Notice of Copyright Infringement

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 protects the rights of copyright holders by overseeing all copyright infringement complaints of an individual or entity that has legal control of copyrighted material such as images or content. Copyright infringement includes copying, redistributing or downloading of photos, content, etc. without express permission of the copyright owner.

If you are a copyright holder, or representative of a copyright holder and feel that our website has pirated or otherwise wrongfully posted your material here and you would like to file a complaint, please see ‘DMCA Notice’ below and follow the instructions.

For non copyright holders (you do not own any copyrighted material) who have knowledge of or are of the belief that any of our photos are wrongly posted (i.e., they do not belong to the advertiser but someone else), please click on the link labeled "Photo Complaint" below.

Please include with your submission any proof such as links, screenshots or any other corresponding information that supports copyright infringement of said material. We will promptly examine your case and take appropriate action. Be aware that we must be able to determine beyond a doubt that the imagery in question is unrightfully owned by the advertiser in order to take it down. Therefore, the more information provided, the better.

DMCA Notice
All DMCA notifications should be sent to the following address:

Eliton Foundation
Building 34-44 Cuba Ave
Panama City
Bella Vista
10001, Panama
We are all about legal compliance and welcome queries and complaints. Please be aware that City Girls has received numerous DMCA complaints that have been unfounded. Subsequently, we have not taken legal action against those who have abused the DMCA notice or otherwise negated the DMCA takedown policy. We reserve the right to pursue claims in a court of law against individuals or entities that cause infractions against our company including damages and/or legal fees resulting from fraudulent or abusive DMCA complaints.

To ensure that all DMCA complaints are viable, all such claims must be sent to the above address utilizing the attached form, completed in its entirety.

Eliton Foundation, reserves the right to contact all individuals or entities who file DMCA complaints to aid in confirmation of the complaint to ensure that it is sent in conformance with all applicable federal laws.

We thank you kindly for your cooperation.