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Tampa Escorts Guide

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No question, Tampa is Florida’s best city, hands down. Whether you’re a foodie, sports junkie, festival-goer or corporate professional, City Girls is your go-to source for escort services in Tampa area. We are the gurus of succulent bombshells that put an exclamation point at the end of your sentence! Why not enjoy a little surf and turf with your date followed by a walk on the beach? Take in a little eye candy by perusing our lovely independent Tampa escorts for a glimpse at what true bikini bodies are all about. Before you go off the sensual deep end, review their attractive donations and show stopping escort reviews. As if that wasn’t enough, navigate to The Erotic Review, GFEClub and for juicy ratings and forbidden tidbits to warm your blood before your first date.

Tampa escorts Mailing List is Bursting with Beauties

There is no shortage of hotties passing through this bustling city with visiting Tampa escorts on your team. Stay informed about our Tampa call girls by signing up for our Florida escorts mailing list. You will be the first to know, enabling you to book your date before anyone else. Our acclaimed Call Center keeps the booking process under the radar because your privacy is so important. Here are a few more tidbits:
- Pre-booking is the ticket to an earth shattering evening with a Tampa escorts
- Ask about our Loyalty Program - because we care - Need a recommendation? Check Tampa escort reviews... - You will receive periodic emails about our independent GFE escorts that are scheduled to travel to Tampa
Ready? Click the button up top ‘Mailing List’ and you’re good to go!
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Booking an Exclusive Evening with Tampa Call Girl is Hassle Free

Our emphasis is on securitizing your personal data using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Click ‘Appointments’ on the tab at the top of this page to get the ball rolling. After your request has been received and processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your appointment with GFE Tampa escort.

How to Get Verified

Why complicate things? We are all about the path of least resistance which is why we rely upon the simple yet reliable method of employment verification. It is a highly discreet process that you can trust. - Get screened only once - After successful employment verification you can book a date with Tampa escort

We Take Kindly to Room Service 2000

The good folks behind RS2K know what thorough screening is all about. Tampa City Girls was quite content working with Room Service 2000 right up until the moment that we parted ways to implement or own verification system. Working with several different methods, it finally became evident that something wasn’t working properly. Approximately one in every 100 gentlemen were problematic, a statistic with which we were not comfortable. Finally, we eliminated all forms of screening except for employment verification, an action that finally guaranteed safety for all of our City Girls’ club members. We appreciate Room Service 2000 and wish them all the best.

The Uncertainty of Preferred 411

Over the years Tampa City Girls has developed a sound reputation based on safety and discretion. Back in the days when we worked with P411 things were different. We learned that there is no such thing as a slightly safe verification system. Either a screening service is secure or it is not. Intuitively, City Girls did not feel safe with the Preferred 411 verification service. The P411 process begins when a hobbyist contacts a provider by giving her his first name only and his identification handle. The provider then accesses the P411 database from her computer to confirm the information. If it’s a match, she schedules a date and reveals a location. At this juncture is where the P411 method begins to unravel. Who’s to know whether ‘John’ did not hack into the P411 system to assume the name and profile of another hobbyist with the same name? It’s happened before. A more prudent provider will take the process a step further by sending a private message to the hobbyist asking for his last name and possibly a request to view his driver’s license when they meet. In any case, she must meet him in person to actually complete the authentication process. If the hobbyist turns out to be a fraud, she is in grave danger for now she is in his presence and at risk of violence, theft or law enforcement. This technique and no verification technique are one in the same. Clearly, City Girls needed a better verification system that guaranteed the safety of hobbyists and escorts alike.

Evaded by Date Check

The all too evasive Date Check never sat right with us starting from the moment our online application submission met with a computer error. What followed were three years of numerous attempts by Tampa City Girls to contact customer service only to receive zero response. It was a peculiar situation soon forgotten after we implemented our own verification system and met Tampa Best GFE that has impressed us ever since. As a result, we ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

A Successful Date is your Pass to VIP Membership

We want your first engagement to be a success! After your date reports back to us that you were a consummate gentleman with good hygiene, your VIP membership will be granted. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Cuts the Mustard

Tampa Eros is the buzz word amongst hobbyists and independent escorts looking for intimate fun. But when hobbyists get serious about unbelievably good times with impeccably beautiful companions, no one holds a candle to Tampa City Girls. For quite a while we advertised on Eros until they pulled the plug back in 2012 citing competitiveness as the reason. Perhaps our models are just too stunning because our statistics did indeed indicate that City Girls had risen in the ranks of popularity.

TER Dwells in the Hearts of (Some) Hobbyists

Ask enough hobbyists and independent escorts and someone is bound to frequent The Erotic Review. Though TER is notorious for bossing around an occasional member, we maintained a presence on their forum anyway. That all changed from one day to the next when they decided to remove our profile by deleting every last provider review and post related to City Girls. Apparently, TER did not like the idea of our own internal review system which we were not about to take down. Adapting to a life without TER, we made a few changes behind the scenes and went about our business only to achieve more success. Tampa City Girls learned that The Erotic Review is no longer the lifeline to business that they would have providers and hobbyists believe. We even produced a satirical video about the situation that can be viewed below. For those who have come up against TER, feel free to reach out to us for some advice. We ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Tampa Best GFE.

Honoring Best GFE

Tampa Best GFE is a champion forum that is making waves throughout the adult world. Few forums measure up to the standards of Tampa City Girls yet Best GFE has won our hearts and are the only third party with whom we associate. We were relieved that they did not sell out to GFE Club but chose to remain independent and rise to success. Subsequently, we implore all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

GFE Club Did Not Rock Our World

After advertising on GFE Club for quite some time, our account was closed due to accusations of violating their terms and conditions. Though Tampa City Girls had no idea what GFE Club was talking about, we tried to rectify the situation without luck. Later, we discovered Tampa Best GFE who was more than happy to accommodate our membership. Now, we ask all of our VIP members to post their reviews on Best GFE.

The Average ECCIE

Perhaps it is because our standards for aesthetics are quite high but Tampa City Girls was a bit peeved by the infestation of popups and blinking banners that plague the ECCIE website. From an advertising standpoint, we needed three times the exposure than what ECCIE allowed. As a result, the rewards of our efforts were weak at best. When requesting ECCIE to tailor an ad campaign that better suited our needs, we were turned down. Then, Best GFE came along and was thrilled to accommodate our business model. We are so happy with Best GFE that we implore all of our VIP members to post their reviews in their forum.

Watch Your Back on Backpage

Backpage is great for buying furniture, hiring help and locating yard sales. When it comes to professional dating, assurances are out the window except for those who like to take matters into their own hands. In contrast, Tampa City Girls is for those who prefer reliability in excellent customer service, sensational beauties and ironclad discretion.

Indulge Your Date in Some Sinful Tampa Nightlife

Accompany your independent escort to Tampa’s Secrets and be sure to check out the hookah lounge. Surrounded by succulent beings of decadence, your curvaceous muse is sure to get aroused by all that femininity. Who knows? Maybe one of them will join the fun in the privacy of your hotel suite!

Attention Independent Tampa Girls!

You know who you are. You’ve got a lean body that doesn’t quit, gorgeous features and a bubbly personality; making new friends excites you as does traveling especially when it involves making lots of money. If the description fits, give Tampa City Girls a call!

Escort Girls Who Want to Join City Girls

Trust, reliability and discretion are words that describe your relationship with City Girls. We support our independent Tampa escorts because we want you to be successful! You will always retain your independence but with the backing of Highly Secured Call Center that books your appointments and manages your schedule. It’s the best of both worlds! When you don’t have to think about all of those time consuming details, your mind is free to have fun and entertain your clients.