind. With odds stacked against personal safety, Backpage is synonymous with risk of the highest measure. Where else can you schedule a date within the blink of an eye without any regard for your safety? You guessed it. Backpage. Hobbyists and independent escorts more cautious about their security trust St. Louis City Girls for romantic dating that guarantees the times of their lives backed by our seal of excellence. What could be better?

Dazzle Your Date in St. Louis

Initiate the evening with an adventure to a couple of St. Louis’ famous breweries such as the Anheuser-Busch Brewery or Schlafly Bottleworks. Then, eat your heart out at Sydney Street Cafe in St. Louis’ historic Benton Park neighborhood. As stunningly beautiful as your date is sure to appear, mind your gentlemanly manners until later when the two of you can escape into the privacy of your hotel suite where the real fun begins.

Are You a Lady Who Wants to Become a St. Louis Escort?

City Girls is drawn independent St Louis escorts with phenomenal appearances, immaculate hygiene, beautiful facial features and exceptional personalities; adventurous ones who love to travel, make new friends and of course, good money. Sound like you? Give us a call!

City Girls is Your Trusted Ally

Independent escorts near St Louis flock to us from all over the world because they know we can be trusted. Safety is our mantra. We want you to retain your independence while we back you up with all sorts of perks. You get to set your own schedule while Highly Secured Call Center manages the details so you don’t have to. And marketing? It’s free! If entertainment is your thing, you have come to the right place.