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Piedmont Park is to Atlanta what City Girls is to hobbyists. In the Gate City of the South, gentlemen flock to City Girls for unearthly beauties in the form of independent escorts. In The ATL, City Girls is about as commonplace as Coca-cola, Delta Airlines and UPS. Feast your eyes upon a plethora of stunning vixens in our photo galleries where you will find delicious details about your favorite escorts. Don’t miss our incredible rates and tasty reviews that will call upon the man in you. Want more? is flush with detailed escort reviews that will have your boxers in a knot!

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We promise that soon you will be addicted to our emails for all of the picturesque morsels of information soon to frequent your inbox. It really is the best way to stay informed about all of the fine, independent escorts coming to Atlanta. As you are tempted to book an appointment, remember that Highly Secured Call Center is on top of all safety factors so that you can schedule in peace. Be aware of the following:

- Wait too long to book an encounter with any of our A-town escorts and you miss out. Book fast!
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Ready for some Southern hospitality, City Girls’ style? Point your cursor to the mailing list button and get ready to rock your world! Pay attention to our ‘Specials’ page for deals that will have you shaking in your boots.

City Girls is a Haven of Security

We care as much about your safety as we do about the quality of your entertainment. Because the two go hand-in-hand, our staff of computer gurus work around the clock to keep our website safeguarded just for you. It all begins with your data being secured using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner.

Whatya say, big guy? Fulfilling those secret fantasies is a click away via the ‘Appointments’ button where you can request your first encounter. Be ready to receive an automated call back listing all details of your date. How totally awesome!

Employment Verification is the Only Way to Go

Confidence in our Club members begins with a screening process that leads to trusted dating between hobbyists and independent escorts. Atlanta City Girls employment verification is key to it all. Keep these tidbits in mind:

- One-time verification means that the process occurs only once
- Verification is the key to membership

Remembering Room Service 2000

Of all the forums in the world of adult entertainment, RS2K impressed us the most. After working with RS2K for quite some time, we noticed the occasional member that jeopardized the safety of our independent escorts. After some analysis, we learned that not all screening methods are fail proof. With a desire to close the margin of error, we decided it was best to part ways with RS2K and launch our own internal employment verification service. It was an excellent decision that has proven 100% accuracy with every member. Here at City Girls, we will always remember RS2K.

Misgivings About P411

Preferred 411 is perhaps one of the most widely known screening services in the adult industry. Atlanta City Girls worked with P411 until we became apprehensive about their verification method. The process begins when a hobbyist sends a message to a provider through the Preferred 411 system, giving her his first name and P411 ID. After the escort has confirmed his information via the P411 database, she schedules an engagement and arranges a meeting location. The risk here is that with so limited knowledge, how is she to know if this man is genuine or in fact a fraud impersonating another P411 hobbyist with the same first name? This situation has occurred before. The independent escort may opt to take matters a step further by sending the hobbyist a direct message asking for his last name and proof of photo identification when they meet. However, the risk remains in that she must actually meet the hobbyist to confirm his identity. The whole process defeats the purpose since she is now susceptible to danger. While the P411 method is acceptable, there is always a chance that a random person can hack into the database in order to assume the identity of another hobbyist member. In an effort to implement a higher standard of screening, Atlanta City Girls discontinued association with Preferred411.

Slighted by Date Check

Was it something we said? After attempting an online application submission to Date Check, we encountered a computer error and the transaction remained incomplete. Three years later, City Girls of Atlanta was unable to reach customer service at Date Check after numerous efforts. The odd occurrence left us wondering until the day we met Best GFE. Then, we forgot all about Date Check. We request all of our VIP members to post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Go For the Gold with VIP Membership

Discover the Shangri La of all romantic dating through Atlanta City Girls’ VIP membership. Our cherished independent escorts reflect the true definition of perfection. Achieving VIP status begins with your first date following successful employment verification. After your independent escort attests to your genteel demeanor and respectful behavior, we will be delighted to grant VIP status. Atlanta City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Prevails in Atlanta

We can safely say that hobbyists view City Girls as the promise land of all things erotic. Eros of Atlanta will always have a presence in the lives of pleasure-seeking gents. When those same gents long for the nirvana of independent escorts in all their splendor, City Girls reigns in Atlanta. Prior to 2012, we advertised on Atlanta Eros. That era came to an end when they canceled our membership for reasons related to competition. Admittedly, our statistics were pretty strong because City Girls’ rankings had definitely increased. Since then, our momentum has catapulted even without exposure through Eros.

Drama with TER

Undeniably, TER of Atlanta enjoys a robust following as it does nationwide. But ask around the adult community and sooner or later you will get an earful about the dark side of TER. The Erotic Review has a tendency to get a bit tyrannical with its members and Atlanta City Girls was no exception. For some time, we enjoyed prominence within the TER community and always followed the rules. The Erotic Review disagreed when they closed our account and all associated escort profiles and reviews. Rumors suggested that it was due to our own internal review system which we had no intention of taking down. Disturbed by the matter and lack of morals and professionalism on the part of TER, we decided to produce a little movie about the affair. You can view it below. We have never looked back at The Erotic Review, choosing instead to dance to the beat of our own tune. After discovering the amazing Best GFE, all of our VIP members post their escort reviews in this forum above and beyond TER.

Best GFE, a Dream Come True

Befriending Best GFE of Atlanta was like discovering a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Atlanta City Girls is thrilled by excellence and Best GFE is about as close as it gets. They are the only third party forum with whom we associate. We were quite relieved when a sales transaction with GFE Club failed. Some mergers are just not meant to be. Best GFE is rapidly building notoriety in the adult industry and we are proud to be associated with this awesome forum. Our VIP members feel the same which is why they all post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Dismissed by GFE Club

Atlanta City Girls is all about compliance and doing the right thing. Apparently, GFE Club did not feel the same when they rescinded our membership for reasons related to a violation of terms and conditions. Naturally, we tried to rectify the situation but GFE Club wouldn’t have it. Rather perplexed, we looked to other third party resources and found Best GFE. Our VIP members love the forum and post all of their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Withdrawing From ECCIE

Our experience with the folks at ECCIE was pleasant though we weren’t nuts about their twinkling website abound with popups and banners. Our approach to advertising differed in that City Girls requires a regular presence in up to fifteen cities while ECCIE only offers a presence in five cities. Consequently, our advertising results fell short of our expectations. ECCIE was not interested in entertaining a customized marketing program for which we would have gladly paid. Finally, we carried on only to meet Best GFE, an incredible forum where our VIP members now post all of their escort reviews.

Backpage, a Clear and Present Danger

The proof is in the pudding with horror stories involving independent escorts and hobbyists. All for the sake of an immediate encounter, folks risk theft, arrest and even their lives. Backpage is void of accountability, subscribing to an ‘anything goes’ platform of dating totally opposite of Atlanta City Girls. Once hobbyists get a flavor for our raving beauties, they always come back to City Girls when only the best in independent escorts will do.

Amusing Your Date in Atlanta

When it’s time for some super naughty fun, truck on over to Magic City, Atlanta’s premier strip club. The dancers sport wildly sexy bodies during arousing performances that will wet the palette of your date for sure. Perhaps building a slow romance over an intimate dinner is more desirable. Sleek and steady goes Ecco European Restaurant where the ambience is bustling enough that no one will notice when your date fondles you underneath the table. Yowsa!

Voluptuous Independent Escorts Flock to City Girls

You are a knockout excuse of a lady that radiates sensuality no man can deny. With a killer body that stops traffic and a bubbly personality that lights up anybody’s day, you are the consummate CG independent escort. To join the Club all you need is a referral from one of our VIP members or a reference from a reputable independent escort that we know.

City Girls is the Archetype for Independent Escorts Who Seek the Best

Looking for a safe haven of a private Club where you can let your hair down and entertain your gentlemen friends in a safe environment? Independent escorts of the highest caliber rely upon the esteemed City Girls of Atlanta for adventurous travel while making an awesome income. The best part is Highly Secured Call Center that practically holds your hand while coordinating your tours and appointments. What better way to enjoy life?!