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Spilling over with erotic decadence is City Girls of Des Moines with fine independent escorts that are downright magnificent. All of our models are a hobbyist’s dream because City Girls does sexiness like nobody’s business. For Des Moines gents, City Girls is a way of [private] life. Are you ready to get your thrills? Think of our photo galleries and escorts reviews as a virtual cheat sheet to pleasure. Brace yourself for pulsating reviews and rates that will cause you to book a date immediately. But first, truck on over to for super racey reviews. Yowser!

The CG Mailing List is a Legacy in its Own Right

A list that started from one has since grown into thousands of nationwide hobbyists eager to fulfill their intimate needs with any of our touring independent escorts. These Iowan gents shutter with joy whenever a CG email pop into their inboxes. Pictures and details of amorous muses moist with desire love coming to Iowa to visit their gentlemen friends. We take pride in Highly Secured Call Center that guards your safety so you can get wild and crazy in the best of ways. Consider these details:

- Don’t delay! Our Des Moines independent escorts are incredibly popular and schedule quickly
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- Need a recommendation? Check our reviews page!
Your inbox is about to explode! Be sure to check those email alerts frequently so that you don’t miss a single tour date

Can’t resist? Sign up now for our mailing list. Be sure to check out our ‘Specials’ page where incredible deals are waiting to happen.

Your Discretion Protected

At Des Moines City Girls, our cyber experts take every measure to ensure your safety so that you can indulge with romantic abandon. Why worry about security and privacy when we take care of all those details for you? We start by securing your data by using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.
Now is the time to take the plunge. Operators are standing by at the ‘Appointments’ desk where you can join at the top of this page. Be very excited! Once we receive your date request, expect an automated call back outlining all of the details of your epic engagement.

Verification, Your Initiation into Membership

When it comes to private dating, our Club members take confidence in mutual trust because that is key to the ultimate in fine dating. At Des Moines City Girls, we rely exclusively on employment verification as our sole source of screening because it works like a charm. Consider these pointers:

Employment verification is a one-time process. Excellent!
Successful screening equals acceptance into the Club

Musing on RS2K

We relished the time that we worked with Room Service 2000. This forum scores at the top of the list among all others. At some point, as Des Moines City Girls became extremely busy, a pattern began to emerge. Every now and then, a problematic member would arise causing us to question their verification. Eventually, the time came for us to part ways with RS2K and establish our own in-house employment verification system to ensure 100% trust. Our method has worked beautifully ever since. Many thanks to Room Service 2000!

Wary of Preferred 411

Unfortunately, we found little merit in the P411 screening system. With all due respect for its members who trust the system, we discovered a flaw that could not be overlooked. The process begins when a gentleman reaches out to an independent escort by giving her his first name and P411 ID. After she has confirmed his information within the P411 database, she schedules a date and discloses a location. With so little information to go by, a more cautious companion will send a direct message to the hobbyist requesting to know his last name and view his photo identification upon meeting. Here is where the danger begins. There is always a possibility that this hobbyist is a fraud and hacked into the P411 system only to steal the identity of another hobbyist with the same first name. Now, the provider is at the mercy of the imposter, only hoping that he comes through with an accurate photo ID. Such is not a thorough screening method and one that Des Moines City Girls just couldn’t accept.

Forget About Date Check

Rather bizarre was our experience (or lack of it) with Date Check. Following the simple procedure of submitting an online application, our efforts were met with a technical error. Three years and several attempts later, Des Moines City Girls had no luck reaching customer service. Best GFE stepped into the picture and eliminated the need for Date Check. All of our VIP members now post their reviews on Best GFE.

Get VIP Membership for First-Rate Dating

Open the doors to a whole new world of intimacy when you achieve VIP status. The ultimate in ravishing independent escorts are waiting to shower you with the attention that you deserve. Getting there is easy. First, complete the employment verification process; second, engage in your initial encounter. After your date informs us of what a dashing gentleman you were, VIP status will be granted. Des Moines City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Shines in the Capital of Iowa

City Girls resounds in Polk County as the most respected adult dating club alongside Eros of Des Moines. We have earned a reputation of trust, quality and consistency. It’s no wonder Eros banned us from their website in 2012. While the action came as somewhat of a shock, our analytics told us otherwise. In fact, business was accelerating at a rapid pace. We got over the Eros incident rather quickly and advanced to new opportunities.

Getting Over The Erotic Review

As the leading adult community of escorts, hobbyists and service providers, TER asserts a strong presence in Des Moines. Neck and neck is City Girls with raving beauties that promise exceptional passion. There is a stigma attached to TER in that members participating in the forum risk exploitation or expulsion on a whim. How scary is that? It is especially threatening for independent escorts whose businesses rely solely on TER traffic. Des Moines City Girls got bullied by TER. They kicked us off the site literally overnight along with all of our escort profiles and reviews. Only a rumor suggested that they didn’t like our own internal review system and might want us to take it down to regain our membership. Not. City Girls doesn’t play that way. TER’s vicious act was worthy of a satirical video which we whipped together for kicks. You can view it below. Fast forward to the present and business without The Erotic Review has never been better. What a relief! Best GFE emerged onto the scene. We just love working with ethical folks. In fact, so do all of our VIP members which is why they post all of their reviews on Best GFE.

Best GFE is the Better Choice

In short, Best GFE of Des Moines is an amazing adult community where everyone gets along. Best GFE makes the grade and is the only third party with whom we choose to work. Some time ago, they entered into a sales transaction with GFE Club and almost sold the forum. However, they never reached a meeting of the minds and Best GFE walked away from the deal. That was a smart decision because since then Best GFE has progressed to earn widespread popularity. Our VIP members frequent the forum on a regular basis and post all their escort reviews on Best GFE.

GFE Club Had a Bone to Pick

It was business as usual, advertising on the GFE Club website. Then, one day City Girls of Des Moines was banned for reasons apparently related to a violation of terms and conditions. Obviously, GFE Club had an issue with us but offered no feedback when we inquired. Since then, we got acquainted with Best GFE where all of our VIP members now post their reviews.

Parting Ways with ECCIE

The ECCIE community is one that we frequented for awhile and experimented with an advertising campaign. Our independent escorts tour all over the nation with exposure in up to fifteen cities on a regular basis. Marketing on the ECCIE site limited us to five cities, a far cry from our normal rate. Needless to say, results were mediocre at best. Couple that with the glitzy layout of the ECCIE website and City Girls of Des Moines was not a happy camper. After ECCIE declined our request to customize a marketing campaign for which we would have happily paid, it was time to make other arrangements. Best GFE conveniently stepped up to the plate and accommodated all of our needs. Our VIP members love the forum and post all of their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Backpage Does Not Have Your Back

The fast food of dating, Des Moines Backpage might appeal to some for its quick style of instant access to escorts. But there is a price to pay for all of that convenience. For starters, your independent escort might not look like her pictures; theft is always a risk; as a provider, your date might turn out to be law enforcement; someone could get assaulted. At City Girls of Des Moines, safety is at the top of our list, something that is nowhere to be found on Backpage. If you value your world and like to date independent escorts that look ten times better than their pictures, City Girls is the Club for you.

Entertaining Your Escort in Des Moines

For an evening of posh romance begin the escapade at 801 Chophouse of Des Moines with a juicy steak the size of your thigh. Your date will be regaled to the hilt in a cocktail dress that flatters every last curve of her delicious body. Kick up your heels at Beach Girls Bar for some spicy adult entertainment with dancers that just might find your date as attractive as you do.

Calling All Independent Escorts of Des Moines!

What is a portrait of the ideal City Girl? You are a muse of perfection with a spectacular body, charismatic personality, irresistible charm and a sensual side that every man recognizes. You have a carefree disposition that loves to travel and is not afraid to meet new friends. If you are smiling, then all you need is a referral from one of our Club members or a reputable provider whom we know.

Only the Best Escorts Come to City Girls

Are you ready for the time of your life? Backed by Des Moines City Girls, you are a ravishing independent escort about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime! And what better way to make lasting memories than with a bulging bank account? Ask around and anyone who’s anyone will affirm that City Girls is the last trusted resource for independent escorts that wish to work in a safe environment while meeting quality friends. What’s more, our very own Highly Secured Call Center is at your beck and call to coordinate your schedule and travel itinerary. Are we wowing you? Is so, call us right now!