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The Big Easy is a hot spot for incredible independent escorts that will show you what it means to live in the moment. New Orleans City Girls breathes sensual life into the birthplace of jazz with vibrant companions well versed in Southern hospitality. Slow down, kick back and relax while viewing our photo galleries lavish with luxuriant escorts that specialize in pleasure. Take things to the next level by reading our enticing reviews and attractive rates. When you can’t get enough mosey on over to to indulge in more juicy reviews and stories that will curl your knickers!

Stay in the Know With Our New Orleans Mailing List

When it’s time to jazz up your love life the best place to begin is with our mailing list. Our independent escorts are constantly touring the nation and will definitely be visiting New Orleans. What better way to stay informed than our mailing list! Keep this in mind:
- Book a date as soon as you receive notice about your favorite New Orleans escort coming your way - Ask about your Loyalty program and all the perks that come with it - Your email inbox is the main source of touring data so be sure to check frequently
Joining our mailing list is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Remember to check our ‘Specials’ for irresistible offers that will drive you mad with desire.

Security is at the Top of Our List

Of utmost importance to City Girls New Orleans is that our VIP members experience risk-free dating. By the time you and your independent escort meet, be assured that your safety is guaranteed. How do we do it? We secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.
Now that you know the inner workings of City Girls, click the ‘Appointments’ tab above with total confidence. After your request is processed, you will receive an automated call back containing all details of your engagement. That’s what we call efficiency!

Verification is Easy and Confidential

We are not into multiple options with regard to screening. We stick to the basics and employment verification is tried and true. Bear in mind that:
Verification is a one-time deal City Girls’ membership requires verification

RS2K Ranks High in Our Book

We had a great experience working with Room Service 2000 of New Orleans. In fact, we still refer our VIP members to the RS2K Special. During the time that we associated with RS2K, we noticed a trend develop in which an occasional member became problematic. Eventually, we decided it best to establish our own internal verification system and bid farewell to RS2K with only the fondest of memories.

Drawbacks of Preferred 411

Nothing against Preferred 411 of New Orleans but we discovered a loophole that did not sit well with us. The P411 verification process begins when a hobbyist provides his first name and ID number to an escort. She then confirms his identity against his profile in the P411 database. A more cautious provider will send a direct message to the hobbyist asking for his last name and a request to view his photo identification upon meeting. Herein lies the risk in that the provider must meet the hobbyist in person in order to confirm his identity. This is a crucial step that should be completed before they actually meet to eliminate any risk. Should the gentleman be an imposter, perhaps having assumed the identity of another New Orleans P411 member, she is now in the hands of danger. Such is a system that falls short of City Girls’ standards.

Evaded by Date Check

Never a huge fan of their website or its functionality, it came as no surprise that our online application would not submit. After several concerted efforts to reach the Date Check support desk over a three year period, we gave up. Soon after, we came in contact with Best GFE and Date Check faded away.

VIP Membership is a Must-have

Your romantic encounter begins long before a heavenly independent escort graces your presence. At City Girls of New Orleans, we believe that all of our gentlemen friends and models are very special. VIP membership is granted only to those who share our sentiments. In order to be eligible, we must receive positive feedback from your date after the first encounter. Then, VIP membership is granted. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Guide, the Spice of New Orleans

Round-the-clock nightlife needs a sensual resource and who better than Eros of New Orleans? But when local hobbyists really want to spice things up, City Girls is the answer to intense passion with independent escorts of boundless spirit. After quite some time advertising on Eros, they cancelled our membership. Apparently, our independent escorts were in high demand which posed a threat to Eros. That’s what we consider a high quality problem!

The Infamous TER

While The Erotic Review resounds in New Orleans, an undercurrent of wicked ways rides the tail of this forum. TER is known for bribing its members and noncompliance can result in a backlash of problems. It happened to City Girls when one day we learned that our membership had been cancelled along with all of our independent escort profiles removed. Wondering what caused this extreme action, we heard that it was related to our internal review system that TER disliked. Not about to get boxed in, we stood our ground and said goodbye to The Erotic Review. Since then, City Girls of New Orleans has achieved new levels of success with no thanks to TER. Eventually, Best GFE came our way and the world was a brighter place. Take a peek below at the satirical video we produced about the TER incident. Since discovering Best GFE, all of our VIP members post their reviews in this forum.

We Salute Best GFE

New Orleans Best GFE is the bomb of all forums. Not only is their customer service outstanding but their website is user-friendly with tons of features. We were relieved when Best GFE backed out of a deal with GFE Club. Best GFE is becoming quite well known around the nation and we support them all the way. All of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

The Dubious GFE Club

Everything was fine when we advertised with GFE Club of New Orleans. One day, we received notice that our membership had been cancelled for reasons related to violating their terms and conditions. Attempts to reconcile were unsuccessful so we parted ways. Then, Best GFE came along to save the day. We now ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Disappointed by ECCIE

Despite the flashy banners and disturbing popups, we spent some time advertising on ECCIE. Rather limited by their advertising strategy, City Girls requested a customized marketing plan that would give us exposure in up to fifteen cities. However, ECCIE was non responsive and so the relationship ended. Best GFE soon made our acquaintance and we were thrilled with their service. Now, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

Watch Out for Backpage

Romantic dating should be enjoyed in a safe and discreet manner that endangers neither the hobbyist nor the independent escort. New Orleans Backpage is for those who like to risk their safety for the thrill of a spontaneous rendezvous. Anything goes with Backpage putting your pocketbook, well being and life at risk. As a healthy alternative, there is New Orleans City Girls where safety and discretion are paramount. With independent escorts of inexplicable beauty, Backpage is a careless option.

Dazzle Your Date With Some New Orleans Nightlife

From the French Quarter to Bourbon Street, New Orleans is hopping with sexy activities to indulge your independent escort. How about attending the Mercedes Benz Superdome Jazz Fest? Your date will be dressed to the hilt and the envy of all men!

New Orleans Independent Escorts - We Want You!

City Girls appeals to ladies with incredible figures, exceptional facial features and personalities to match. If you are such a companion that loves to travel, meet new friends and make tons of money, give us a call! We do require that our independent escorts come backed by a VIP member referral or provider reference from someone whom we know.

City Girls is a Household Name Among Escorts

At City Girls, we genuinely care about our models, their safety and success. We want your experience as an New Orleans independent escort to be exciting and memorable. We place special emphasis on Highly Secured Call Center to take care of all the details giving you the freedom to entertain your gentlemen friends and have a good time. Why go anywhere else?