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Hometown pride is alive and sizzling in Louisville thanks to City Girls. Your buddies will drop their jaws when you show up with a luscious blonde confection of curves wrapped around your arm. Bring on the bourbon, my man! Because your friends will thank you when they hear that Louisville City Girls is behind that sexy eye candy of an escort at your side. Who doesn’t like getting lucky? To get things started, feast your eyes upon the delicious photos that populate our galleries full of scathing hot beauties that are ready to party. Then, grab yourself a brewski and a hot brown as you kick back to indulge in our impressive rates and sensational VIP client feedback. Get the juicy details on for an inside glimpse into what true sensual entertainment is all about.

There is Nothing Rinky-dink About Our Louisville Mailing List

Your love life will explode right after signing up for our mailing list. Our VIP members revel in regular emails that contains delectable details about all of our Louisville touring escorts coming to your neck of the woods. And the best part is that Highly Secured Call Center takes care of all things safety so you have nothing to worry about. Here are a few things to remember:

Don’t delay! Schedule a date now with your favorite Louisville independent escort. They book fast! We designed our VIP Loyalty Program just for you. Be sure to take full advantage Can’t decide? Ask for a recommendation. Our escorts never disappoint Setup desktop notifications so that you never miss an email containing updates about our Louisville independent escorts

Let’s get the show on the road! Press the mailing list button up top and open the pearly gates of pleasure. While you’re at it, peruse the ‘Specials’ section where real life fantasies are waiting to happen.

Rest Assured, Our Security System is Top Notch

Louisville City Girls stands behind safe, anonymous dating. For anything less, there is everyone else. We have taken security and discretion to levels unsurpassed by any other escort agency in Louisville. How so? We secure your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.

Your earth shattering engagement is but a click away starting with the ‘Appointments’ tab at the top of this page. Once your request is processed, we will send an automated call back reciting details of your engagement. Romance never got easier!

Take Confidence in Our No Frills Verification Process

Louisville City Girls has no need for a plethora of screening options when there is employment verification. We want all of our VIP members within the circle of trust which is why employment verification is our exclusive method of screening. A few tips:
- Screening only happens one time
- City Girls membership is only to those who pass the employment verification process

Room Service 2000 is the Best

At City Girls, we admire the folks at Louisville RS2K for their professionalism and good ethics. We utilized their verification service for a while until we detected the occasional problem member which we found troubling. The time finally came to administer our own internal screening process in an effort to establish a leak proof system to rule out undesirable members. RS2K remains at the top of our list of reputable forums in the Louisville area. In fact, we still refer our VIP members to Room Service 2000 for the RS2K special offered through City Girls.

The Debatable P411

It’s not that we didn’t like Louisville Preferred 411. Lots of independent escorts love P411. However, during the time that we employed their verification services, we happened upon a disconcerting loophole. The P411 screening process begins when an approved hobbyist reaches out to a provider by supplying her with his first name and P411 ID. After she confirms his identity in the P411 database, she schedules the engagement. At this juncture is when the uncertainty begins in that she has no way of verifying his true identity with only his first name. This hobbyist could be an imposter, having stolen the identity of another P411 hobbyist and she would never know. A more prudent escort will send a direct message to the hobbyist asking for his last name and a requirement to view his photo identification when they meet. Suddenly, the P411 verification model fails since she must actually confront the hobbyist to confirm his identity, thereby subjecting herself to danger. Needless to say, anything goes with the P411 system, a total gamble that can cost safety at any turn. Verification should not be a gamble, something that Louisville City Girls takes very seriously. Goodbye P411.

Something’s Up with Date Check

To be quite blunt, we smelled a rat with Louisville Date Check. At City Girls, we know our way around a computer keyboard so when our online application would not submit, the situation did not add up. Fast forward to three years later and we still had not heard back from Date Check about our request for assistance. At that point, we had already established our own verification system and had no need for Date Check. Much to our delight, Best GFE then appeared and a relationship was forged from the beginning. Now, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

VIP Membership is Prime

At Louisville City Girls, VIP membership is reserved for you, the consummate gentleman. After passing the screening process and completing your first date with one of our Louisville independent escorts, we want to hear positive feedback from your date. Her favorable words about your stellar conduct qualifies you for VIP membership. Louisville City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Hale and Hearty Goes Eros of Jefferson County

Seemingly invincible is the almighty Eros of Louisville featuring independent escorts that come in all flavors, shapes and sizes. Representing a higher standard of unspeakable beauty is Louisville City Girls. We used to advertise on Eros. Then cam the day when they up and kicked us off their site, banning any further advertising of our independent escorts. The buzz was that City Girls had been labeled as a competitor by Eros - not such a bad thing, right? While it’s true that our sex pot vixens blow away the competition, a major adjustment to our new business model sans Eros came underway. We took the ousting as a positive movement and haven’t looked back.

Reaching the End of the Road with The Erotic Review

All good things must come to an end and Louisville TER is at the top of the list. One could speculate that we took our chances engaging with The Erotic Review. Eventually, we fell victim to their evil ways experienced by so many others. Literally from one day to the next, TER eradicated every last page of our profile including all trace of our independent escorts. Someone suggested that our own internal review system was the culprit and that maybe if we took it down TER would re-activate our membership. Not a chance. Louisville City Girls took the brutal TER action as an omen and set sail for new heights. We had a bit of fun with the matter by producing a satirical video viewable below. Life acts in mysterious ways and soon delivered Best GFE at our doorstep, putting TER into its reduced perspective. Now, we ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Louisville Best GFE.

Best GFE Shines in Our Book

To say that Louisville City Girls is smitten by Best GFE would be an understatement. Best GFE just does it right. They totally get it when it comes to outstanding customer service and a dynamite website with all the bells and whistles. In fact, our VIP members love Best GFE. We were thrilled when a transaction to sell out to GFE Club fell through. Best GFE is the champion of all forums. It goes without saying that our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

Happy to be Without GFE Club

In the universe of adult entertainment, there are winners that rise to the top and those that remain in murky waters. Louisville GFE Club swims in the latter, a sense that we got from the beginning. However, City Girls of Louisville advertised on the site anyway, until we were purged for reasons supposedly related to a violation of terms and conditions. Beyond our attempts to reconcile, we never heard back from GFE Club and that was fine with us. Best GFE emerged and life has been glorious ever since. Of course, all of our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE.

The Bare Basics of ECCIE

Louisville ECCIE is a Disneyland of popups and banners blinking endlessly. Nonetheless, we looked beyond the glitzy distractions and focused on advertising possibilities since we really did like the management. We learned that ECCIE is rather limited in that our marketing could not exceed exposure in more than five cities. At any given time, Louisville City Girls takes an advertising presence in up to fifteen cities. Clearly, we had growing pains at ECCIE, our needs unmet even after attempts to customize a marketing plan. Unexpectedly, Best GFE came into the picture, thrilled to accommodate our requests. How refreshing! As such, all of our reviews are posted on Best GFE.

The Scary Side of Backpage

For a hair-raising experience from whence you may or may not come out alive, run to Backpage. Perilous in nature, Louisville Backpage represents the equivalent of walking through a land mine. You’ve worked hard to achieve financial status and your family adores you. Why put your life on the line wondering if it will all explode in the form of getting ripped off or arrested? Rather than venturing into the bowels of the adult world, come out smelling like a rose with Louisville City Girls where euphoric pleasure with world class escorts is guaranteed. That’s a no-brainer as far as we are concerned.

Looking for Some Midwestern Frolic?

When the Kentucky Derby rolls around, brace yourself for some Louisville City Girls’ serious passion with one of our voluptuous independent escorts. Is the Forecastle Festival more your speed? Rock on in a most bohemian manner with a head turning knockout in tight jeans and painted on t-shirt for an evening of decadent romance. Simmer things down at the ornate Brown Hotel, one of the top five in the world, an appropriate match for your trophy date. We will humbly accept your accolades of joy.

Our Doors are Open to Louisville Independent Escorts!

To all you Southern belles of immense sensuality, we welcome you! If you are an independent escort in Louisville and sport a body to die for with facial features to match, look no further than City Girls. Perks include lots of adventurous travel, meeting new friends and earning lots of cash. Qualification requires either a Club member referral or recommendation from a respectable provider whom we know.

City Girls is the Only Resource for Louisville Independent Escorts

With a name like City Girls backed by a reputation of solid gold, a stunning independent escort cannot go wrong. With so much individualized attention, it’s no wonder that our professional models love us. Lacking that agency feel, we are a club of independent escorts where trust and safety rank higher than any other escort agency. Even better is our very own Highly Secured Call Center that takes care of all of the details of your schedule so you can relax and enjoy. City Girls of Louisville is the only place for independent escorts who are top in their field!