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  • Nov 22
  • Virginia is leaving Hartford the next day, and today is last day she is in Hartford. Don't miss your chance.

  • Nov 21
  • Hartford escort Virginia recently arrived to Hartford. Send your appointment request now to be able to get her first date.

  • Nov 16
  • Today is the last day call girl Celia is in Hartford . Hurry up and check if there is still any available time left

  • Nov 07
  • Aphrodite is departing Hartford tomorrow, and today is last day she is in Hartford. Don't miss out on your chance.

  • Nov 06
  • Hartford independent escort Aphrodite most recently arrived to Hartford. Send in your appointment request now to be able to get her first date.

  • Nov 05
  • Hartford companion Virginia's tour's status is changed to: Approved. You can submit request for date now

  • Nov 05
  • Hartford escort Virginia will be more likely visiting Hartford on Nov 21 - Nov 22 This journey is waiting for approval, before appointment can be booked. Check back for upcoming updates, or follow us on twitter.

  • Nov 05
  • Hartford independent escort Baby's tour's status is changed to: Approved. You may make a request for a meeting now

  • Nov 05
  • Hartford independent escort Baby preparing to visit Hartford on Dec 15 - Dec 16 This journey is waiting for approval, prior to appointment can be booked. Return for possible future updates, or follow us on twitter.

  • Nov 04
  • Today is the very last day independent escort Samantha is in Hartford . Stop wasting time and check out if there's still anything left

Alluring Hartford escorts Make History

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Things can get a little dry in the insurance capital of the world. Hartford City Girls is shaking it up with ecstatically gorgeous escorts in Hartford! You don’t have to drink to get drunk on desire for these heavenly creatures. Jazz up your day by taking a peak at flaming hot photos of our Hartford CT escorts. Then, check out their rates and VIP comments of escort girls CT while fantasies run wild in your mind. As your temperature rises dreaming of a date with one of our escorts in Hartford CT, know that City Girls customer service is waiting to lay out the red carpet with unforgettable attention. Until then, feel alive by logging in to TheEroticReview, GFEClub and Best GFE for erotic stories that will shake your soul!

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Hartford City Girls is going to take care of you. We will lay all of the sexy tools at your hungry fingertips necessary to put some groove into your world with our CT escort service newsletter. Be ready for riveting photos and tempting updates about call girls in CT coming to your area. Here is a taste of what you will get:
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Booking a Date with Hartford escorts is Almost as Easy as Tying Your Shoe

First, complete the screening process. It’s mandatory at City Girls. Click on the Appointments tab at the top of this page to begin the process through our online request form. Don’t worry! We are all about discretion. Your information is highly secured by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol for online transmission of private data. SSL utilizes a cryptographic system with two keys to encrypt the data: a public key and a private key which is exclusive to the receiver of the message. This protocol is widely used by websites to gather private information (such as credit card numbers) in the safest way possible. Our customer service department will contact you by phone or email right away.

Things in Common with RS2K

Hartford City Girls used to work with Room Service 2000 and even referred our VIP members when we were offering specials through RS2K. We cannot say enough nice things about them. Eventually, we reached a point where it was time to establish our own in-house hobbyst screening service. After analyzing the ratio of good VIP members to problematic VIP members, we discovered that one in 100 gentlemen was a bad apple. The only way to perfect our verification system was to accept employment verification exclusively. The method has worked brilliantly ever since. RS2K is still our buddy.

Tentative About P411

Verifying members is one of the single most important steps in ensuring smooth engagements and instilling trust in our friends. It was no wonder that City Girls eventually broke away from Preferred 411 due to their escort screening system of which we did not approve. To illustrate, on P411 a hobbyist will approach a provider by giving her his first name and identification number. She in turn will confirm his identity by accessing the P411 database from her computer. If it’s a match she schedules a date and discloses a location. This is a rather limited system in our opinion. Some Hartford independent escorts take the process a step beyond by sending the hobbyist a private message. But if the provider does not ask for the hobbyist’s last name yet still asks for his photo ID upon meeting, how is she to know for sure who he really is? He could be an imposter and suddenly her well being is jeopardized or worse. This system is not a good benchmark for safety.

Date Check Shunned Us

There is a saying that things should flow like water and if they don’t then it wasn’t meant to be. Such was the case with Date Check. It began with submission of our application that was never processed due to a computer glitch in their system. Subsequently, we attempted to reach Date Check over a three-year period with no response. Finally, we stopped trying since we implemented our own screening service.

How to Obtain VIP Membership

We love gentlemen with respectful conduct! We want to hear good things from our escort in CT after your first date with her. That way, we know that we can trust you and you will be poised for VIP membership. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at any time.

First Runner-Up Eros Guide

Hartford resident and famous author Mark Twain would have approved of the dazzling companions for which Hartford City Girls is famous. Over the years our wings have expanded and when we turn our heads, Eros Hartford is right behind us. Things weren’t always that way. Back in 2012 we actually used to advertise on Eros Guide until they didn’t want us anymore. The next thing we knew, we were banned with some mention about us being too competitive. We were quite taken aback but that’s the way wanted it. After checking our data, sure enough City Girls was neck and neck in certain geographic areas. More obvious than our statistics are the sheer perfection and daunting appeal of our intimate angels that no man can deny.

Caio! To The Erotic Review

At the heart of the Nutmeg State are passionate flames sacred to many hobbyists that frequent Hartford City Girls. Some look to for their entertainment needs but always revert to City Girls known for companions of substance and beauty. We had heard rumors about those who got on the bad side of The Erotic Review because they did not comply with bribes or special favors. Consequences were never favorable while the careers of some independent escorts were even destroyed as a result. So it came as no surprise that TER banned City Girls all together, removing every last escort review and post overnight. Friends suggested that it probably had something to do with maintaining our own escort review page (which we were not about to take down). As winners always do, City Girls rose to the top, moved on and met Hartford Best GFE along the way. In fact, we even had a little fun with the situation and produced an entertaining satire about the TER matter for our friends to enjoy. It is below. If you are a victim of the wrath of TER reach out. We would love to share our insight. The Erotic Review is no longer the dominant forum that it once used to be. We ask that all of our VIP members post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

Best GFE is Simply the Best

When it comes to quality of service and incredible user experience, Hartford Best GFE is your go to source and the only third party escort/hobbyist forum with which we associate. At some point, Best GFE opted out to GFE Club but the transaction was never consummated. Best GFE carried on to become the top third most popular adult website in the Hartford area. We refer all of our friends to post their escort reviews on Best GFE.

GFE Club? Go Figure

Hartford City Girls is meticulous about details, in case you haven’t noticed. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when GFE Club disqualified our membership claiming that we broke the escort advertising rules. They were not interested in finding resolution and so we carried on. After we discovered Hartford Best GFE, things got much better. Now, we invite all of our members to post escort reviews on Best GFE.

ECCIE is Not All That

Hartford City Girls advertised on the ECCIE forum for awhile but the results were mediocre at best. Nevermind the convolution of banners and popups, we were limited by ECCIE’s stringent advertising policy of no more than five cities at any given time. That is a fraction of City Girls’ needed exposure. We approached the ECCIE admin team to customize an escort advertising campaign for us of which we were happy to pay but they were not interested. Not long after, Best GFE came along and was more than willing to work with us. We implore all of our VIP members to post escort reviews on Best GFE.

Watch Your Back on Backpage

Though Hartford Backpage is easily accessible, one must heed the warning signs of a site that has no screening service and no safety guarantee. Anything goes, gents! Then again, if you are one who likes to take the term blind date to a whole new level, maybe Backpage is for you. We at Hartford City Girls prefer to leave blind dates for youngsters just getting their feet wet. When you experience an evening with a spectacular, Hartford independent escort, not only is your time together unforgettable but you leave intact with your wallet, valuables and health. That’s just the way we like it.

We are Seeking a Few Hartford Call Girls

You find the glamorous, traveling lifestyle appealing. You are simply stunning in appearance and love being adored by men. Making a good income gives you a thrill. If this description sounds like you, call Hartford City Girls!

We Take Care of our Independent Hartford Escorts

City Girls wants to give you all of the support that you need as a independent Hartford escort. We are not a Hartford escort agency which allows you the benefit of setting your own schedule. Benefit from free marketing and customer support from Highly Security Call Center who will arrange all of your bookings. City Girls is obsessed with safety allowing you to relax and do what you do best!
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Celebrate an Evening with Your Date in Hartford

Building sensual momentum can lead to an incredibly erotic evening. Begin the night by accompanying your Hartford escort to Max Downtown for a sumptuous steak dinner and fabulous bottle of wine. With her lean, shapely figure regaled in a fitted dress that pays tribute to her tiny waist and well-endowed curves, she will undoubtedly turn heads. Who knows what mischief will occur beneath the table!

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