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Did we do something to put a crimp in your day? Or maybe you have only praise for us. Either way, what will make you fall in you love with City Girls over and over again? We want to hear.

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If it means providing a better experience for our VIP members then taking the not-so-good with the great can only lead to excellence, right? As a result, maybe you’ll become a City Girls’ devotee, a devout pilgrim of intimacy that walks down a one-way path toward our heavenly creatures of sensuality every time the opportunity strikes. A few scenarios of your feedback:

• The incredible CG website could use a bit more of this and a little less of that
• She was in a bit of a funk which tainted our time together
• That Call Center lady wasn’t very accommodating

About that bad experience you had with City Girls

We cringe at the thought that one of our valued VIP members had anything less than a stellar encounter with one of our independent escorts - or equally dreadful - with our administrative staff or call center. Anyone can have a bad hair day but we want our VIP members to have only glowing thoughts of City Girls. Life isn’t perfect so we want to listen to what you, oh prized VIP member, has to tell us. Go ahead and spill the beans. Purge your soul. We are all ears.

A gift card is waiting for you!

We are here to incentivize because attracting men with pleasure can only yield positive results. That is why we have gift cards stashed up our sleeves for those whose feedback or suggestions are constructive enough to implement into the CG structure.

• Got valuable tips? Speak up!
• Had an earth-shattering experience the likes of which could improve encounters for your peers? Hail to all!
• Does the CG website need another feature? Do tell...

What separates City Girls from the competition?

City Girls wants your experiences with our independent escorts to be amazing which is why we strive to come as close to excellence as humanly possible. Because it is impossible for us to guarantee perfection of every single encounter, your prized feedback is most welcome. At the end of the day, it is your satisfaction that counts.

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