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  • Minneapolis call girl Aphrodite preparing to go to Minneapolis on Dec 06 - Dec 07 This journey is waiting for approval, before appointment can be scheduled. Check back for possible future updates, or follow us on twitter.

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Minneapolis Escorts Guide by City Girls!

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The Mini Apple is home to incredibly luscious independent Minneapolis escorts of desire, thanks to Minneapolis City Girls. Showcasing a spectacular array of playmates, we’ve got a show stopping beauty that appeals to the taste of every gentleman. Whether you want to cozy up for an intimate winter evening or hit the Mall of America for some glamorous shopping, any of our exquisite MPLS escorts are poised to become your personal entourage. Minneapolis call girls' donations are almost a thing of the past, they’re so affordable. That being said, why not book an entire evening with your favorite Minneapolis GFE escort? Before you do, mosey on over to The Erotic Review, Best GFE, GFEClub to view top shelf escort ratings and arousing bits of info about our independent female minneapolis escorts. Then, get to planning your engagement!

Signing Up for Our Minneapolis Mailing List is a Must

You have eyed the escort in Minneaplis of your dreams and are already fantasizing about all of the lovely ways in which she is going to please you. Now, you wouldn’t want to miss the boat, would you? Stay in the know by signing up for our Minnesota Call Girls mailing list. Our emails will alert you when your favorite GFE escort is coming to your city. Now you’ve got some advanced notice! Reach out to Call Center and book that appointment. As always, we take pride in our high level of discretion. Here’s a quick recap:

• Why wait? Book a date with a Minneapolis independent escort today!
• The CG Loyalty Program rocks! Get involved right away
• Check your inbox for our emails coming soon about escorts in MN
Hold onto your trousers, big fella. Before you do anything, click that button up top, ‘Mailing List’ and get your party started. Most importantly, check out our specials by clicking on any of the rotating banners at the top of this page. Have we got goodies in store for you!

City Girls Wrote the Book on Security

Booking your encounter with any of our gorgeous female escorts in Minneapolis is practically an invisible process. Our technical pundits are always in the background fiddling with our security system and keeping it in pitch perfect condition. In fact, your personal data is secured using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Now that you’ve got the lowdown, click ‘Appointments’ at the top of this page to schedule the time of your life with call girl in Minneapolis. Once we receive and process your request, be alert for an automated call back confirming your appointment.

Getting Verified is Seamless

We prefer to keep things simple and the best way to do that is via employment verification. It’s the best way to retain your privacy and establishes a solid sense of trust. Once your identity is confirmed, bank on an earth shattering rendezvous!

• Screening only occurs once. Awesome
• Employment verification is mandatory

Milwaukeans Enjoy Room Service 2000

We will always remember our friends at Milwaukee RS2K with high regard. We have only fond memories of the days that we associated with RS2K and even referred many new members to their service. We finally established our own escorts verification system which was the only reason why we parted ways. Eventually, we noticed a pattern indicating that about one in every 100 gentlemen was a troublemaker. Concerned about our newfound data, we decided it was best to totally eliminate all forms of screening except for employment verification. This was a wise decision and one which we do not regret.

P411 is a Shot in the Dark

Minneapolis City Girls likes to come as close to perfection as humanly possible in every action and association that we make. We affiliated with Preferred 411 prior to establishing our own internal hobbyist verification system. However, we were a bit troubled by their verification structure and its implications. Through P411, a hobbyist will reach out to a provider by giving only his P411 ID. P411 does not require that he divulge his last name. An escort in turn cross references his coordinates against information within the P411 data base. If his first name and identification match, she schedules and date and reveals a location. A more discerning escort will take matters a step further and send the hobbyist a private message asking for his last name and a request to confirm it with the name on his driver's license when they meet. But what if Henry is not Henry Jones at all? What i Henry stole the identity of another hobbyist by the name of Henry? It happened before. The caveat in the P411 system is that total verification of a hobbyist is not complete until an escort is in his presence. If he turns out to be a fraud, she is in grave danger and it is too late to turn back. Well, needless to say, City Girls ran with its tail between its legs.

Dodged by Date Check

What are the implications when someone ignores you? We scratched our heads on this one for three years until we finally gave up on Date Check. It all began when we wanted to submit an online application for membership only to experience a computer glitch that snagged the submission. After years of reaching out to the admin team, we concluded that they didn’t want our business. We were quite happy after establishing our own verification process .

Your Initiation to VIP Membership

Once you’re in, you’re in! After a successful first engagement with any of the Minneapolis City Girls, we want to hear rave feedback from your date. Upon receiving a positive response, we will be more than happy to upgrade your membership to VIP status. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros MN is a Distant Second

We’ve got one up on Eros Minneapolis. You see, gentlemen prefer Minneapolis City Girls because our independent escorts are so close to perfection that even we wonder if they’re real. Not only are they authentic, but sweet, intelligent and kind are words that come to mind. We had our days with Eros Guide until they clocked us back in 2012 citing that we were their competitors. Maybe they saw the writing on the wall just as we did right after we studied our analytics. Sure enough, City Girls was jamming in many cities(including Minneapolis) that used to favor Our popularity could possibly be attributed to our incredible MN companions, stellar customer service and ironclad discreet dating. Could it?

The Prominence of TER

The Erotic Review is a widely popular stomping grounds for Mill City hobbyists. That’s not to say that Minneapolis City Girls hasn’t carved their niche of highly sought after escorts in The Mini Apple. We enjoy a reputation of distinction because our modelesque Minn companions are a cut above the rest. But TER didn’t think so when they cut us off lock, stock and barrel literally overnight. We heard it was because they didn’t like the fact that we had our internal escort review page and our support to BestGFE which we were not about to take down. City Girls stood tall and moved on, never to look back. Soon after, we found the silver lining by meeting Minneapolis Best GFE, an acquaintance we may not have encountered had we stayed with TER. Just for kicks, we produced a short, satirical video that depicts the TER situation which can be viewed below. If you are an independent escort or an escort agency who has been on the receiving end of a TER bribe, feel free to reach out. We’d love to share some advice. Now, we ask all of our VIP members to post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Best GFE Takes the Cake

When wrote us off, they probably didn’t consider the fact that a good-sized chunk of their hobbyist followers would then migrate to Minneapolis Best GFE, the only third party with whom we associate. But that’s exactly what happened when we hooked up with Best GFE. At one point, they almost sold the forum to GFE Club but the transaction was never consummated. Now, Best GFE is rising in the ranks and Minneapolis City Girls couldn’t be happier. We ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews about escorts on Best GFE.

The Murky GFE Club

We were going about our normal business of advertising independent escorts on GFE Club when they up and pulled the plug with accusations of violating their terms and conditions. Intuitively, we smelled a rat since City Girls is a staunch follower of rules. We received no response after approaching GFE Club to reconcile. No worries. Best GFE came along and the rest is history. We request that all of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

Reflecting on ECCIE

Minneapolis City Girls spent some time advertising on the ECCIE website though the results were barely plausible. We weren’t sure if it was due to all of the glitzy popups and excessive banners or our limitation to advertising in only five cities. City Girls has a presence in a multitude of cities across the nation. However, ECCIE was not interested when we approached them about customizing an ad campaign for which we would have happily paid extra. To our delight, along came and we were swept away. Consequently, we implore all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Minneapolis Backpage is Hazardous to Your Health

Even if you need a quick, sensual pick-me-up, would you actually walk through the streets of East Phillips at midnight and expect to be safe? Extremely doubtful. But high risk is exactly the peril that hobbyists and providers subject themselves to when frequenting Minneapolis Backpage. Do so if you must, but leave your purse, wallet and any money at home less you get robbed, assaulted or worse. With Minneapolis City Girls, intimate dating is totally free of chance; a guaranteed incredibly good time in a trusted environment with Minneapolis escort who looks ten times better than her pictures, if that’s even possible.

Musing in Minneapolis with Your Dazzling Date

Cozy up at the restaurant Alma in a secluded booth over a chilled bottle of your favorite beverage amidst an aura of Southern hospitality. Your date is your aphrodisiac, not to mention the savory cuisine that would seduce any epicurean on the spot. Cut loose and let it all go while indulging in the eye candy that is your splendid girlfriend for the evening. When you’re finally floating on clouds and can’t keep your hands off each other, saunter up to your hotel suite where passion will have its way.

Defining a City Girl’s Minneapolis Independent Escort

Splendid beauty that you are, you’ve got a penchant for pleasure, travel and of course, loads of cash. Your incredible figure is endowed with lean, shapely curves that make men melt. Your excellent hygiene is off the charts and your personality is shimmering with charisma. If you identify with the City Girls’ profile, give us a call!

Calling all Minneapolis Independent Escorts

With City Girls being the haven that it is, how can you not join us? We’ve got a stellar reputation and are obsessed with trust, safety and reliability. With City Girls behind you, enjoy your freedom as an independent MN escort while at the same time taking advantage of our amazing management team and generous marketing perks. Be your own boss with Highly Secured Call Center at your side. We’ve got your best interest in mind. We’d love to hear from you!