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A sensual oasis of breathtaking Ann Arbor escorts awaits hobbyists that enjoy being pampered by companions that specialize in affection. City Girls is recognized as the after hours specialist with a surplus of vibrant muses that come to life after dark. Find out for yourself by visiting our lavish photo galleries where you will most certainly discover the independent escort of your dreams right here in Ann Arbor. And check out our rates that have never been more attainable along with sizzling reviews written by happy Club members. For more of a good thing, is raving with steamy reviews sure to drive you mad with anticipation.

The CG Mailing List. Pure and Simple

There is no better way to stay informed about your favorite Ann Arbor independent escorts than via our mailing list. Our lovely ladies are always touring and the only way to keep up with them is to check your inbox often. Plan your schedule in advance so that you can book an appointment through Highly Secured Call Center as soon as that email pops into your inbox. Remember these details:

- Don’t wait to book a date! Our independent escorts are super busy
- Our VIP Loyalty Program will regale you with special perks
- Check our reviews page if you are unsure about which companion to select
- Make sure to set up email notification on your mobile device so that you never miss a beat about what’s happening with our Ann Arbor independent escorts

Click the mailing list button now and prepare yourself to take the plunge with entertainment like you’ve never known! But first, notice all of the amazing deals on our ‘Specials’ page created just for you.

Our Security System Shields You with Safety

Club members rely on City Girls of Ann Arbor for virtual security that allows them to indulge without a care in the world. We employ an army of professionals that are constantly monitoring our website. It all begins with your data being secured using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Ready for some seriously sexy recreation? Every dream you ever had about a stark raving vixen is about to come true! Release your fantasies by clicking the ‘Appointments’ tab to schedule a rendezvous. Prepare yourself for an automated call back containing all the details that you need to know about your engagement.

A Verification Method Made Easy

Here at Ann Arbor City Girls, we have tried all methods of screening. The one method that guarantees two-way trust is employment verification. No other method of screening comes close. If you want to join City Girls, keep these details in mind:

- Employment verification only happens one time
- City Girls’ membership depends upon successful verification

Recalling Our Time with RS2K

Room Service 2000 is one of those forums that you can count on. We enjoyed working with the folks at RS2K. After quite some time, a pattern developed wherein we questioned about one out of ten approved members. It was this experience that inspired us to launch our own in-house verification system. Eventually, we became self sufficient and bid farewell to Room Service 2000 with only the best of remembrances.

Doubts About P411

The Preferred 411 verification process is fairly straightforward but not without its imperfections. However, when dealing with identity verification, the process cannot be taken for granted without jeopardizing the safety of hobbyists and independent escorts. Ann Arbor City Girls worked for quite some time with P411 which is how we learned about their flaws. It all begins when a hobbyist contacts a provider through the P411 system to request a date by giving her is first name and P411 ID. In turn, the independent escort confirms his information by cross-checking it within the P411 database. If she finds a match, the date is set. This companion might decide to send a private message to the hobbyist asking for his last name and proof of photo identification when they meet. What if he is a fraud? Perhaps he hacked into the P411 system and stole the identity of another hobbyist with the same first name. In any case, the provider is now in danger because she must actually meet this man in person to confirm his identity. Wait. Wasn’t P411 supposed to clear his name? Suddenly, the P411 system is broken and anything can happen. Such was a risky game that City Girls of Ann Arbor was not willing to play.

Dumped by Date Check

There is never a dull moment here at Ann Arbor City Girls, right up until the time when Date Check canceled our account. They claimed that we had violated their terms and conditions. Which term and which condition? We never got an answer. Quite suddenly, Best GFE arrived to save the day and we never looked back at Date Check. Our VIP members love Best GFE and post all of their escort reviews in this forum.

Members Crave Our VIP Membership

And so will you! A sensual paradise is waiting for you with every fringe benefit imaginable. After your verification process is complete, then begins the movement toward VIP membership. After completing your first engagement with one of our Ann Arbor independent escorts, your date will give us an earful. We want to hear only good things about the gentleman that you were and your considerate behavior. That being said, we will be thrilled to grant you VIP status. Ann Arbor Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros is Most Notable in Ann Arbor

Near and dear to the hearts of all hobbyists and Ann Arbor independent escorts is City Girls. Eros had a presence in our world until the year 2012 when we were banned from the site. Our analytics suggested that City Girls was on an upward trend and that possibly Eros considered us to be competitors. After some adjustment, we moved past the incident and onward to achieve newfound success. Who needs Eros, anyway?

Ostracized by TER

Somehow, The Erotic Review gained a national presence among all independent escorts and hobbyists as the go to forum and escort review platform. But TER is infamous for shunning members while bullying others for reasons that remain questionable. Here at Ann Arbor City Girls, we speak first hand because it happened to us. One fine morning when attempting to login to our TER account, access was denied. Come to find out, our account and all independent escort profiles and reviews had been deleted. Go figure. We heard that the action was related to our own internal escort review system that posed a threat to TER. Rolling with the punches, we bid final farewell to The Erotic Review, well knowing that strength and determination of City Girls would prevail. We even produced a dramatic, somewhat edgy video about the matter which can be viewed below. In retrospect, breaking away from TER gifted us a huge freedom. Now, business is better than ever! Best GFE took the place of TER. Now, all of our VIP members prefer to post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Best GFE, Our Dream Forum

Imagine a perfect adult forum with amazing customer service and a well-designed website with utmost functionality. Then, think of Best GFE of Ann Arbor. All of us folks at City Girls were happy to join forces with Best GFE. We were quite relieved when a sales transaction with GFE Club fell through. Since then, Best GFE has gone on to achieve stardom in an arena where someone is always nipping at your heels. Our VIP members love Best GFE where they post all of their escort reviews.

When GFE Club Ousted Us

Minding our own business, it happened one day that GFE Club canceled our membership. Apparently, we had violated their terms and conditions, an unusual accusation since Ann Arbor City Girls always follows the rules. Beyond that no further explanation was given and that was the end of GFE Club. Eventually, we discovered Best GFE and have been happy ever since. Our VIP members even post all of their escort reviews on Best GFE.

A Halfhearted Experience with ECCIE

Our friends know that City Girls maintains a robust presence in up to fifteen cities at any given time and that figure is increasing. With ECCIE, marketing was limited to a presence in five cities, a far cry from what we were accustomed to. Consequently, results were cool at best. We even approached ECCIE to customize an ad campaign for which we certainly would have paid but they were not interested. Poor advertising results coupled with a glitzy website brought our story with ECCIE to an end. One day, Best GFE came along and offered us every perk that we needed to justify working with a third party forum.

The Pitfalls of Backpage

Everyone knows that trolling the pages of Backpage means taking your life into your own hands. Nightmare stories range from theft to assault to getting arrested not to mention endangering your health. The appeal of Ann Arbor Backpage lies in the instantaneous manner of dating without any protocol whatsoever. Ann Arbor City Girls believes that such an approach to romantic dating is a recipe for disaster. With ravishing belles of sensual elegance, City Girls is the answer with trust and safety as the cornerstones of our Club. Why go anywhere else?

What to Do with Your Date in Tree Town

Live it up at The Session Room for some of Ann Arbor’s best craft beer and yummy eats. Picture your independent escort in painted-on jeans and a tight t-shirt showing off her tiny waist and irresistible mounds. With all of that live entertainment, the two of you are sure to loosen up in preparation for what’s to come at midnight.

Outrageously Sexy Ann Arbor Escorts Love City Girls

Men marvel at your beauty and extraordinary figure that has fitness written all over it. Anyone who steps close to you feels your radiant sensuality and you are a goddess to reckon with. Sound familiar? If so, then you are City Girls’ material! All of our independent escorts come by referral from one of our Club members or a reputable provider whom we know.

Independent Escorts Trust City Girls

Ann Arbor independent escorts take confidence knowing that City Girls will stand behind them all the way. Backed by Highly Secured Call Center, you get to travel, meet new friends and make oodles of cash while living it up for the experience of a lifetime!