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In the Windy City, bCity Girls is the de-facto club for gentlemen who wish to celebrate their manhood with charming confections of femininity. After an exhausting day in the office, we know what you’re thinking. Whether you want to chill with an ice cold brewski or opt for a Bulls’ game and night on the town, we’ve got the succulent arm candy that will answer to your needs. Feeling a little frisky? Our escorts in Chicago<> will have you eating out of the palms of their hands. For a taste of what’s to come, check out our amazing donations (you’ll do a double take) and Chicago escorts reviews. Once you are drooling, login to for more ratings and escort reviews in Chicago that will have your knickers in a knot.

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As much as we love to serve you, waiting until the last minute to book an evening with your favorite prowess might not play in your favor. Our Illinois escorts are delicious inamoratas who love to please -- which means they’re high in demand. Our Chicago escort service mailing list will keep you informed real time so that you can plan in advance. Of course, scheduling your appointment with call girls in Chicago through Call Center will be totally confidential because discretion is our mantra. A few particulars:
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Scheduling an Encounter with Schaumburg escorts is 123-ABC

Behind the scenes, our technical gurus are constantly fine tuning our security system in honor of your privacy. They secure your personal data using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Ready? Click ‘Appointments’ at the top of this page to get started. After your request has been received and processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your appointment with female escorts Chicago.

Next step: the Verification Process

With Chicago City Girls, you won’t find options for screening because we know what’s best. Third party escort verifications are just not our cup of tea which is why we stick with employment verification. We’re into trust and reliability. When we know that you’re for real, you are practically guaranteed a date that is out of this world! Check this out:
- Screening occurs only once before meeting escort in Chicago. Awesome!
- Employment verification is mandatory

High Regard for RS2K

When it comes to Chicago verification services with good ethics and reliability, Room Service 2000 is one of the most reputable in the area. We partnered with RS2K for a good amount of time up until the point when we altered our screening method. In analyzing our data, we discovered that approximately one in 100 gentlemen were problematic in some way, shape or form. Despite the fact that RS2K hobbyist members tend to be some of the safest around, City Girls sought to close the gap of risk which led to the development of our own escort verification service. Using the employment verification method now ensures 100% safety of our members. We will always admire Room Service 2000 for their dedication and professionalism.

Doubtful About P411

Chicago City Girls has always strived for a escort verification system of infallible standards. Somewhat known escort screening service in the Chicago area, Preferred411 is a screening service that leaves room for error which does not measure up to our criterion. We simply cannot risk the safety of our club members. Unfortunately, we learned that the P411 verification process is one of uncertainty. This is how their method works: a hobbyist member gives a provider his P411 ID. The provider then searches from her computer in the P411 database to confirm his identity. Most Chicago independent escorts at this point will continue to set an engagement with the hobbyist, including details of their meeting location. Other providers more heedful of their personal safety will send a private message to the P411 member to further confirm the identity of the hobbyist. Because P411 requires only the first name of the hobbyist in his profile, some providers will ask for his photo identification upon meeting. But how is the provider able to confirm the hobbyist’s identity knowing only his first name? Who is to say that he is not impersonating another person with the same first name since his last name was never disclosed on the Preferred411 site? If the man is a fraud, her safety is now endangered. Forgot Us

Comparable to Preferred 411, Date Check is a verification service for escorts that we attempted to sign up for quite some time ago. After experiencing a glitch in their system, our efforts to register were not successful. We attempted many times to reach Date Check customer service but had no luck. Over time our verification policies for hobbyists changed anyway so we ended our attempts at making friends with Date Check.

VIP Membership is the Ultimate

Once you’re in, you’re in! After your first date with Chicago escort, you are automatically eligible for VIP status. When we hear sweet nothings from your date that your encounter was fabulous, we’ll be thrilled to upgrade your membership to VIP. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Reflecting Upon Eros Chicago

Local Chicago hobbyists looking for sensual fun largely frequent Eros-chicago. We used to advertise on Eros Guide until 2012 when suddenly they shut the doors on us accusing us of being competitors. Such a claim came as quite a surprise until we checked out analytics and sure enough, the assertion was true. Chicago City Girls lays claim to strikingly beautiful independent Chicago escorts that come so close to perfection it is almost impossible to believe (until you meet them). And our companions are so talented it is no wonder Chicago City Girls is making its mark in the Chicago area.

Our X-Friend The Erotic Review

A well known escort review board in the Chicago area, TER remains as one of the go-to forums for escort reviews. In early 2016, The Erotic Review decided to ban City Girls club from its website without so much as an acknowledgment that they were doing so. A little dumbfounded, we quickly regained our composure after hearsay that the banning was due to maintaining our own escort review system on our website. But City Girls stands tall and was not about to take down our reviews page in order to appease and get back on their website. To the contrary. Only looking forward, we befriended Best GFE and discovered the silver lining in the TER breakup. The Erotic Review is no longer the elephant in the room. We hear regularly of independent escorts n Chicago and other Chicago escort agencies who have been pushed around by TER and realize that consequences can be devastating. If you have endured an unfavorable experience with TER, we would be happy to communicate and share how not only did City Girls break away from TheEroticRreview but go on to newfound success without them. Below is a short satirical video that we produced shortly after the incident.

Our Good Buddies, BestGFE

As the only third party with whom Chicago City Girls associates, Chicago Best GFE is a rising star. Our club members support to bolster their presence in the Chicago adult industry. A while back, they entered into a sales transition with that was unsuccessful. Best GFE bounced back and has been gaining in popularity ever since. As staunch supporters, we recommend all of our club members to post their escort reviews of Chicago visiting escorts on Best GFE rather than TER.

We’ll Take a Pass with GFEClub

Here at Chicago City Girls, we really are team players but seems GFE Club thought otherwise. We were cut off for not following the rules which was sort of bewildering. Our management team is more about finding solutions to the betterment of all but that was not the case. It seems that Chicago is doing just fine without the presence of GFE Club. We ask all of our club members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

ECCIE is a Little Lonely

Granted, we like their website but are not jumping up and down about the superfluous banners and pesky popups. When it comes to escort advertising rules, we were faced with limitations galore. ECCIE limited us to five posts in five cities which only addressed 25% of the areas in which we wanted to advertise. After advertising our indepedent escorts on Chicago escort ads section for a while, we learned that our efforts did not pay off. After contacting the ECCIE administrative team about custom tailoring an advertising campaign, we were rejected. When we turned around, Best GFE was there for us with open arms, tons of flexibility and a desire to work together. Needless to say, we like all of our club members to post their escort reviews not on ECCIE but with Best GFE.

Look Out for Backpage

Though Chicago Backpage is frequented by local Chicago hobbyists we are unsure of the safety level. If security in protecting your well being are of any importance, it is probably better to check out Chicago City Girls. Backpage Chicago is for those who prefer scheduling their dates without any guaranteed protection. Why not book your engagement with a escort dating club backed by a stellar reputation that rules out theft, crime and arrest?

Dating Ideas in Chicago with independent call girl

For the ultimate escort dating experience, why not start off the evening by hitting the Magnificent Mile, Chicago’s premier shopping destination? Even Ferris Bueller would be speechless if he saw your IL companion adorned in a satin evening gown hugging her lean curves. Or, perhaps you’d like to get your party started by kicking it up a few notches at VIP’s Gentlemen’s Club. The evening is sure to progress into some heated activity of epic proportion!

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If you’re a drop dead gorgeous female escort in Chicago IL with a glowing personality and a penchant for travel and making lots of money, you’ve got to give us a call. The only question you’ll ask is: why didn’t I call City Girls sooner?

Chicago Independent Escorts, City Girls is Your New Best Friend

Joining City Girls is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and your birthday all wrapped up into one shiny gift. How can a lady resist? We’re crazy about trust and safety which is one reason why all our members love us. Joining CG Club is like having your own business because you get to stay independent with all the perks of having a management team. Set your own schedule while gaining from our marketing perks. And Highly Secured Call Center always has your back. Ready for more? Call us!