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Your best Baltimore Escorts Guide to escort services in Baltimore

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It doesn’t get any more patriotic than in a city where the American national anthem originated! Things have changed since then and Baltimore Maryland escorts from private club City Girls is ahead of the curve. Our independent Baltimore escorts are ready and willing to make you feel like a winner. These gorgeous ladies are positively dripping with desire wanting to re-write history with you. City Girls is the master of customer service leaving no desire unaddressed when it comes to fulfilling your needs. See for yourself. Check out the jaw-dropping images, rates and VIP feedback of our touring BWI escorts coming to your neck of the woods. Would we steer you wrong? Last and certainly not least, log in to The Erotic Review where our stimulating stories will quench your fantasies.

Baltimore Escorts Mailing List is the Place to be!

Sit back and relax when booking your appointment through City Girls’ Highly Secured Call Center. We live and breathe safety! When you subscribe to our mailing list of independent Baltimore escorts you will be alerted by email every time City Girls tours your area. Below are some other perks:

  • - Schedule an engagement with a Baltimore escort coming to your city
  • - Discounts through our Loyalty Program await you
  • - Get recommendations
  • - Receive updates about independent Baltimore escorts at City Girls

Just click the tab at the top of the page called “Mailing List” to sign up in your city.

Booking an Appointment with City Girls’ GFE balt escort is Easy

Screening is a must before booking a date with call girls in Baltimore from City Girls’. Go to the Appointments tab at the top of this page to schedule a date through the online request form. All of your personal data is highly secured and encrypted by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers is a safe manner. Customer service will respond with confirmation either by phone or email once your information is received.



Nothing But Admiration for Room Service 2000 (RS2K)

Of all escort verification services in the market, RS2K is among the most reliable. Our ethics and verification policy are nearly the same. After successfully partnering with for quite some time, we decided to change our escort screening method. Statistics had shown that about 1 out of 100 gentlemen experienced some sort of problem during a date. Although RS2K members tend to be the safest compared to other escort screening services, we realized that ensuring 100% accuracy of our verification method meant performing the task ourselves. While RS2K does not yet have a strong presence in Baltimore, they are expanding nationwide and we wish them all the best.

Taking the Fifth on Preferred 411 (P411)

As much as we like to play nice, we also like to remain honest. The primary objective of utilizing an escort verification service is to ensure safety of an escort and a hobbyist. The main disadvantage of working with Preferred411 is that their service is not foolproof. Here’s how their method works: a hobbyist gives his P411 ID to a provider. Independent escort in turn verifies the hobbyist by searching his ID in the P411 database from her computer. If there is a match, she can view his profile and decide whether or not to schedule a date (dependent upon how many ‘okays’ he has). At this point, the majority of independent escorts and escort agencies approve their dates. However, a more cautious Baltimore escort will send the hobbyist a personal message through P411 messaging system to ensure that she is communicating with the SAME hobbyist whom she is verifying. After she approves the hobbyist, he receives details about the engagement including where to meet her. Once in person, will she then ask to verify his photo identification? Herein lies the main caveat. Because the provider can only see the hobbyist’s first name on his P411 profile, she has no way of knowing for sure if the last name on his identification is fraudulent. Is he the same ‘John Doe’ he claims to be? Or is he actually ‘John Smith’ impersonating ‘John Doe’ because he stole ‘John Doe’s’ login information on the Preferred411 website? Suddenly, the provider could be in a precarious situation. To underscore this loophole, P411 is not popular for independent escorts and escort agencies Baltimore area.

Nobody’s Home at

This escort verification service operates in fashion similar to that of P411. However, we experienced a glitch when trying to register our account. Subsequently, our attempts to contact their support team were unsuccessful over a three year period. In the end, our verification policies changed anyway, so we gave up. We are unsure of their popularity in Baltimore.

Become a VIP Member!

VIP membership has its privileges. Booking your first date with escorts in Baltimore Maryland from City Girls makes you eligible for VIP Membership. Receiving positive feedback from a date builds trustworthiness, the first and foremost qualification of becoming a VIP member. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Thoughts About Eros Baltimore of Eros Guide

Baltimore City Girls no longer maintains a presence on Eros Baltimore. Back in 2012, we thought everything was fine after successfully advertising on for more than a year. Then suddenly, they dropped a bomb by kicking us off their site, claiming that we were competitors. What the…? We never dreamed such a thing would happen. But then we checked our analytics and they were correct! What we learned was astounding. Baltimore City Girls location was exceeding the traffic of Baltimore Eros. It is worth mentioning that all of our independent Baltimore escorts are ‘hand picked’ and carefully reviewed by real live visitors after each and every encounter; not to mention that 100% of all pictures are real and accurate.

Breaking Up with The Erotic Review (TER)

Less than one year ago, TER dumped Baltimore City Girls out of the blue. From one day to the next, they eradicated all reviews of escort providers associated with Baltimore City Girls without any explanation, reason or communication - as though we had done something bad. Rumors whispered that our very own escort review page on our website was the reason; that perhaps if we took down our reviews page TER would admit Baltimore ecorts from City Girls back onto their site. Were we once again considered competition? No matter, for we are not the types to be bullied but are rather quite adaptive. Time to move on. Soon after, we made friends with BestGFE and lo and behold! We discovered a gem of escort discussion board that performs exactly the same as TheEroticReview but with better ethics and is far more economical. The fact of the matter is that TER simply cannot flex the same muscle as they used to. City Girls is not the first entity to experience punishment or ousting by TER. There have been countless others including many independent Baltimore MD escorts. If you find yourself in a quandary with TER, we’d be happy to consult and share how we went on to achieve far greater success without Check out this satirical video we produced that portrays our break up with TheEroticReview.

Best Friends with Best GFE

They are the only third party partner with whom we work. BestGFE endured some turbulence a few years back after an unsuccessful sales transaction with the owner of the GFEClub. They have since rebounded and are quickly gaining position in the industry. We fully support and introduce all of our VIP members, recommending that they use this forum instead of TheEroticReview. The arrangement is working well for all of us.

Thanks, But No Thanks to GFE Club

Maybe it’s cattitude but this forum recently banned us along with a few other escort agencies in Baltimore. We were shunned for escort advertising incompliance. Huh? We’re more about flexibility and finding solutions to the benefit of all. That’s fine since BestGFE is really the place to go. We ask all of our members who date our Baltimore Maryland escorts to write their escort reviews on, NOT Additionally, GFEClub is not so popular in Baltimore.

Efficiency at ECCIE - Not in Baltimore

Though we like their website, we’re not too crazy about the excess of bling-bling banners and punchy popups. also imposes a lot of limitations on escorts advertising such as a maximum of five posts in five areas which only serves 25% of the cities where we would otherwise want to advertise our independent escorts. We did it for a while but the fruits of our efforts were near null. We approached their admin team to customize an escort advertising strategy and were even willing to pay a set price but they declined. In contrast, welcomed us with open arms and lots of flexibility in tailoring an escort advertising campaign that works for all of us. To simplify things, we ask that all of our members not post any Baltimore escort reviews on Baltimore ECCIE but rather on Baltimore Best GFE.

Beware of Backpage in Baltimore

Though Baltimore Backpage receives a tremendous amount of traffic, safety and reliability are not the words that come to mind. Actually, the opposite is true. If you are an impetuous soul who enjoys throwing caution to the wind then by all means, Baltimore Backpage is for you. But if you are a prudent spirit who prefers peace of mind within a $300 budget, chances are excellent that Baltimore City Girls is the place for you.

What to Do With Your Date in Baltimore

Looking for some vibrant activity as a precursor to your sensual nightcap? Just imagine how stunning your date will look in a slinky evening gown, the two of you attending The Lyric - 140 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA for a dose of theatre culture. How about unwinding at Scores, Baltimore’s premier, upscale strip club filled with arousing eye candy? Our independent Baltimore escorts love adventures. The two of you can paint the town!

We Want Maryland call girls to Join City Girls club!

We are looking for a few sultry Maryland escorts to become a part of the City Girls family. If you are an attractive lady who loves traveling and having fun while generating a good income, give us a call!

No Club is More Unique than City Girls

City Girls is your friend and ally. Because we are not a Baltimore escort agency, you are free to set your own schedule while we provide all of the support that you need for providing safe escort service in Baltimore. There are many benefits to membership which include free marketing and the support of Highly Security Call Center who manages your scheduling, eliminating the responsibility on your part. City Girls takes safety to a whole new level! Our unparalleled standards require that all clients be fully screened prior to your date. City Girls provides a solid foundation and a safe environment for you!

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