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Sunny, palm-lined streets and frothy margaritas really get your groove going in this waterfront mecca. All around reign gorgeous, independent West Palm Beach escorts dotting the beaches in little more than bronze tans and string bikinis - is your mouth watering yet? It should be because WPB City Girls imports their escorts straight from heaven - no middle man here! Breathtaking views of the Atlantic aren’t the only eye candy happening in this vibrant, sun-kissed city. For a preview of these majestic beauties tempt the possibilities by viewing luscious images, rates and VIP feedback of these professional models. Want more? Log in to TheEroticReview, and for ratings and escort reviews that will have you scheduling a date in no time.

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Booking an Appointment is Easy

Our emphasis is on securitizing your personal data using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Click ‘Appointments’ on the tab at the top of this page to get the ball rolling. After your request has been received and processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your appointment.

About the Verification Process

City Girls uses the employment verification method for its authenticity. CG does not partake in other third party screening methods commonly used in the hobbying world. We’re a bit old fashioned about verification, relying on our own efforts to ensure that our VIP members are legitimate. But once you’re in, you’re In!
- Screening is a one-time deal
- Employment verification is mandatory

RS2K Caters to the West Palm Beach Demimonde

And they do it like no one else can. West Palm Beach City Girls had the good fortune of working with the folks at Room Service 2000 prior to establishing our own internal screening system. The experience was stellar and one that we remember with only fond memories. A while after our screening service was implemented, a trend developed wherein one in every 100 gentlemen was troublesome. After evaluating or screening methods, we thought it best to eliminate all except for employment verification. It was a sound decision and one that City Girls does not regret.

P411 is MIA

Preferred 411 has not yet graced the presence of West Palm Beach. City Girls knows P411 quite well as we worked with them for a long period of time. Regrettably, what we learned about their screening method did not measure up to our standards. Within the P411 environment, a hobbyist reaches out to a provider by giving her his first name and identification handle. She in turn accesses the P411 system from her computer to confirm his information. If accurate, she schedules a date and reveals a location. Another provider will request the last name of the hobbyist and even ask to view his photo identification upon meeting. In this case, the independent escort must meet this hobbyist in person to complete the identification process. Whether or not a provider requires to confirm his identity, she throws herself right into the hands of danger in the event that the hobbyist turns out to be a fraud. At this point, anything goes including a brush with law enforcement, theft, violence or even death. Such a game is not one that City Girls was willing to play.

The Absence of Date Check

What are West Palm Beach independent escorts and hobbyists missing without the presence of Date Check? We’ll never know. City Girls was an almost-member of Date Check until our online application submission experienced an error and never went through. We tried tenaciously to reach customer service over a three-year period without any luck. Obviously, our association with Date Check was not meant to be but then Best GFE came along. Now, Best GFE is the only third party with whom we associate and we are thrilled. Consequently, all of our VIP members place their reviews on Best GFE.

Becoming a VIP Member is a Privilege

Successfully completing your first date through City Girls makes you eligible for VIP status. We’ll confirm with your date if you were the gentleman that you claim to be. When her feedback is positive, a sense of trust develops and that is what makes you eligible for VIP membership. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Has Deep Roots in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Eros is a virtual resort of independent escorts who come in every flavor imaginable. For a more unique girl friend experience, hobbyists think of City Girls for five-star dating of which there is no comparison. We had no problems with Eros and even advertised on the site extensively until the year 2012 when they terminated our membership. Purportedly, Eros felt that City Girls’ presence on their website was too competitive for their taste. Rather astonished by such a claim, we turned to our analytics for proof. Sure enough, West Palm Beach City Girls had gained a prominent foothold in the arena of adult entertainment. City Girls has built an empire of adult companionship on a foundation of customer dedication and earth shattering muses, one date at a time. Thanks, Eros for clueing us in!

TER Gets a Gold Star

The upper crust of hobbyists in West Palm Beach think of The Erotic Review for their intimate cravings. But when they desire the crème de la crème of independent escorts who take pleasure to heightened levels of delight, these gentlemen always default to West Palm Beach City Girls. We used to be friends with TER where our VIP members would post their reviews. It happened one day that TER decided to delete our profile - gone without a trace were all of our reviews and posts. Hearsay told us that it was due to maintaining our own internal review system that was grounds for our abolishment from TER. Not wishing to succumb to the domineering tactics of The Erotic Review by taking down our reviews, we accepted the closure and marched onward. In retrospect, we witnessed TER for what it really is - no longer the head honcho of adult entertainment because we have since sailed to newfound success. As a result, we beckon all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

The Ever-Increasing Presence of Best GFE

West Palm Beach Best GFE is bursting into the adult entertainment scene with unbelievable momentum. Hobbyists and independent escorts alike are doing a double take on Best GFE and this tour de force of a forum. West Palm Beach City Girls is pleased to call Best GFE the only third party forum with whom we associate. We are happy that they did not sell out to GFE Club in a transaction that was never concluded. We give a head’s up to all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

GFE Club is Nonexistent

It is safe to say that GFE Club did not rock our boat, though we advertised with them in the past. Quite out of the blue, GFE Club removed our account from their website, claiming that we had violated their terms and conditions. Though this action was curious, we approached GFE Club to reconcile. However, they were not interested and so the association ended. No worries because Best GFE came along and won our hearts. Obviously, we appeal to all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

ECCIE in Moderation

West Palm Beach City Girls will try (practically) anything once. Such was the case with ECCIE when we implemented an ad campaign despite the glitzy website. We were a bit cramped being limited to exposure in five cities when we needed a presence in at least ten cities. The cool advertising results led us to ask ECCIE if they would tailor a custom ad campaign for which we would have gladly paid. However, they were not interested and so we parted ways. Then, our world was swept away by Best GFE and we haven’t looked back. Now, we ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

Backpage is a Must for Reckless Dating

If you’ve not a care in the world and no regard for your personal safety, then by all means hit it to Backpage, the fast food of dating (nothing against fast food). For sure you’re going to get something but there are no guarantees that you’ll be safe. On the contrary, West Palm Beach City Girls comes with an implied insurance policy. Not only will your date exceed your expectations, but you can revel in the experience of a lifetime within a safety net of security. Who needs Backpage when you've got City Girls?

Elite Things to do With Your Glamorous Date

Legends Steak House of Palm Beach is your destined hot spot to launch an evening of decadent passion. After a gluttonous dinner, check out Monroe’s of Palm Beach as spectacular bombshells surround you and your smokin’ hot date in a limelight of desire. There’s no telling what kind of sexy trouble awaits!

West Palm Beach Escorts are Welcomed!

You are drop dead gorgeous and sensually talented; you love the excitement of travel, making new friends and generating a good income. Ladies, if this description sounds like you, send your application!

For Escorts, City Girls is a Trusted Ally

City Girls is a household name among independent WPB escorts who want all the perks of being independent knowing that they can rely upon a trustworthy source of business. Because CG is not West Palm Beach escort agency, you are free to set your own schedule backed by all the support needed to ensure personal success. As a West Palm Beach independent escort, membership benefits include free marketing and the support of Highly Secured Call Center who manages your scheduling, eliminating the responsibility on your part. City Girls is all about safety! With such high standards, you cannot go wrong.
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