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Deemed as the sensual entertainment capital of your world, LA City Girls is poised to bring a mecca of shimmering escorts Los Angeles to your doorstep. As the leader of sun-kissed beauties, City Girls provides endless possibilities of touring LA Independent escorts. Before you get lost in LaLa Land with one of our award-winning California escorts, grab some eye candy by viewing images of our models and their glowing escort reviews. There is a whole lot more on TheEroticReview, GFEClub and where you will find sizzling stories and top ratings of gorgeous LA Call Girls ready to please.

Independent escorts in Los Angeles Mailing List Keeps You Posted

In this metropolitan craze of a city, the last thing you need is to be wondering who your next date will be. Among many other distinctions, our la escort mailing list keeps you current on which and when of your favorite Call Girls are coming to the L.A. basin. Do yourself a favor and sign up now, assured that your discretion is our religion. Highly Secured Call Center has you covered for complete privacy. A few more details:
- Book in advance with a LA vip escorts
- Too many options? We’re happy to make a recommendation
- Our Loyalty Program treats you like gold. Find out more
- Titillating updates will appear in your inbox about best escorts in Los Angeles
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Booking an Engagement with Los Angeles escort girls is Quick and Convenient

Our emphasis is on securitizing your personal data using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which is a protocol for transmitting private documents over the internet. SSL implements a cryptographic system using two keys to encrypt the data: a public key known by all and a secret or private key exclusive to the recipient of the message. SSL protocol is commonly used by other websites to obtain confidential user information such as credit card numbers in a safe manner. Click ‘Appointments’ on the tab at the top of this page to get the ball rolling. After your request has been received and processed, you will receive an automated call back confirming your appointment with LA female escort.

Verification is Totally Confidential

Using third party escort screening services is just not our thing. We prefer to stick to the dependable system of employment verification because it is fast and reliable. Remember that:
- Verification occurs only once
- Screening is mandatory using the employment verification method

Our Friends, Room Service 2000

In an industry where someone is always nipping at your heels, it’s nice to have a comrade. City Girls utilized the services of RS2K over an extended period of time until we decided to establish our own hobbyist screening service. Eventually, we detected a pattern in our analytics that suggested one out of every 100 hobbyists that was screened gave us problems. After careful thought, we decided it was best to eliminate all forms of screening and stick exclusively to employment verification. It was one of the best decisions we ever made. We have only warm memories of RS2K.

When it Comes to Infallible Screening Preferred 411 Misses

Safeguarding yourself (or your business) with a secure verification method is one of the most critical actions a provider, club or agency will ever take. Preferred 411’s screening method is fine up to a point. A hobbyist will reach out to an escort by giving her his first name and P411 ID. She in turn will cross check his information by accessing the P411 database from her computer. If she finds a match, she schedules a date and a location is revealed. Another escort more concerned about her welfare will take an extra step of sending the hobbyist a private message asking for his last name and a request to see his photo identification when they meet. At this point is when she becomes vulnerable. Who’s to say that Bob Smith hobbyist did not obtained P411 login info of another P411 user and assume the name of Bob James? Since Preferred 411 does not require a hobbyist to disclose his last name to the provider, he could be any Bob. By the time the provider meets the hobbyist in person, if the ID is inconsistent with the information he gave her, she’s in trouble. This procedure can have dangerous consequences of which Los Angeles City Girls wants no part.

Date Check Never Responded

In attempting to submit an online profile to DateCheck, our application would not go through. Apparently, this action set some sort of strange precedent because over a three year period no one from Date Check replied to our queries. When someone doesn’t respond to you whether it’s business or personal it feels odd. Finally, we forgot about Date Check because we executed our own verification system. Best GFE came along with prolific communication and all was right with our world.

VIP Membership is Golden

VIP membership is the ultimate, putting you in the driver’s seat in terms of privileges but must be earned. After you complete your first successful engagement with independent escort in Los Angeles, your date will make us happy by filling us in on all the gentlemanly details of your stellar manners. Voila! That’s when VIP membership is granted. City Girls reserves the right to retract, refuse or limit the use of your VIP Membership at all times.

Eros Guide Rages in Los Angeles

L.A. Eros is the hipster that drives the market for intimate entertainment. As the second most populous city in the U.S., there is lots of wiggle room for Los Angeles City Girls and we have staked our claim. In 2012, Eros Guide bid us farewell on the (alleged) grounds that we were too competitive. We weren’t trying to be but after checking our statistics, sure enough, it was true. City Girls was gaining momentum and that did not make happy. We were not phased. It is worth mentioning that the hottest chicks in the L.A. basin (and that is really saying a lot) can definitely be found at City Girls.

The Erotic Review is the Who’s Who of L.A.’s Adult World

In the City of Angels, it’s all about who you know. In this massive city, gents who are passing through (and those who are not) look to TER for evening eye candy and then some. Los Angeles City Girls was friends with TER until they shut their doors on us. Virtually overnight, all escort reviews and CG ads were deleted. We had heard many tales of other providers and escort agencies getting the boot from TER so we were familiar with the story. Reportedly, it had something to do with maintaining our own internal escort review system and that maybe if we took it down we might be re-admitted. Uh, no thanks. It was time to move on. Besides, how would we have ever met Best GFE? For those who have had a similar experience with The Erotic Review, feel free to reach out and we’ll give you a few pointers. Take a peek below at the satirical video we published shortly after the incident. We ask all of our VIP members to post their erotic reviews on Best GFE escorts forum.

Best GFE is There for the Taking

If Best GFE is not into the L.A. scene, it’s probably because of the traffic. As far as we are concerned, if you are accompanying your date to an engagement, employ your driver so that the two of you can kick up your heels in the back of the limousine getting to know one another between bumpers. Even if Best GFE doesn’t do Los Angeles, they are the only third party with whom we deal and we still love them. Some time ago, they almost sold out to GFE Club but withdrew the offer at the last minute. We would like to appeal to all of our VIP members to post escort reviews on Best GFE.

GFE Club and the Way we Were

As with so many other forums, City Girls was active on GFE Club until they closed our account. We received a vague explanation that escort advertising terms and conditions had been violated. If that was the case, it certainly wasn’t intentional but they were not interested. Somewhat perplexed, we went about our way only to discover Best GFE where all of our VIP friends now post their escort reviews exclusively.

ECCIE is Fairly Recognized

We think of ECCIE as the land of banners and popups. We wouldn’t have minded the clutter if our escort advertising arrangement had been more prosperous. As many of you know, Los Angeles City Girls peppers the nation with tours that serve to entertain you. So when we were limited by ECCIE to post our escorts ads in no more than five geographic areas, we felt the pinch. They were not open to customizing an ad campaign so we parted ways. On the other hand, Best GFE was thrilled to accommodate our needs and the rest is history. We like it when our VIP members post their reviews on Best GFE escort forum.

Ever-Present Backpage, the Virtual Land Mine

If you are a hobbyist who has ever navigated the murky waters of Los Angeles Backpage for an evening of intimate entertainment, we hope your expectations were low and that you left with your wallet intact. On the sunnier side of professional dating, you may have pinched yourself after rendezvousing with a City Girls’ independent escort just to make sure that the experience was real. Chances are excellent that she blew your mind with extraordinary good looks and talent the likes of which you never thought possible. Need we say more?

Live it Up in L.A. with Your Date

For a roaring good time, ride the euphoric wave at Exchange L.A. were swanky Los Angelinos club all night long. For a more collected evening, make your reservation at Son of a Gun Sushi for some of the best seafood the Los Angeles has to offer. Don’t mind the steady bellow of the crowd. No one will notice your perfectly wrapped package of a date as she slips her hand beneath the table for a little leg massage, a perfect precursor to dessert!

We Welcome Los Angeles Independent Escorts

Calling all jaw dropping beauties - you know who you are! You’ve got that figure that turns heads everywhere you go; gorgeous facial features and luxurious hair; impeccable hygiene and sunny disposition. To top it off, you love to travel, make new friends and lots of money. Sounds like a winning combination to us. If the description fits, by all means, be in touch!

Ladies, Put City Girls in Your Back Pocket

There is a reason why ladies love us. Just ask around. We have a solid reputation of being the most trusted, most professional club of independent Los Angeles escorts known to man. Safety is always at the forefront of our minds, allowing you to do what you do best: entertain! Get the best of both worlds - retain your independence with the backing of Highly Secured Call Center who books all of your appointments and takes care of your marketing.
If this sounds too good to be true, welcome to City Girls!