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  • Sep 14
  • Lola's tour has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Sep 14
  • Miami companion Lola will be more likely visiting Miami on Sep 14 Visit isn't yet confirmed. Right after it will be confirmed, you may proceed and email for a scheduled appointment. Come back for possible future updates, or follow us on twitter.

  • Sep 03
  • Lola's tour has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Sep 03
  • Miami GFE escort Lola a short while ago arrived to Miami. Send in your meeting request to be her first visitor.

  • Sep 03
  • Miami companion Lola's tour is now approved. You may make a request for a visit now

  • Sep 03
  • Miami independent escort Lola preparing to stop by Miami on Sep 03 This trip is waiting for approval, before appointment can be booked. Return for future updates, or follow us on twitter.

  • Feb 04
  • Lola's tour has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Feb 04
  • Miami escort Lola's tour's status is changed to: Approved. You can request a meeting now

  • Feb 04
  • Miami independent escort Lola will be more likely visiting Miami on Feb 04 Journey is not yet confirmed. When it will be confirmed, you'll be able to move ahead and call for an arrangement. Return for possible future updates, or follow us on twitter.

  • Aug 16
  • Lola's tour has been canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome to Miami Escorts Guide by City Girls!

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In the trendsetting city of Miami, City Girls is famed for bronzed beach babes who moonlight as Miami call girls. These glamorous hotties regularly dazzle their gentlemen friends with head-turning bodies the likes of which you’ve simply got to see (and feel) to believe. Whether you reside in South Florida or are passing through, no holiday or business trip is complete without an evening spent with one of our irresistibly gorgeous Miami FL escorts. To wet your sensual whistle, why not take a peek at their donations? You’ll be amazed how a couple of hours with one of our escorts in Miami FL fits right into your budget. Now that you’re all hot and bothered, persue TheEroticReview, GFEClub and for goldstar ratings and escort reviews of information that will have you climbing through our phone lines.

Sign Up for Miami Independent Escorts Mailing List and Stay Up-to-Date

With so many daringly sexy Miami escorts, it’s no wonder that our seductive Miami escort girls tend to book fast when touring through the cruise capital of the world. This is one reason why signing up for our Call Girls Miami mailing list is a must for the gent who wants to spend time with our succulent treasures. Find out real time which GFE Miami escorts are coming your way and then book your appointment through Call Center. Remember that discretion is our middle name. Keep these tidbits in mind:
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Now that you’re frothing at the mouth, click the button at the top of this page ‘Mailing List’ and you’ll be good to go. And don’t forget to regularly check our ‘Specials’, that yellow button up above. You’ll be glad you did!

When Booking an Engagement with independent escorts in Miami Security is Our Mantra

It’s true what you’ve heard about Miami City Girls - that the user experience of scheduling your date is incredibly seamless. Our technical masters are constantly tinkering in the background with our security system in the name of your privacy. Your personal data is secured using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Ready? Click ‘Appointments’ at the top of this page to get the ball rolling. After your request has been received and processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your appointment with independent Miami escorts.

The Verification Process is Easy Peasy

We are pretty vanilla when it comes to the screening process. We do it the old fashioned way through employment verification. That way, no outside third parties get in the way of your privacy. When your identity is confirmed, let loose the reins of fun and rip-roaring passion! Head’s up:
- Screening is a one-time process. Yay!
- Employment verification is a must.

Complements for RS2K

Here at Miami City Girls, we appreciate our friends and Room Service 2000 is most certainly one of them. Prior to establishing our escort review page, we associated with RS2K, an awesome hobbyist verification service. After some time, we detected a pattern in our screening process indicating that about one in every 100 RS2K members was questionable. While that statistic may seem low, it was totally unacceptable to us. Miami City Girls maintains a fortress of safety and this fact served as a rock in our shoe. Finally, we took measures to eliminate all forms of escort screening, save employment verification, the ultimate in authenticating a club member. The results have paid off! Hats off to RS2K.

P411 and The Aura of Uncertainty

Perhaps our standards are too high. However, Miami City Girls believes that no cap should limit safety. But that was just our experience with Preferred 411. Their process begins when a hobbyist reaches out to an escort by giving her his first name (only) and his P411 ID. She then accesses the P411 database to confirm his information. If all is consistent, she sets the date and reveals a location. A more prudent independent escort will take the process a step further by sending a private message to the hobbyist, asking for his last name and a request to confirm his identity by viewing his driver’s license upon meeting. In either case, here is a loophole. What if ‘Jerry Johnson’ hacked into the P411 system (it’s has happened) and assumed the name of ‘Jerry Jones’? Verifying this important detail should be completed in advance, not face-to-face at which point any discrepancy firmly places independent escort in the hands of danger. This defective process that can have serious consequences of which we wanted no part.

Date Check Shunned City Girls

It is possible that Date Check didn’t like us and that is why they never responded to our requests for assistance in applying for membership. Are we being paranoid? It’s doubtful. The situation began when attempting to submit their online application unsuccessfully. After attempting to reach the admin team over a three year period, we gave up.

VIP Membership is the Cat’s Meow

Once you’re in, you’re in! After your first date, you are automatically eligible for VIP status. When we hear sweet nothings from your date that your encounter was fabulous, we’ll be thrilled to upgrade your membership to VIP. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Miami is Muy Caliente

Eros Miami has a firm grip on The 305 with hobbyists who regularly peruse their site. We associated with Eros Guide until the year 2012 when we were expelled from the site. It’s not that we did anything wrong. Rather, viewed us as competitors. As it turned out, our analytics did suggest that City Girls was rapidly gaining in the ranks. What causes Miami City Girls to stand out above the rest is our implied guarantee of unbelievable stunners who wrote the book on sensual entertainment. Now that’s worth the exclusion!

TER Wins the Popularity Prize

The Erotic Review is front row center in the Party City where hobbyists flock to dabble in their forum. But be careful, lest you get burned! Miami City Girls was not the first to be removed from the TER. The Erotic Review decided to delete every last escort review and post associated with City Girls for reasons pointing to our own internal erotic review system. While this abrupt occurrence took us by surprise, we were not about to discontinue our escort review page for the sake of TER. We took the action as an omen and moved on. What a blessing in disguise! After partnering with Best GFE, we realized that The Erotic Review is no longer the big kid on the block. In fact, we were inspired to produce a short satire that depicts the situation that can be viewed below. To any provider or escort agency in Miami, who has endured the rage of TER, feel free to reach out for a bit of sound advice. Now, we beckon all of our VIP members to post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Best GFE is Poised for Success

An escort forum the likes of Best GFE can only be headed for stardom. City Girls has discovered a gem of an associate and would be thrilled to see Best GFE take off across the nation. At some point, opted to sell to GFE Club but the transaction was never consummated. Since then Best GFE has increased in popularity with promises of a bright future. Because of our confidence, we ask all of our VIP members to post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

GFE Club Was Not in the Cards

When a situation does not quite make sense, you know something’s wrong. City Girls had a presence on GFE Club until the day that they banned us, claiming that had violated their escort ad rules. We never did receive a clear explanation or any response when attempting to resolve the matter. Politics, maybe? Nonetheless, we found Best GFE and soon forgot about GFE Club. Now, we implore all of our VIP members to post their escorts reviews on Best GFE.

ECCIE is a Trite Bit Famous

Every forum has their niche. If you ask enough folks in the industry, eventually you’ll find a few hobbyists or escorts who are familiar with ECCIE. Here at City Girls, we couldn’t decide if it was the myriad of blinking banners and popups or the mediocre escort advertising results that mattered most. For reasons only ECCIE knows, their escort advertising guidelines are limited to a maximum of five geographic areas. That’s fine for others but City Girls has a much broader presence since we tour in multiple cities. We approached the folks at ECCIE to consider customizing an escort ad campaign to accommodate our needs for which we would gladly pay. But they weren’t interested so this chapter came to a close. Since we now associate with Best GFE, we appreciate all of our VIP members who post reviews exclusively in this forum

Backpage is Actually the Big, Bad Wolf

Looks can be deceiving. And dangerous. It is conceivable that you could go on Backpage and schedule a date within an hour. For the hobbyist or provider who has no interest in risk guarantee, Backpage is absolutely perfect. However, be ready for the unknown because that’s exactly what you’ll face. Oh, she doesn’t look like her pictures? Oops! You had a brush with law enforcement? Worse, your wallet was stolen (even before all the fun began) or you ended up with a shiner? None of those living nightmares exist with Miami City Girls which is a major factor to be considered among our club members. At City Girls, we promise and we deliver.

Spoil Your Date with Miami Glitz

Check into an ocean view suite at The Miami Beach Edition for some sensual elegance and a lot of TLC. Located slightly off the main drag, you two lovebirds can lounge in privacy before you indulge your inner gourmand over cocktails and appetizers poolside en el Tropicale. Be sure to mind your manners, big fella, when your date reveals those magnificent curves and lean legs in the tiniest of bikinis atop mile high mules. Oh, the fun of it!

Are You a Miami escort girl Who Wants to Become a Miami Independent Escort?

You’ve got the makings to become a diamond of a companion and everybody knows it. You are a resolutely stunning lady with a dynamite personality and carnal prowess that will blow a man’s top. What’s more, you love to travel and make oodles of cash. If you meet the description, give us a jingle! We’d love to have you join the Club.

Our Doors are Open to Miami Independent Escorts

With all the buzz about how amazing it is to be associated with City Girls, how can you not join our Club? We are huge on trust, safety and reliability which are just a few reasons why we’ve been around for a while. As a Miami independent escort with City Girls, you get the best of both worlds - the independence of running your own business but with a support and management team second to none. Set your own schedule while taking advantage of our marketing perks, knowing that Highly Secured Call Center is always looking out for you. Sound good? Give us a call!